Feeling Melancholy?

In this crazy pandemic time of global upheaval, feeling a little melancholy would not seem inappropriate.  

So, I thought I’d share today that I am feeling a little melancholy at the moment which is kind of rare for me…

I’m normally a glass half full kinda gal…Always looking at the positive side of life.

I’ll share with you the reasons why I’m feeling this way shortly but first let us grab a hot cuppa, a treat of deliciousness & get ourselves comfy. 

I’m experimenting with a Russian Caravan tea with Earl Grey today! And have a gf coconut jam slice to munch.

We are sitting in my study with Baroque music gently playing in the background.

Family Time

Around this time each year I normally travel to see my two older daughters & four grandchildren who live interstate, 1,000 km away.

I get to see them around three to four times a year, depending on my energy levels & their busy schedules.

Spending quality time with each family member is something I really look forward & enjoy immensely. I consider it a real privilage to be invited into my daughter’s homes to share in their everyday life.

If you joined me here last week, you will be aware one of the things I shared with you in The Fruit of the Vine, was that my eldest granddaughter recently turned 21.

However, due to CoVid restrictions & border closures I could not join her on her special day. 

While this was very disappointing, I had prepared myself this may be the case, as their state premier is staunchly sticking to prolonged border restrictions without exceptions since March.

However, over this past weekend there was also a 21st birthday gathering of family & friends living in their state coming together to celebrate her special milestone.

My youngest daughter’s family of five, hubby & I, as interstate family members, sadly had to miss out! This was emotionally painful!

Not being able to come together as a complete family unit to celebrate a family member’s milestone together was very painful indeed! 

Thus the catalyst for feeling a little melancholy at the moment…


I have realized during this time of CoVid restrictions that while we all need our own space, have our own lives to live & need time to ourselves for healthy independent living.

I function best when I see my loved ones on regular quality time visits (even if it’s only a 3-4 times per year with those living interstate).

While digital technology has its place it is NOT the same as being together in the flesh!

Being able to have a delightful tea time together, chatting, sharing our lives & touching base with each other, as we did in Tea on the Gold Coast ,is just so healthy for refreshing family relationships.

Families are important

Have you ever wondered why God set up families?

Please note; I do realize that not everyone has positive family relationships, my professional life has been in mediating, counseling & therapy for many toxic relationships. More HERE

However, for this particular reflection we will be focusing upon God’s original purpose & ongoing desire for families. 

Did you know that God, is in fact a family unit.

Within the Godhead there is God the Father, God the Son [Jesus Christ] & God the Holy Spirit who are One.

God tells us in His inspired Word, the Bible, that families are not only for the purpose of raising children but also for the wellbeing of its members…

“God places the solitary in families & gives the lonely a home in which to dwell…”

Psalm 68:6

You see people need people! Whether it’s biological, adoptive, fostered, self created or a spiritual family, it should be one that brings blessing, growth & a certain amount of shelter & protection from the outside world for those within the family. 

Where we all are accepted, warts & all so to speak but also encouraged to grow into the best version of who we were created to be.

No Perfect Family on Planet Earth

Families are made up of imperfect people trying to navigate an imperfect world. But whom all have the need for a safe place to land, where we’re loved, accepted & respected!

Yes, all families have members who get along famously & members who find it difficult to relate to each other. That’s just family!

Family’s are a mixture of various personalities that we get to learn our relational skills with before navigating relationships in the wider world. 

I think the movie My Greek Wedding was a good example of this, where many different characters, personalities & relations were hilariously portrayed. But also demonstrated a deep caring for one another.

The Perfect Dwelling Place

However, knowing that I dwell in the perfect dwelling place where I am dearly loved, totally accepted, very respected & always encouraged to be the very best in who I was created chases the blues way!

This dwelling place is where I am a member of God’s family. Our heavenly Father my creator,  His Son my Savoir & the Holy Spirit my comforter head up the family.

You too can become a member & dwell in this perfect dwelling place, find out more in “I go to prepare a place for you….” .

Until next time, 



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35 thoughts on “Feeling Melancholy?

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  1. The stress of not being able to see family has been horrific for so many. We all need human touch and those in senior care facilities have been unable to see their families for six months. I am grateful that I have my family so near and can see them regularly. Blessings sweet friend! ♥️

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    1. Yes, it has been difficult Pam for so many across the globe my heart truly aches for them.
      Its been 20 months since I saw my granddaughter who turned 21 recently & 8 months since I saw my daughters & grandsons living interstate, its very hard. But God! 😀
      Bless you sweet friend! ♥

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  2. I just finished reading “I go to prepare a place for you” and your faith and inner strength is so inspiring. You have survived such heartbreak, yet you were blessed with a sampling of what lies beyond this earthly life. I loved reading about your experience and I hunger for more. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story. I strive daily to have that spiritual connection to my heavenly Father, His precious Son, and the Holy Spirit. I am no where near the level you are, but I hope to be as time goes on. Bless you! xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your kind words dear friend! We are each called to follow His plan for our lives which is so uniquely individualized, that each life of faith in Him can not be compared. But we can encourage each other on, as our paths cross in this journey of faith. Which you have done today, thank you for your beautiful encouraging words! Bless you 😀


  3. I feel so blessed to have my daughter and her two children living next door. Together with my husband and her wonderful male friend I feel embraced by a real family. I grew up in such a toxic home that I had to move 3000 miles away to be physically, to say nothing of emotionally, safe. Now I get to live with real people, happy and grumpy, understood and misunderstood, etc. Real life. Now I can understand why Jesus got Mary and Joseph to start his life out on earth.

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    1. How wonderful Elizabeth that God has placed you in such a wonderful new family! Sadly, so many biological relationships do become toxic…but God looked out for you!
      Yes, Jesus did indeed have a great family life while here on earth with Mary, Joseph & all His siblings 😀

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  4. I can sure understand your melancholy. I have all kinds of thoughts on this COVID thing. People are meant to be with people. I think some of the extreme isolation that some locations have implemented create worse results. My husband and I both agree we want to live our life as normal as possible, be careful, but not live in extreme fear as I see so many do. These are strange times we live in. I sure hope you get to see your family soon!

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  5. A beautiful post Jennifer. Yes, people do need people. I just read a headline that said that in the UK they are proposing to put robots in seniors’ homes to be company for the residents. How stupid can they get? How do they think a robot can replace a real human for companionship. I wonder if they think the robots can show love and affection. Though people often try, nothing can replace people just as nothing and no one can replace the Lord and our relationship with Him.

    It’s a shame that you can’t be with your family for important occasions. I agree that virtual visits cannot take the place of real, face-to-face visits complete with hugs. God bless.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow, I hadn’t heard that news. That is rather sad, therapy pets would have been my recommendation until families can meet up again.
      Yes, we definitely all need those hugs from our loved ones!
      Lovely having you drop by for a cuppa today 😀


    1. I do too! His little expression was just how I felt! I’m sorry I don’t know the breed.
      My cat Bobby was a big Blue Russian, huge breed. Exactly the color of this little fellow. He was such a character, so sassy but sadly died quite a few years ago now.

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      1. A Scottish Fold cat has its ears “folded” down. Gives them a distinct look. Russian Blues are nice cats too. I used to have a friend who had one. It was quite unique in its eating habits. It would take one piece of kibble with its paw, pick it out of the bowl onto the floor and then eat it. It would do the same for the entire bowl. They are just like humans with their own peculiarities of character. Sorry your kitty died. They become such a part of your life, don’t they? And they give so much love.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. That they do & wrap their little paws around our hearts that when they go it is truly heart breaking.
        Yes Russian Blues are a very intelligent breed, Bobby used to stand on his hind legs reach up & open the doors by turning the turn knobs with his front paws! I was absolutely gobsmacked when I first witnessed this! 😀


  6. The isolation from family has been so hard on many! I pray you will be able to be with your family soon!

    I love the reminder that we are in God’s family and with that we are truly never alone.


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  7. Somehow, during this crazy covid time, our family has flowed and ebbed on new normal with seems like we’ve seen them more – I watch my grandson while his parents worked, two sons still live at home and go to college, the other two flowed and ebbed because, while they work for other businesses, they work extra in our business. We all have our individual normal – and when the normal isn’t normal – I understand getting blue and missing the sweetness in the normal that we all count on! We were designed for family – for the hard and easy of family – I’ve been thinking so much during this time about each of our people’s different stories God is writing with them – and how I need to let them alone to enjoy the process. Praying you get to see your people soon – and get those hugs, breath deeply of their homes – and just savor!

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    1. Thank you Maryleigh & I love that statement, “We were designed for family – for the hard and easy of family – I’ve been thinking so much during this time about each of our people’s different stories God is writing with them – and how I need to let them alone to enjoy the process.” Very wise words!


  8. Aww! I’m sorry you’re feeling down. It’s rough when we can’t see family in person–especially for milestones. But I love your assurance that God IS family–as the Godhead and also as the head of our families. We are complete in him.

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  9. I think you are right, Jennifer – it is easy to feel melancholy these days. I hope you get to see your out of state family members before too long. It seems like your country is taking a good approach to the pandemic, keeping citizens safe. Even though there are restrictions, I wish our country would do the same. Too many cases and deaths here in the US!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Laurie! Yes, we see your stats & our hearts mourn with you. So many lives lost & so many families impacted.
      The majority of Australians are extremely grateful to our Prime Minister & State Premiers who have acted so wisely to keep us safe.


  10. It’s so hard to go without seeing family for a long time. We missed our April visit with my son who lives out of town (the other two live nearby). But thankfully he was able to come in August. None of us was comfortable with airplanes yet, but he tried a sleeper car on a train and enjoyed it except it took such a long time.

    I hope the borders open up soon, and I hope and pray this virus ebbs away soon as well. Meanwhile, may God’s grace sustain us and comfort and help us.

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  11. I’ve been feeling melancholy too, missing my interactions with family and friends. I used technology a lot today to connect, but you’re right that it’s not the same. I am grateful for it, but I do look forward to when we can connect in person, hopefully sooner rather than later!

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    1. Yes, it has been a difficult time for us all Lisa…we are all feeling a little melancholy.
      Although I think it’s been a time of reflection, where we really have been able to sift through what is important in our lives & what isn’t…which has been very fruitful.
      Lovely having you drop by today 😀


  12. Thank you for your honesty. I’m sorry you have been feeling melancholy but it is understandable. God created us to be with family. I’m praying for you as you continue to maneuver without seeing your family.

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  13. I’m sorry you are feeling melancholy. I guess we all sort of feel like how that kitten looks. This is such a hard season. I appreciate your reminder of what we have as people brought into the family of God. I’m so thankful for that…and I appreciate your invitation to read more about being a part of that familly!

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