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Tea on the Gold Coast

Hi, welcome to my little corner of cyberspace where we catch up each week & enjoy a time of tea & reflection together.

Grab your cuppa & tasty treat as we go traveling today on a little birthday get away my daughter & I had together.

We did the touristy thing on the Gold Coast in Queensland as there’s always plenty to explore as shared in Tea on the 77th Floor…. & Having a whale of a time!

photo of sea near buildings

We stayed at Burleigh Heads overlooking the beach with the city skyscrapers in the background, where we were entertained with not only migrating Humpback whales frolicking with fins slapping, blow hole’s spraying but also breaching!

And a steady parade of people enjoying the beautiful coastal waters. Beach goers, joggers, para surfers, long distance swimmers, surfers, families, dog walkers, body builders & those kayaking out to sea to just name a few.

surfer performing tricks

We went to a traditional Tea House in a converted older style farmhouse called a Queenslander where we were seated in a little Gazebo for two out in the garden. With a pretty vintage Tea set laid upon a crisp white linen & lace tablecloth.

A chandelier above us & seated upon white wicker chairs with pastel cushions. This Tea House was even doggy friendly so my granddaughter’s fur babies (my daughter is dog sitting) were allowed to join us.

The tea choices, food & atmosphere were all amazing not withstanding the special company of my daughter of course which made for a lovely tea time together.

We also went to a great totally gluten free café for lunch, a wonderful place for those of us who have Celiac disease, everything is made on site.

Including all breads so completely trustworthy that nothing is contaminated with gluten! That’s a big relief for us Celiacs when eating out!

We saw a red moon over the ocean on the night of my daughter’s birthday which was just stunning!

red moon during night time

We live in different states so these times are very precious.

But all things come to an end & it came time to say farewell.

As we waved goodbye to each other at the airport, I had an ominous feeling that my flight home in an hour’s time was not going to go to plan, so I prayed…

Heavenly Father, if this is going to be my last day on planet earth, I pray my family all come to know how absolutely awesome you are eventually joining us in eternity. I leave this trip home in your hands. In Jesus name, Amen!

You may enjoy reading why I have such confidence & assurance where I’m spending eternity in My story.

The next 7 hours went thus…

My flight was delayed not once but three times due to airport closures on the Gold Coast & Sydney as severe electrical storms raged the length of the east coast.

We, I had made a few friends while waiting, had to stand in the rain boarding the aircraft on the tarmac ~ note to self take an umbrella next time!

Then another delay while waiting on board for baggage to be off loaded, before we could takeoff, because a passenger hadn’t boarded but their baggage had already been loaded in the hold.

But wait there’s more, after having severe turbulence all the way due to the storms & a hair raising touchdown in severe winds with the aircraft sliding sideways & coming to an abrupt stop.

The plane became tail heavy & tipped when passenger’s rushed to the back of the plane to disembark preventing disembarkation from the front!

After all that,

I arrived home safely much to hubby’s relief…praising God!

What do you think of when an ominous feeling comes over you my friend?

What’s your first course of action in reaction?

Until next time,


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44 thoughts on “Tea on the Gold Coast

  1. Jennifer how I enjoyed lingering here with you in this post! Gorgeous photos and your words just spoke such calmness and delight in your time with your daughter. Thank you for inviting us along for this glimpse into such a special day!!

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  2. This trip sounds relaxing and fun. We need these times to catch up with our precious children. Recently my daughter and I spent a weekend together. We talked non-stop except when we were asleep. That plane ride, well it sounds like one stress after another. My first response to turbulence and prickly situations that raise my stress past the hot tea point is to pray and recite Psalm 23.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What a lovely trip! Thank God you made it home ok. I think those “feelings” are gentle nudges from God. Ive had that happen before, and prayer is my first response. Well, maybe my second one, i worry first, and then remember where my help comes from. Then I pray. Thanks for linking up with us at the GATHERING OF FRIENDS LINK PARTY 8. Pinned!

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  4. What a lovely birthday tea time with your daughter! I loved your photos of the beach & waves–and wow! the red moon! Thanks for sharing your exciting trip. I’m glad that you arrived home safe. Yes! we have peace and the good news of a home with Jesus. Amen

    Liked by 1 person

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