Overwhelmingly, overwhelmed!

Hi ya, welcome my friend! Let me ask you a rhetorical question. Have you ever had a yearning for isolation & solitude?

When life feels overwhelming in its demands that you just need some time out!

I have been feeling just like this in the past few days. So I thought this would be a good opportunity to explore the reasons & discover what can be done, over a cuppa of course!

New Lifestyle

First, let’s grab our cuppa’s & treats, although I haven’t had a treat of old for ages!

Since adopting this new lifestyle, old treats have disappeared from my cuppa times.

Although, I’m happy to report, imaging the sound of a drum roll here…

I have been able to come off my regular pain meds for the chronic pain of Fibromyalgia (FM)! Yay!

The pain is still there but its intensity has lowered considerably & I’m coping without pain meds!

This has allowed a gradual increase in my physical activity!

As a bonus I have lost 10kgs (22lbs) due to the new lifestyle eating habits, since the gobsmaking surprise in How to Earn money while you Sleep!

Thus hopefully reducing my risk of developing full blown Type II diabetes, which I’ll learn when I go for tests next month to get the final verdict. Stay tuned!

I know…I know, I feel like it’s an absolute miracle too! So definitely giving God the glory here!Β 

blue ocean sea water

But in the past week I’ve physically over done it! And that is an unwise course of action with FM!

Because it can be a vengeful & nasty force in its post exertion malaise!

Being still

At this point it would be very easy for me to blame nasty FM for feeling overwhelmed.

However to be truly authentic, I need to admit there are other issues at play.

The reality is that instead of ‘being still‘ knowing God is God in my situation, which I was called to do over a decade ago.

I have this inherent desire to ‘do’. So as soon as I start to have a ‘better’ cycle with FM.

I start to think that I’ll be able to get back to my old active self & I start planning!

Tentatively allowing an excitement to bubble, that maybe, just maybe this is the break through that I have been hoping & looking forward to!

Fibromyalgia is cyclic, ranging from severe cycles which are commonly known as ‘flares’, to not as severe which are known as ‘better’ cycles.

Although we aren’t free of the symptoms of the condition in these better cycles, especially global pain, the intensity of the pain & symptoms lessen.

There’s no particular timing or pattern to these cycles. At times there can be triggers & other times not. These ‘flares’ can come on suddenly & last for days or months at a time.

The Sea of Maybes

No, this overwhelm is not directly from Fibromyalgia, though it has definitely had its influence.

This is from my own deep desire to be more then.

More able bodied, more energetic, to have more social & cognitive energy to be more involved with my family, friends community & to be working again!

It comes from momentarily taking my focus off what the Lord is doing in my life in the here & now, to directly focus on the scary waves of the future.

Those huge rolling waves of overwhelming magnitude that threaten to swap me in the sea of maybes.

Just maybe healing won’t come in the form I’m hoping!

Just maybe this pain & all the other nasties that come with FM are permanent!

frozen wave against sunlight

A wave of love

Ahhh! But look what’s in that wave.

Can you see the heart shape? It’s a heart of love.

God’s love is there in the sea of maybes. I know His love isn’t a maybe but a definite!

Being still with Him in this time of chronic health issues has enabled me share with you my friend, over a cupp, reflecting upon His love, His strength, His care in the waves of the overwhelm!

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the demands in your life my dear friend?

Then rest assured that His love is still there, He has a purpose for you even when the waves of the overwhelm threaten to swamp you.

Your lifesaver is getting you to shore!

Until next time,


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Β© 2020 Jennifer M. Ross, teawithjennifer.blog All Rights Reserved. Photos on Pexels.com

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35 thoughts on “Overwhelmingly, overwhelmed!

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  1. I have just started a lifestyle change in my diet ~ lower carbs and extremely limited amounts of sugar. Weight loss is not the goal for me (although a few pounds lost would be nice). I am reducing my overall intake of sugar which I personally believe to be the root of so many ailments and diseases. I wish you continued good luck in your food journey and look forward to hearing more good news in regards to your health!

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    1. Thank you! Yes, added sugars are deadly! As you may know eliminating added sugars & hi carbs from my diet was one of the lifestyle changes, aiming to reduce my Insulin Resistance, weight loss has been an added bonus πŸ˜€


  2. Oh Jennifer, I’m so sorry for these struggles. I have a chronic lung disease, and I wish things could be different, too. The times I asked Him to take this thorn away, He has responded with “My grace is sufficient for you.”This especially fills me with hope – “God’s love is there in the sea of maybes. I know His love isn’t a maybe but a definite!” Yes! That’s what keep us going, right? Love and blessings to you!

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  3. I think there seems to almost be an epidemic of folks being overwhelmed by one thing or another. I have experienced that with my husband’s change in stamina and health issues that has resulted in me picking up more responsibilities they he did or we shared. But that is just the latest.

    You’re right about being still before the Lord and somehow it is still an art that needs endless practice to make it the first choice rather than after everything else we try doesn’t work.

    The thing I notice about being overwhelmed is that many times it creeps up on me. Things start adding up and I am managing and then suddenly I am not. That tells me (if I use the good stuff I read in the book, Upstream, that I just read and reviewed) that I have not been listening to the Lord in quiet moments before all this started piling up. When I do that more consistently, He gives me a clear nudge I am heading in that direction and need to cut back, let go, etc.

    How faithful He is with our frailties!!

    Blessings on you,

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    1. It’s difficult when our spouses are unwell Pam, I empathize, I went through similar when my late husband was diagnosed with brain cancer. I took on the running of the farm & caring for him until he stepped into heaven. Though I was in full health back then.
      Yes, I knew I had over exerted myself this time round as soon as I arrived back home from my walk.
      Letting go & relaxing in God, for this doer, is definitely a long learning curve! I’m glad He’s patient with me!
      It sounds an interesting read πŸ˜€


  4. Jennifer, I am so thrilled that you have had a big reduction in your pain. I have heard many say FM can wreak havoc. I have some arthritis in my hands that can some days cause much pain and limited motion. I have a med that really helps but use it sparingly. I am so grateful for health, I have so many friends dealing with cancer. God said His grace is sufficient. Thank you for your lovely blog that encourages me❀️

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  5. I have a part of myself that I call “go getter.” I think she represents who I was much earlier in my life when I had lots of energy and absolutely no sense that I should take care of myself. Working, mothering, volunteering etc.etc. Now and then she pokes her head up with great ideas that I should be doing instead of the much more nurturing and relaxing life I am now living. I now can laugh after a bit when I realize she has shown up to judge my much more sane and prayer filled life. I have to remind her that she has been made redundant!

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  6. Wow on being able to come off your pain meds and the weight loss. Way to go, Jennifer! Being still is hard (at least for me), but so necessary. Hoping you can leave the Sea of Maybes behind.

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  7. I am rejoicing with you on some of the hurdles you have overcome on your health journey. I loved your description of the “sea of maybes” and the “wave of love.” So good! Hope you have a wonderful week!

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  8. What a beautifully encouraging post!! I can very much relate to these maybe’s and have been let down by my body many, many times! Just in 2019 I got 2 more diagnosis besides the fm and it can be discouraging but I am soo very glad that God is never a maybe but He is always an ‘Always’ thank you for sharing these thoughts! #inspirememonday linkup

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  9. HUGE congrats for making your way off those FM pain meds! It sounds like you’re on a beautiful path. Our most comfortable habits are surely the hardest to break, but it sounds like you found your Strength.

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  10. Kudos to you, Jennifer, for availing yourself of God’s strength and making positive life changes. May your progress continue and the results develop exponentially! Meanwhile, I “rejoice in all the good which the Lord your God has given to you” (Deuteronomy 26:11).

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  11. I’m glad to read this re-post that you shared over at #LegacyLInkUp for July, dear Jennifer. I surely know how easily those waves of overwhelm can threaten to capsize us. But I love that photo with the heart in the very middle of the wave. It is how HE meets us, isn’t it? Love and peace from Him, in the center of the storm. I pray that you are still on that path of resting with Him as He brings you into new lifestyles. Blessings and hugs to you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Bettie! I thought it was apt to include this post there at Legacy as in this strange time of CoVid & unrest, things can become very overwhelming especially for those of us who deal with chronic illness on a daily basis. Bless you sweet friend β™₯

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