Mini Delights

Do you enjoy mini delights my friend? What are mini delights, you ask. You may be thinking they’re a new brand of cookies or candy but they’re not!

Mini delights are moments taken when you need some time out from all the busyness, stress & concerns of your life…But can’t necessarily take time off work or have a holiday to do so.

I regularly have these delightful little breaks taking time to refresh my body, mind & spirit over a cup of tea while traveling to exotic destinations of reflection.

Today we are going to have just such a mini delight!

So while I sip a cup of Sencha tea & enjoy my treat, I invite you to grab your cuppa & get comfy to enjoy our mini delight together.

Let’s make it a little quirky with some mystery doors, pick a door & enter via the colored texts below…To travel to an unknown destination of delight!

wall mounted open signage

Door One

closed blue wooden doors

Door Two

jack o lantern on doorway

Door Three

Until next time,




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31 thoughts on “Mini Delights

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  1. That was fun. I ended up going through all three doors to be sure I didn’t miss anything. Reading about the missionary forebears was encouraging. My grandmother’s aunt went to China and worked in a school for blind girls so they had an alternative to working as prostitutes! What a brave move for a girl from Wisconsin in the 1800’s.

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  2. I love this so much. We are so busy and distracted and noisy that I’m afraid we are forgetting how to relax, be with our thoughts and use our imaginations! Featuring you next week on the Grace and Truth Link up.

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  3. I chose the second door πŸ™‚ What a delightful story! And such a good lessonβ€”no one can see inside our heads at what we envisioned, so we should never diminish their compliments with our expectations.

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  4. What a fun idea! I had to peek behind all three doors and found them all delightful! The high tea times were especially touching. Thanks for the mini delights, Jennifer.
    ~Lisa, Visiting from Let’s Have Coffee, #23

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