The Invisible Tools

"They was right in front of me all the time!" said my husband sheepishly when he came in from his workshop. Have you ever had one of those moments my friend, where you have been searching for something looking high & low, checking & rechecking the same area only to find what you've been looking... Continue Reading →

The Love Step

Welcome my friend, we are going to be reflecting upon love with a twist today...Let's grab our cuppa's first & get comfy, we have a Russian Caravan tea blend, I really enjoy its fresh ricey flavor & a gf double choc brownie with a dollop of fresh cream & strawberries.  Do you ever find yourself... Continue Reading →

Love & Romance

As I opened the package of a new tea blend the most beautiful aroma filled the air. I was excited, as the aroma of this tea had my expectations very high for a delightful tea adventure. Welcome to our time of reflection together my friend... Shall I set the scene... It's a hot summer's day,... Continue Reading →

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