Christmas Comfort

Are you experiencing any comfort & joy in this Christmas season my friend?

Or has it all become overwhelming with the extra activities; checking off ‘to do’ lists, planning meals, fighting the crowds to shop for gifts while trying to squelch those rising Festive Anxieties!

In all the busyness of this season, I invite you to take a little breather & join me in a relaxing cuppa, to reflect a while…

I have a pot of Spicy Apple & Cinnamon tea ready for us & a little Christmas Short bread for our treat. So let’s put our feet up as we reflect & sip together…

Light bulb moment

Many years ago I realized that the season of Christmas is not in the material things that the media & marketing world would have us believe…

It’s not in the greatest & latest popular gift ideas, it’s not in the perfect tree & decorations, it’s not in the food we serve & it’s not even in the people we celebrate with!

You see all these things while traditional & make us feel warm & fuzzy or stressed out & overwhelmed…is still not what Christmas is actually about…

view of christmas decoration

Christmas is about joy & comfort…Comfort & joy!

Let me explain…

  • Joy that mankind has been gifted the Prince of Peace from that very first Christmas night ~ Jesus Christ
  • Joy in the good news of Christ’s message Peace on earth..
  • Joy that the ultimate relationship He came to give is still open to all today Ladies & Gentlemen!


  • Comfort that through Jesus Christ aka Immanuel, God is with us.
  • Comfort that He has already defeated the evil one through the Easter experience.
  • Comfort that He has promised that He is coming again…soon!

Shall we dwell upon the importance of Christ in Christmas for a few more moments…

“For God so loved the world that He gave His one & only Son, so that whomsoever believes in Him [Jesus Christ] shall not perish but have life eternal.” 

John 3:16

Christmas isn’t just a season it’s a relationship of eternity…

May you come to know His peace, joy & comfort my friend not just in this season but in all the seasons to come.

Until next time,


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