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Tea on the 77th Floor…

What an amazing view from up here…

Welcome dear friend, today I am sharing a special adventure I had with my daughter not too long ago.

I have prepared a lovely hot cuppa for us, depending on what you prefer tea, coffee or maybe a hot chocolate, I have them all…

With some Gf cinnamon toast, as its cold today, our Autumn weather has finally arrived, yay…after a prolonged hot summer.

Setting the scene

Let me set the scene for our reflection today;

It was a lovely hot summer’s day, when we decided to have an adventure, we often share lovely fun adventures together when visiting.

We decided to play tourists for the day, I had not been to the new high rise building, so I was excited for us to share this experience together.

On arrival, we had our tourist photo taken on the ground floor, while waiting for the lift to take us to the 77th called Skypoint, as neither of us were keen to climb the 1,331 steps!

Once in the lift, my daughter directed my attention to the ceiling to watch our ascent, we all looked up at the screen, within 42.7 seconds we had arrived! It was like being in a rocket without the effects of the G forces!

As we walked out of the lift & turned left, a breathtaking panorama greeted us, 360 degrees of spectacular views, from coastal views to the horizon, out to the hinterlands in the west…

We lazily made our way around taking in the views, chatting & taking photos, as seen above!

The view below us was microscopic…people looked like tiny ants, traffic as toy cars & houses as miniature buildings…even other tall buildings were dwarfed!

Heights & our reactions to them are quite interesting, aren’t they?

When I first approached the floor to ceiling windows on arrival, my instant reaction was to back off, this was an involuntary reaction on my part.

My subconscious mind couldn’t work out the depth perception & had decided I was in danger!

So it sent an instant message to my body to react by backing away from the perceived present danger, before my conscious mind could override it!


We do this in many things, don’t we?

We find ourselves reacting, recoiling or backing away from a situation before we realize it.

Whether it’s a person, relationship or a real or perceived danger.

This may be a wise & healthy course of action for us at the time.

For our subconscious mind may have picked up a danger, that our conscious mind has been too busy or didn’t actually want to acknowledge.

However our reactions may also be uncalled for like mine, as I wasn’t in any danger!

Looking deeper into the landscape

When we find ourselves reacting in this way, we need to gain a new perspective & look at the bigger picture of how we are feeling & why we are reacting to the situation.

Prayer, God’s wisdom in His word & reflection are my first go to…

Chatting to our spouse, trusted friend, pastor or professional counselor may also help to bring things into perspective.

I also find journaling my thoughts down a worthwhile practice.

Giving much needed time to process my thoughts & emotions.

We may find an old or new hurt that hasn’t been totally healed or forgiven that may have been triggered.

Which has nothing to do with the present person or situation that has triggered these reactions in us.

Maybe the situation or relationship has changed & there is a real & present danger to your wellbeing now!

Or maybe you are sensing a change in the other which has bought a different dynamic to the relationship.

By drawing apart we can sort through these thoughts, feelings & reactions.

Some will seem insignificant & others will be very significant.

Just like the view from the 77th floor you can see the bigger picture once you see the view in its entirety & gain wiser insight with a new heavenly perspective!

Until next time dear friend,


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  1. Jennifer, I so appreciate the wisdom in this post. I love your suggestion to take a moment and analyze the why behind the reaction. “When we find ourselves reacting in this way, we need to gain a new perspective & look at the bigger picture of how we are feeling & why we are reacting to the situation.” This made so much sense to me!

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