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When we have nothing left to give…

Have you ever arrived at a place in your life where you are so worn out that you have literally nothing left to give…it doesn’t matter how hard you try….no…there’s just no energy left…

Today I have arrived at that destination

So I am going to be very wise & kind to myself by savoring a lovely hot cup of caramelized orange tea with some fruit chips & put my feet up to rest, refresh & restore….while you have fun…click or tap on any of the following colored titles to be transported to a place where you can join me in a delightful time of tea & reflection…

photography of woman sitting on chair near window

You see when we come to that place of complete exhaustion whether physically, spiritually, emotionally or mentally…or may be all four at once…it is very important to realize that we need to take care, to rest, refresh & restore…this especially allows God to…

Be our shepherd, supply for us, giving us a sweet place to lie our weary bodies & a calm peaceful place to restore our souls…to guide us forward into what He has for us, in His will for our lives, to give Him glory…

Psalm 23: 1-3 Refer

Well I hope you enjoyed being transported to our time of reflection today, it was so lovely to have you drop by…

Until next time dear friend…


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38 thoughts on “When we have nothing left to give…

  1. Jennifer,
    You are smart and I would be inclined to imitate your example – that when you are drained and have nothing left to give, put your feet up, pour yourself a cup of tea, and just let the Lord love on you and refresh you as only He can. Needed the reminder today as I am feeling a bit strung out…
    Bev xx

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  2. It is getting cold here in Georgia too, I have found myself with a cuppa soup because we southerners still drink iced tea. Though I have enjoyed some hot tea as well. Dreams are interesting and do contain messages for, the Lord. I always tell people to use caution because some of the books are just wrong. I saw a minister from Australia who had written a Christian book about dreams, I wish I could remember his name, I hope to find that book. May we have a season of rest, you really can be spent out in all ways at once.

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