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The gift of sweet memories…

It’s Springtime here in Australia, blossoms are blooming, Azaleas are in flower in a range of glorious colors with the scent of Jasmine, honey blossom & Gardenias are in the air.

Today, I have prepared a tea blend called Orange blossoms & ginger.

Our tasty treat is a Gf strawberry muffin made with homegrown strawberries, freshly picked.

Shall we go out to the garden to sit & enjoy the sunshine, surrounded by blossoms & the intoxicating fragrance of Spring.

The fruity taste of both the tea & muffins are a perfect combination absolutely delightful in this warm spring setting.

Now we are seated & comfy, shall we enjoy our time of reflection together.

A sweet journey

On my way to an appointment the other day, I decided to take a quiet drive on the back road that winds through the countryside, rather than the busy direct route via the highway.

As I was driving through the undulating hills & farmland.

Passed grazing horses & cattle with newly born calves & goats, with their new kids frolicking.

The aroma of the countryside combined with the scent of the live stock & seeing the farmers working their fields.

I found myself smiling inwardly & outwardly.

orange flower with butterfly

My mind had flooded with sweet memories of working on the farm with my late husband.

The familiar aromas of the countryside & farm animals had evoked memories of a time in my life when I had had good health & bountiful energy.

Working alongside my man, as we worked the farm together, on the days I wasn’t counseling.

I loved every minute of that time! You may enjoy reading about it in Home sweet home & Tea by the sea….

It was a sweet drive enjoying the moments of a time that are forever etched upon my heart refreshingly evoked by the aromas of the countryside that passed by that day.

I arrived on time for my appointment, feeling greatly energized & revitalized.

At times the past is not so far away, bringing an unexpected blessing, with it’s sweet fragrance, to the present & before we realize it we find ourselves smiling!

Have you ever caught yourself smiling lost in thought to sweet memories?

What causes you to smile dear friend? Please share…

Until next time,


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28 thoughts on “The gift of sweet memories…

  1. It snowed Christmas Eve – that made me smile! Also – I’m adding a comment for your Coping post – and my question is how do you live joy in the heartbreak? In the hard? When people you love suffer? I’ve been on a quest for that answer for a few years! Shalom, Jennifer! ~ Maryleigh

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Shalom! Snowing on Christmas eve is definitely a smile event!
      In heartache, difficult times & situations Maryleigh (& I have had many) I continue to walk in the following premises, ‘the joy of the Lord is my strength for His strength is my joy.’ I know joy is many things to many people. However that is the emotion of joy which changes with the wind! Emotions are fickle things 😉

      However, the Joy of the Lord becomes a way of life rather then an emotional feeling, when we walk in His strength through all situations. For it’s in His strength the joy of our salvation & relationship with Him is found. So, in whatever circumstances we find ourselves faced with or our loved ones are faced with His strength does not change, therefore having the joy of Him with us does not waver.
      I hope that gives you food for thought on your quest 😀


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