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The Bonus Years

Welcome my friend! I’ve been reflecting upon Time lately because as I shared last week the theme for this year is Season.

We also discovered that the original Hebrew meaning of season is ‘an appointed time’.

This year marks the fortieth anniversary of the most poignant Experience of all experiences.

Which I’m excited to share with you over a cuppa today.

So grab yourself a mug of your favourite hot drink, get comfy & we’ll begin.

Why do I call the last forty years bonus years? 

Recently, I celebrated another birthday.

As I chatted with those present that day, I shared that this year marks the fortieth anniversary of my bonus years.

I noticed all became thoughtful as I shared that in these bonus years I have been blessed & privileged to have had a fifth child, another daughter. See all my daughters grow into amazing women & Mamas. With the added blessing of stepdaughters in my life.

I am enjoying time with my grandchildren, all 13 of them! Watching them grow into wonderful people (both big & little, yes I’m bias!) some already in adulthood & married.

Over the last forty years God has taken me to many parts of the Asia/Pacific region to share this Experience of experiences.

And it’s now shared across the globe through the internet.

Yes, they have been very blessed years indeed!

But you may be thinking as to why I call them bonus years.

Well forty years ago as I was giving birth to my fourth child, my only son Benjamin, who was sadly born sleeping (stillborn) because of a Placental Abruption causing my own heart to stop & clinically die.

The Experience of experiences… 

The following is what I experienced when I died;

I was in Heaven instantly, the peace and serenity was all encompassing. 

I thought to myself how amazingly beautiful and pristine everything was & there was a clarity to everything…

I remembered thinking how much I really loved it there. All the colors were crisp, vivid and sharp to my sight.

I found I was walking on a path, then I stopped and stood for awhile to look around.

I had my own thoughts and feelings, which at that point were mainly awe, joy and supreme comfort, peace and serenity.

I can only describe it as being enveloped in the pure essence of God…

I was not worried, fearful, anxious or concerned for anything, as I had the knowledge, that God was looking after everyone that were left behind including my two little daughters.

Yes, I was thinking of my little girls and there was a complete and fulfilled trust in God.

It wasn’t like I had to try and trust or give Him that trust, it was the complete essence of trust and knowledge.

That He had them in His care and in that there was no need to be in any concern whatsoever.

I then noticed that the path I was standing upon was bright and in a setting that I can only describe as similar to an English country village.

There were buildings to the right of me and fields off to the north west, there were people to my right standing and chatting amongst themselves in front of a building that had an awning hanging from its front.

I had at that point the knowledge of these people but had not known many of them here in this life.

My daughter Candy (who had passed away twelve months beforehand) and my son Benjamin were amongst them…

group of people eating together

I also had the knowledge that Jesus was waiting for me just up ahead in a garden and that it was important to go to Him and not veer off the path to converse with anyone.

I noticed a billboard on the left of the path and a stone bridge going over a river off to my left.

I knew that it was important that I continued on the path that was in front of me to the garden.

So I started walking towards where Jesus was waiting for me.

As I passed those who were gathered together on my right, I heard one say to the other,

“That’s Jennifer, I didn’t know she was coming today”.

As I continued along the path, the foliage on either side became thicker and hung more over the pathway, brushing my arms as I neared the garden.

Just as I got to the garden entrance, I experienced the sudden sensation that someone had gently grabbed either side of my upper arms from behind and turned me 180 degrees in the opposite direction.

I started traveling down the same path I just had walked upon.

However this time with speed and I didn’t have control over this action nor the speed at which I was traveling.

I had the knowledge though that I was being sent back to this life and then I heard Jesus words behind me saying the following,

“It’s not your time yet Jennifer, go and tell my people to get ready, for I am coming again soon.”

However, I didn’t want to leave this amazing place nor the blanketing comfort of God’s presence and love…

Suddenly, my physical eyes opened to see my physician standing over me with something in each hand.

He yelled out to the rest of the medical team, who were standing back from the bed;

“We have her back…” Ref

Full story Here

Yes, forty bonus years indeed!

You can see why each year since that Heaven experience I consider bonus years.

So my friend are you ready for Jesus’ return?

And are you assured of going to Heaven when your time comes?

If not please join me here in Prayer.

Until next time,


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  1. Jennifer, I’m thankful the Lord has given you forty bonus years! I am also thankful for the gift of knowing you and learning your heart through your words. Thank you for sharing the blessings and opportunities God has given you in these forty years!

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