Understanding the Energy Source

Welcome my friend, come on in for a cuppa & chat.

There’s a lot of discourse about sustainable energy resources at the moment.

So today, I thought we would look at our personal energy source through Spoon Theory & how this relates to all of us.

You may be scratching your head at this point wondering what on earth Spoon Theory is & how it could possibly relate to you.

However, as we sip our cuppa’s & reflect upon the topic you will see that it does!

But first let’s grab our cuppa’s & get comfy.

I’m having my old favourite Lady Grey tea today because some days a gal just needs the comfort of an ol’ favourite.

What is Spoon Theory?

Spoon theory hit the internet in 2003 it was coined from a personal story by Christine Miserandino & is popular amongst those dealing with chronic illness.

It describes the limited energy that accompanies many chronic disorders & uses the analogy of “spoons” as units of energy.

I read the original essay the other day & I can see why it became so popular, for it describes & explains the limited energy levels that those of us living with Chronic illness (Spoonies) have on a daily basis.

But as I reflected upon Christine’s essay I also thought that actually we are all Spoonies.

For we all wake with a certain amount of energy spoons, granted some have more energy spoons then others.

But our physical & emotional energy is not an inexhaustible resource. 

Seasons & Spoons

Looking back on the different seasons of my life I had various levels of energy in each season.

You may relate to the following;

As a young woman I seemed to have copious amounts of energy, waking with many spoons indeed.

Then as a young Mama those spoons depleted with disturbed nights in feeding babies, tending childhood sicknesses & all that is involved in the daily raising of a family.

Then there was an increase in spoons when my children grew into young adults & could do many things for themselves.

And in the season when I was a farmer’s wife with my late hubby, I always woke with many spoons of energy, enjoying the hard work that goes with life on a working farm.

Then he was diagnosed with brain cancer & passed away within twelve weeks of that diagnosis.

My energy left me entirely during that season of grief.

But gradually the spoons returned & increased.

And the blessing of a new season began in the ‘lowlands by the sea coast’.

photo of honey dripping from spoons

But then all of a sudden a most unexpected season dawned…

One that I just didn’t see coming & was most unexpected indeed!

The day that marks the beginning of this season many years ago, I woke with what I thought were the normal amount of spoons for that day but by the afternoon they had entirely disappeared.

And I found I couldn’t make it across the Parkway, a distance of only 50 metres, to where the walking track began to take my faithful work dog (from the farm) on her daily walk.

A diagnosis of Fibromyalgia & other autoimmune conditions eventually followed.

In this season I have learnt that while the amount of spoons can vary each day depending on the cycle of Fibromyalgia.

They are always far less then they were in the other seasons of my life.

And I’ve also noticed in what Christine highlighted, is that simple daily tasks take more spoons of energy to complete then they ever did before.

So waking with less spoons + tasks taking more spoons = leads to a quick depletion of energy each day. 

What about Spiritual energy?

This is the most sustainable Source of energy in this season, for I have found that as my physical & emotional energy depleted my spiritual energy has increased!

How amazing is that!


Because, & this is the most exciting part of all,  God is keeping His promise to me as He did to Paul for He said;

‘…”My grace is sufficient for you My lovingkindness and My mercy are more than enough—always available—regardless of the situation;

for My power is being perfected and is completed and shows itself most effectively in your weakness.”

Therefore, I will all the more gladly share my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may completely enfold me and may dwell within.’

2 Corinthians 12: 9 -11 Paraphrased

Are you struggling my friend?

Remember God’s promise above & allow His Power to work in you & your circumstances, you won’t regret it! 

Until next time,


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24 thoughts on “Understanding the Energy Source

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  1. Oh, Jennifer…I remember reading the original “Spoons” article long, long ago. It had been so long that I just reread it and was worn out just thinking about all that encompasses a day. Any day! I appreciate being reminded. But more than that, I am grateful to be reminded of the one sustainable source of Spiritual energy as I often forget that in the midst of the physical zap!

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  2. Jennifer, what a beautiful way to tell your story! I have heard of the spoon theory, but I understand it even more the way you explained it. I, too, have had different seasons, and this one I’m walking through now includes some chronic pain (off and on), and I find I don’t have as many spoons some days as others. But praise God, as you shared, He is my strength. His strength is made perfect in weakness. Blessings to you, dear Jennifer! It’s been a while since I’ve visited. So happy to be your neighbor at #InspireMeMonday. Oh, I love that photo!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’ve not heard of the spoon analogy, so I’m pleased to hear of it here, Jennifer. It makes such sense. And I agree with you–it does apply to everyone. I’ve seen my own supply of spoons vary from season to season, too. Thanks for sharing your testimony that God’s grace is always there, always replenishing.

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  4. My spiritual energy n curiosity, as another blogger wrote, gains momentum as I age and my body gradually slows. Aging does increase acceptance and I do hope I’m a bit wiser with a new more gentle perspective energized to complete my task.

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  5. Hi Jennifer, I think that list of scripture says it all starting with “My grace is sufficient for you..” Every season, His grace is sufficient. I think when we realise that, we rest in it, and things change in us for the better, no matter how many “spoons” we have or have not. Very interesting read! God bless

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  6. Jennifer, thanks for sharing this new-to-me concept. I’ve learned not to beat myself up when my energy level is down … to give myself grace on the slow days, to throw caution to the wind when there’s an overflow.

    Grace works.

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  7. I’m not sure this post would have resonated with me quite so much if we had not just come back from home from our Disney vacation yesterday– talk about depleted energy! My husband and I were joking that we need a vacation from our vacation now. Between the non-stop walking all day and the intense heat and humidity it was exhausting and I definitely woke with a few less spoons of energy each day. Though I was so thankful we had the means and opportunity to share it with our boys one last time.

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