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Are you feeling pressured?

I think most people would be familiar with Aesop’s old adage of The Tortoise & the Hare.

While there are valuable lessons in the original story, l recently found gems in looking at it from a different perspective.

Today, I’m enjoying an Aussie Bush tea that turns purple when infused.

What are you having today?

The Old Adage

The story is of two competitors running a race. One being the Hare & the other the Tortoise.

On the surface this race seems totally mismatched as the Hare has great speed & the Tortoise is slow.

But to the astonishment of all, the Tortoise actually wins the race!

Let’s take a look at each character shall we…


The Hare

If you’re familiar with the story you may remember that the Hare is over confident, cocky & boastful in his capabilities of speed to out manoeuver any competitor he comes up against.


The Tortoise

Where as the Tortoise is quiet, humble & has been overlooked as a competitor in a race of speed!

We see that as a competitor the Tortoise always keeps his end destination in focus as he deliberately plods towards the finish line.

Not concerned with the pressure to win the race with haste.

So what can we learn?

If we look at the original adage, it was a warning against pride in being over confident & cocky in one’s abilities that will often lead to a fall.

It was also wise advice that those who have integrity & keep their eye on the goal will eventually win the race!

This has me thinking about the Apostle Paul’s encouragement to us in Phillipians 3:14;

“…press on toward the goal to win the [supreme and heavenly] prize to which God in Christ Jesus is calling us…”

What is this goal?

Paul is talking about the prize of spending eternity with God.

He’s also talking about our relationship with God in the here & now, maturing that relationship through Christ as we head towards the finish line. 

But life can get pretty tough at times, don’t you think!

And tough times can often lead us to become stressed…

Stress causes us to momentarily lose sight of the goal we’re heading towards.

Just as the Tortoise kept his focus on the finish line without wavering or getting distracted. 

Nor was he swayed by outside pressure or discouraged by his own limitations.

We also need to keep a pace that is uniquely ours without succumbing to pressure.

If you feel pressured then it’s time to stop & reassess

I’ve had to do this recently, as outside pressure grew to meet certain expectations. That I’m incapable of meeting at this time due to a challenging cycle with Fibromyalgia.

I had to stop & assess as to why I was feeling so ‘pressured’ by these expectations that I know I simply can not meet.

And I realised that the pressure of these expectations were revealing latent regrets deep within myself.

In not being able to live the life I had so desired to live at this time to help loved ones.

Just like the Tortoise in the adage, I’m slow in this season of my life & need to plod at my own pace.


And as the old hymn goes;

Turn Your Eyes upon Jesus

‘…look full into His wonderful face & the things of this Earth will grow strangely dim in the Light of His glory & grace!’ 

 by Helen Lemmel

I went to prayer & placed my focus once again upon Jesus, who restored peace to my soul!

Are you feeling pressured my friend? Then it’s time to stop & reassess.

Until next time,


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41 thoughts on “Are you feeling pressured?

  1. Your message feels like a familiar egg cracked open to reveal so much more than I realized was within. It makes me want to reread the old fables and see what other truths I missed. I did a stop in January thru February – let the pace change – and the stress evaporated. The results surprised me. You’d think stopping would result in loss. Though I didn’t meet any goals (because God wanted me to let go of goals), so much more was accomplished. Bless you for this fresh-eyed perspective into a beloved story.


  2. my mom struggled with fibro for years … i know it can be so discouraging. please know that i’m praying for you even as we speak, Jennifer. may you experience His loving comfort during those hardest of times.

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  3. Jennifer, thank you for the reminders you share here. Keeping our focus on Jesus, regardless of the expectations others place on us, is the key to winning our race. I appreciate the example you gave of stopping long enough to evaluate what was causing you to feel pressured, and what you discovered. We definitely need to assess the why’s behind what we feel sometimes.

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  4. Good advice here, Jennifer, as always. I’ve been stressed with a family situation the past 6 months, so I’m having to intentionally learn and put de-stressing tactics into daily practice. It’s not easy and sometimes feels like too much work, but in the end (and even daily) I know it is worth it.

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  5. I too am very slow these days due to physical limitations, especially in climbing stairs. I started to call myself a snail, moving at a snail’s pace, but a friend said he prefers to think of me as the tortoise, so now I have a new name.

    I am not normally a person who gets stressed, but stress was threatening to jump on me because of constant phone calls from a couple of people I have known for years and who are both clinically depressed, plus one is, I believe, a paranoid schizophrenic. It was beginning to become a problem, especially when both called on the same night, both contemplating suicide, not really seriously I believe because they have indicated that they don’t really want to do it.

    So I am protecting myself now and when I need to rest, spend time in prayer or working on a project, I simply take the phone off the hook and otherwise wait until someone identifies herself on my answering machine. This also cuts out all the scam calls, political calls asking for donations and telemarketers. I talk when I want to, not just when others want to talk. It is very peaceful now. I choose when I take calls, and it is working out well. No hard feelings toward me, from either one. I think they are learning to respect me and my time. Praise the Lord!

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    1. Wonderful to hear you’re feeling more peaceful my friend.

      It’s important to have boundaries in all our relationships, respectively maintaining those boundaries for our mental & emotional well-being, isn’t it…

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