Letting Go…

Welcome my friend! It’s time to grab a cuppa, get comfy & reflect together.

Have you ever had to let go of something that at the time you didn’t really want to let go of?

Maybe it was a career opportunity that in the end just wasn’t good for your family life.

Maybe it was having to let go of a relationship that you knew was unhealthy to stay in.

Or maybe, just maybe it was a loved One who’s time was near & you didn’t want them to go…

But you knew the time was drawing near to let go.

Letting go can be the most difficult thing to do

but often opens Heaven’s door of blessing.

So let’s explore this today.

What does letting go actually mean?

While I can give you my professional perspective on this topic from many years of Clinical experience.

I think a personal experience can speak volumes. So let me make this personal by sharing the following.

It was my birthday recently, my youngest daughter had organised to meet half way between our locations for a picnic lunch by the river.

close up shot of a birthday cake

Just before I left home I had a phone call from my younger sister not only for birthday wishes…

But to notify me that our dear loved One, who lived a fair distance away was very unwell.

Have you ever experienced that knowing when you know God is preparing you for something?

But you don’t necessarily want to acknowledge that nor necessarily want what He has in mind to happen…

Because you know it’s going to be emotionally painful even though it may result in the ultimate blessing.

That was me on that day!


You see our dear loved One has been on a marathon of her life for over seven years with a condition that saw her quality of life slowly decline.

She ran that marathon to the best of her ability & with great courage.

But it took a harsh toll upon her & her husband, another dear loved One who was her dedicated primary caregiver, up until the past twelve months when full time Clinical care was necessary.

A celebration awaits

And so as I drove to the picnic, that phone call weighed heavily upon my heart.

As I spoke to God about this, He revealed to me the wonder He had awaiting this dear loved One.

But I didn’t want this dear loved One to go on my birthday.

The Prayer

On my way home from the picnic, I thought about how much suffering this loved One had been through.

And as I remembered my own time in heaven (shared HERE) I thought…how could I not want that for her!

And thought if God wanted to take my dear loved One home for a heavenly celebration what a beautiful gift that would be for both of us on this day!

For as Jesus promised to those who love Him at the moment of death,

“…you will be with me in Paradise”

Luke 23:43

And the old hymn ‘I Surrender All’ came to mind as I drove home.

In that moment I surrendered my will to God’s Will, entrusting my loved One to His perfect Will for her life.

Two hours later, I received the phone call that my Mum had passed away peacefully, on my birthday.

No longer suffering in this world but now celebrating in the presence of God!

What a beautiful gift this is for an eternity of birthdays for both of us!

Yes, letting go can be very difficult indeed but it can ultimately bring blessings of eternity.

Because underneath the surface, it wasn’t really about my birthday, it was not wanting to lose my Mum from this life!

What are you struggling to let go of my friend? Is there a deeper issue at hand in not being able to let go?

Until next time,


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26 thoughts on “Letting Go…

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  1. Sorry to hear about your mum but those who believe have the hope of seeing our loved ones again and yes she is in heaven with her saviour.
    The lord guided you to look at her passing in a different way and you were able to let go.

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  2. Jennifer, I am so sorry for your loss. My grandpa passed away on my birthday when I was 10YO. I used to dislike my birthday for many years as I felt it was a reminder of loss to the rest of my family. Now as an adult, I see it as such a celebration of life. A celebration that I have been given another day, and a celebration of the new life my Gramps has been enjoying with our Lord. May God bring His comfort and peace.

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  3. Yes, Jennifer, letting go can be difficult depending on the circumstance, however, each time I let go, God blesses me in a very real way. There is a blessing in letting go when we find the courage to do so.

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  4. Jennifer, so sad to hear of your mother’s passing on your birthday! I recently lost a friend right at Christmas, I commented to my husband, it was such a terrible time to lose a loved one, he very wisely noted, “is anytime a good time?” Letting go, is one of the hardest things God asks us to do in this life. But our comfort comes in knowing he never asks us to let go alone, for he is always with us. Hugs to you, dear friend!

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  5. What a beautiful tribute, Jennifer … to your mom’s life and homegoing, and to God’s mercy and love in changing your perspective about His timing. There’s such a tension, isn’t there, between our joy that our loved ones are with Jesus—restored and complete—and our deep sadness that they are no longer with us? ❤️

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  6. there’s been alot of letting go in the past few years. maybe too much? thanks for the reminder that God is blessing, not only in the middle of it but because of it. so grateful He knows the end from the beginning.

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  7. Jennifer, I am so sorry to read of your Mum’s passing. Knowing you will see her again brings much comfort. You will be in my prayers sweet friend. 🙏🏻

    Our grandson was born last year on the anniversary of my mother’s homegoing. I felt like the Lord was smiling on us for the beautiful blessing He bestowed. Hugs ♥️

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