A Teddy Bear’s Picnic

Have you ever looked at the world through a different lens my friend?

Maybe from a small child’s perspective, a Senior’s wisdom or a child with special needs?

This week I spent time with one such precious person & saw the world through her eyes that was truly humbling.

But before I share, let’s grab a cuppa, treat & get comfy!

Today, I have a mug of Caramel Café Latte with a slice of toasted gf homemade Banana & Coconut Bread. Delicious!

What’s your’s my friend?

Now we’re all comfy let’s begin…

Such a refreshing experience

Every school holidays I try to spend special one on one time with my grandchildren who live nearby.

Although, CoVid lockdowns & restrictions have hampered this in the last few years.

This week I was determined to return to that tradition & spend quality time with them.

It was my youngest granddaughter’s turn first, this precious little one has special needs.

You first met her in Little Miss L 

With the Omicron variant still rampant in our community I wanted an activity that kept us away from crowds & others.

So I organised a Teddy’s Bear Picnic for just the two of us in a beautiful park near where she lives.

brown teddy bear on brown wooden bench outside

I took a basket of Teddy’s, a picnic blanket, treats & we had a quick stop to pick up our favourite Sushi.

My darling granddaughter has a hearing impairment & is mainly non verbal amongst other things.

But she has a very sharp mind for her developmental age & a memory that quite frankly blows my mind!

This Nanny knows a little sign language & continues to learn but our little Miss L has surpassed us all!

Everything was pure Joy!

As we sat on our picnic blanket under a tree, with the teddies placed carefully around us by little Miss L & eating our Sushi, everything was a delight to her.

The sight of the horses & cows in the nearby fields with their offspring were a particular delight.

Every sound she could hear was pointed out to me, the big loud trucks passing by, the noisy ride on lawn mower mowing the park’s lawn & the sqwarrking Crow roosting overhead.

The ants making their way onto the picnic blanket & the insects landing on her arm were quickly shooed away.

Her face was one of wonder at the sounds, sights & smells that surrounded us!

And in that moment I realised how much we take for granted in this life!

And when we do take note we often complain about them!

As you can see above in my description the loud trucks, the noisy lawn mower & sqwarrking Crow.

To me those sounds were loudly interrupting the peace & serenity of the countryside we were in but to my granddaughter they were sounds she could hear!

And the delight on her face that she could hear those sounds was priceless!

I felt duly humbled!

After our lunch we wandered together hand in hand with a teddy to the reservoir in the park to see the “fishies”.

But what greeted us were many long neck Turtles in the water, Ducks & a Peahen!

Which brought much fascination & delight in watching these creatures.

One Turtle even decided to come up for a closer look but scurried back into deeper water as little Miss L bent down to say hello.

Sadly, our Teddy’s Bear Picnic came to it’s end & as we drove back to take little Miss L home, we sang (well this Nanny did) at the top of our voices with little Miss L joining in the yeah, yeah, yeahs.

A time of reflection

As I drove home after taking her back to her Mama, I reflected upon my attitude to certain things…

My Attitude should always be that of gratitude for even the smallest of the good things in this life for they are all precious gifts from the Father.

I’m reminded of the following scripture,

“Every good & perfect (free, large, full) gift is from above; it all comes down from the Father of all [that gives] Light…”

James 1: 17 Refer II

And what we may see as annoying may actually be a delightful blessing!

What do you take for granted my friend?

Until next time,


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26 thoughts on “A Teddy Bear’s Picnic

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  1. One of the best things about little children(and special needs one it seems too) is their utter joy at the “ordinary.” We are in ordinary time in church right now and it helps me remember there is nothing wasted in God’s world.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. A Teddy Bear picnic is a wonderful idea! What a delightful time you shared together!

    This is a humbling perspective, “To me those sounds were loudly interrupting the peace & serenity of the countryside we were in but to my granddaughter they were sounds she could hear! And the delight on her face that she could hear those sounds was priceless!” It’s good to remember what is “annoying” to us may be “life-giving” to someone else.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Jennifer, I am happy that you had one on one time with little Miss L. Your bear picnic sounds so perfect. I know she was so excited to be with her grandmother. It truly is the simple things that bring delight for little ones ♥️

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Jennifer, love this. That’s why I enjoy spending time with young ones. They challenge us to see things differently. They connect us to our playful and silly side. And you come away feeling better. What looks like a packing box to us becomes a boat. I have been visiting with my grandkids via video on weeks I don’t see them, and often I read them stories. This last week I was reading a funny rhyming book about some dogs. Well, they laughed and laughed and had me read that book 4 times to them. If I had read it to myself, I would have thought it was cute, but it wouldn’t have gotten a half hour of laughs from me. But with them, it did. Keep having fun times with the grandkids. They teach us so much.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. What a beautiful post, Jennifer. What we find annoying or disruption of our peace is actually music to someone else’s ears. A glorious perspective. The picnic sounds extraordinary. Ultra Spice Chai is in my cuppa this cold February morning!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I loved this post! Toddlers are my favorite people and our 3YO granddaughter would have loved this outing. I may just need to spread a picnic tomorrow right in our family room when she is here! Thank you for the reminder to enjoy the little things because they may just be bigger than they first appear 🙂 {{hugs}}

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Absolutely Anita! Hubby & I in our walks lately have been noticing native tiny orchids no bigger then our little fingernails but they are beautiful. But it’s easy to miss them in the larger surroundings if we don’t look 😉


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