Is Gratitude a Platitude?

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I thought in this season of being thankful in many parts of the World, it would be an ideal time to reflect upon whether Gratitude has become a platitude or not!

I have made a gf Apple & blueberry loaf with a pot of Lady Grey tea for our time together.

So while we enjoy our loaf & cuppa’s, let’s reflect upon…

Gratitude, Grace & Platitudes

We need to look at the following definitions before we go any further.

What is grace?

It is defined as unmerited favor, loving kindness & mercy.  

So what is a platitude? You may ask…

It is defined as a statement that has been used too much & lost it’s meaning.

And gratitude is defined as;

The quality of being thankful & appreciating the blessings in one’s life.

My thoughts again this year have been…

‘I truly know & experience God’s grace in my life every day…

But maybe this year displays a new depth to His grace that I need to further understand in these difficult times.

And really there’s always room for growth in gracefulness, when I’ve been given such wondrous grace…’

photo of a sign and eyeglasses on table

“…He said to me,

My grace (favour, loving kindness & mercy) is sufficient against any danger,

enabling you to go through the situation;

for My strength & power are complete in your vulnerability.”

2 Corinthians 12:9

Wow! What a wonderfully comforting verse that is, Grace that is sufficient for any danger or situation.

Strength & power that is made complete when we feel at our most vulnerable.

Another difficult year!

I’m not going to sugar coat it! It has been a challenging year.

But it has also been a year full of His amazing grace in strengthening & empowering!

Many times we don’t look for His grace in challenging circumstances, instead becoming overwhelmed by the situation.

Momentarily forgetting the fact that He always keeps His promises no matter how our circumstances may appear!

So has Gratitude become a Platitude?

Giving thanks for God’s amazing favour, loving kindness & mercy (grace) in these strangest of times brings a peace that truly passes all understanding!

Abundant living is possible even in the hardest of circumstances through His love.

For His grace is indeed sufficient.

So to answer the question, Is Gratitude a Platitude?

I don’t believe Gratitude can ever become a platitude when we recognise & are truly grateful for God’s grace in our life.

What about you dear friend, what grace has been given to you this year that you are grateful for?

Until next time…


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22 thoughts on “Is Gratitude a Platitude?

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  1. I agree with you Jennifer, we can always grow in understanding the depth of the grace we receive from the Lord.
    It has been difficult to not see family overseas but the Lord has been so good, with being able to live at ease within Our state with things feeling very normal in many ways in Perth. And family overseas too have been kept safe even though there were so many cases going around in their place. I am thankful.

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  2. We can never overstate our gratitude to God if it comes from the heart. And the more we focus on what we are grateful for, the less we focus on what we don’t have. Thankfully our life here does seem to be getting back to more of the old normal. But maybe that’s because that is how I choose to look at life. I am very grateful. Great words in your post, and especially meaningful as we get ready to celebrate Thanksgiving here in the U.S. Blessings to you Jennifer! 🙏

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  3. Jennifer, as we guard our hearts so we remain content and grateful for what we have, I think we also keep gratitude from becoming a platitude. May He give us eyes to see His grace at work in our lives each day.

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  4. As I was reading this post, Jennifer, I, firstly, am glad you defined ‘platitude’ as I was not sure of its meaning. I then was thinking that gratitude is not taken for granted when my heart is right with God when I am immersed in His love and grace only to know that my gratitude is deeper than a platitude. I am grateful to our God for all that He is to me no matter what the circumstances. I love and care about you, my friend.

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    1. Awww, thank you Linda you have brightened my day no end today with your love & care! Thank you sweet friend ❤️
      I agree when we sit under the wings of our loving Saviour gratitude flows freely & Platitudes don’t even come into the picture! 🤗 Sending you lots of love across the oceans 💝


  5. I think the answer to your question is unfortunately, yes: too often we do see gratitude as a platitude. 😦 But thankfully we don’t have to leave it there. I appreciate your encouragement to practice gratitude with a sincere heart, not just with empty words!

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