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A magnificent Occupation

Welcome my friend! Come on in I have our cuppa’s ready.

We’ll be sitting under our beautiful flowering Jacaranda tree today.

We have a canopy of lilac blossoms above us & a carpet of fallen lilac blossoms beneath. Such breathtaking beauty!

We are having a slice of freshly baked Almond, Date & Coconut loaf, absolutely delicious!

You may be wondering what is the magnificent Occupation?

Well we’ll be exploring this today for we are all called to this most important of Occupations!

The Occupation

As you may be aware, if you join me here often, over the last few years God has highlighted a Word for the Year to me for reflection throughout that year.

Last year it was the word Release & how it related to the ancient Year of Jubilee .

I saw an amazing answer to a forty year prayer for two of my loved ones.

This year’s word has been Prayer. 

Earlier this year we reflected upon a Series on the Lord’s Prayer together in Hidden Treasures.

Which brought a fresh look at why Jesus taught the disciples & us to pray in this way.

And how Jesus highlighted the importance of prayer.

Which brings us to today’s reflection.

Is Prayer the most important of Occupations?

Recently, I decided it was time to spring clean & reorganize my study/guest room.

Which meant relocating my books & bookcases to the opposite side of the room for more space.

And while giving the books an individual clean I came across a little book that I had completely forgotten I had on my shelf.

It’s a composite of Oswald Chambers comments & teachings interspersed with quotes from his various books.

I can’t remember where or who I got this little gem from but rediscovering it has been rather exciting & timely.

man wearing blue scrub suit and mask sitting on bench


I have been enjoying it’s simplicity in its content & teaching.

In the introduction Oswald makes some poignant statements.

He talks about the occupation of every Christian is to pray.

And yet many times we want to do & be far more for God!

Isn’t this just so true!

Oswald, goes on to state that to Jesus prayer, which is communing with the Heavenly Father was extremely important.

Jesus viewed it vastly different to what we see it as today! And Jesus lead us by example!

In fact it can be seen in the scriptures that communing with His Heavenly Father was always in the forefront of Jesus thoughts.

Prayer is definitely a Holy Occupation

Prayer is definitely a Holy Occupation as it’s one that opposes the fast paced world we live in.

Prayer brings us into a time of communing with our Heavenly Father for eternal things.

So, if Prayer is a holy occupation, then why don’t we have a fervour for it? And why do many see it as a chore?

I believe the reason is that prayer has/is seen as an addition to our lives rather than an integral part of our lives.

Let me explain that statement…

Haven’t you noticed that we can get so focused upon the daily things of this life that we often see our spiritual life as a seperated entity.

But God tells us that our physical & spiritual life are inherently interconnected when we accept Jesus Christ into our life;

Do you not know that your body is the temple (the very sanctuary) of the Holy Spirit Who lives within you, Whom you have received [as a Gift] from God?”

1  Corinthians 6:19 Refer II

So, communing with our Heavenly Father, as Jesus taught & demonstrated throughout His life is extremely important!

We are instructed that;

…for we do not know what prayer to offer nor how to offer it worthily as we ought,

but the Spirit Himself goes to meet our supplication and pleads on our behalf…”

Romans 8:26 Refer II

This is done in our time of prayer with our Heavenly Father, as the Holy Spirit guides & directs.

But we have to allow this process each day otherwise the things of this world will entirely consume our day!

For the Holy Spirit is the perfect gentleman,

He will not force anything upon us,

not even prayer!

How can we enter this wondrous Occupation?


Until next time,


You’re most welcome to join me in The Reading Nook

Or in Prayer

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22 thoughts on “A magnificent Occupation

  1. This>”And yet many times we want to do & be far more for God!” Is so true . I’m happy that prayer is a holy job. I’ve come to realize that as I age. This is a refreshing article for me to have read today.
    Thank you bunches for sharing this with Sweet Tea & Friends this month.

    Liked by 1 person

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