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A Woman of Great Courage!

Well hi! Come on in to enjoy a lovely cuppa & time together.

It’s absolutely freezing here down under with Antarctic blasts coming straight off the Polar ice! Brrr!

I know our northern hemisphere friends are sweltering in heat which I must admit sounds pretty good at the moment!

Well, wherever you are visiting from my friend grab yourself a beverage, a delicious treat & get comfy for our reflection today.

A little story to share

I had another post all written to share with you this week…

But it wasn’t in God’s plan!

So, we are going to reflect upon a very inspiring life with the following biography.

A journey to Israel

If you join me here often then you will remember that last year I began a ladies Book Club.

This month we chose to read Derek & Lydia Prince’s book, Appointment in Jerusalem *.

Which is Lydia’s story, written by Derek as her biography.

I literally could not put this book down! I read it in one sitting, all 300 pages!

I found Lydia’s faith so inspiring, especially her passion to follow God’s call & leading for her life.

Her call & obedience to God’s voice reminded me of Sarah’s in Genesis.

It all started with a stirring in her spirit

Lydia, felt a stirring in her spirit, she didn’t know what it was as she didn’t know God, nor His Spirit or Son Jesus at that time.

But she knew there was something more… Someone more asking her to follow Him.

She felt her life was full & successful but somehow empty…

Lydia had done well in her life until this stirring…

She was an accomplished teacher, had a very comfortable lifestyle with her own home & housekeeper.

And an imminent marriage proposal on the horizon from an equally accomplished man who she had known for some time.

But somehow she felt this was not for her…

Lydia’s obedience & fervour to seek the One who was reaching out to her was rewarded in amazing & miraculous ways.

Many times throughout her life, God showed up supernaturally in His guidance & direction for the very unique ministry that He had for Lydia.

positive woman sitting with crossed legs and reading book

Courage, obedience & fervour

This book shares Lydia’s spiritual life with an honesty & openness that is quite refreshing.

It is also very thought provoking, especially her dogged courage in the face of persecution & exclusion by others.

Lydia found God met her in unique ways, giving her direction & leading for her life through prayer, dreams, visions, His people & of course His Word.

Giving up her career, her property & belongings, leaving family & friends behind.

She journeyed to a far off land with very little finances nor specifics as to what exactly God wanted her to do once she got there…

But she followed her Saviour to Jerusalem. 

And He met her needs at every twist & turn along the way!

At times these were provided supernaturally, at other times through others.

His protection was definitely with her during a very dangerous period in Jerusalem, demonstrated over & over again.

Lydia’s faith, Courage & obedience is uplifting inspirational & encouraging…

She always kept her eyes upon her Saviour & never waivered from the path He had called her to journey upon.

Even in the face of persecution she did not flinch.

No matter what opposition she faced, whether from family, friends, church hierarchy or the very people she was sent to work amongst.

She kept her eyes firmly upon God’s calling & purpose for her life.

The Reading of this book

This is the second time I have read this book, the last when it was first published.

However, for a second time it had me completely captivated!

I highly encourage you to read this most interesting book.

I think you’ll find Lydia’s life rather thought provoking for your own relationship with the Father & His plans for your life.

Until next time,


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* I do not prosper in any commercial way by giving my opinion of this book here.

26 thoughts on “A Woman of Great Courage!

    1. Absolutely Jansaun! I’ve found that once we take that first step of faith on that perfect journey He has for us, He gives us the courage & strength for each proceeding step thereafter ☺️


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