Are you a Paradox?

It’s time to celebrate International Women’s Day & hopefully this time of tea & reflection will inspire you to encourage all the amazing women in your life, both young & old.

Recently, I’ve had the joy of having my eldest granddaughter visit, a beautiful strong young woman (yes, I am bias! Lol!). We hadn’t seen each other in two years!

She had been living, working & traveling overseas for a few years but with CoVid restrictions we hadn’t been able to catch up since her return to Australia late last year, as we live in different States.

So, it has been a very sweet time of reconnection. The other day as we went on a little walk by the waterfront, she asked me what topic was I writing for the blog. 

Doesn’t it gladden your heart when your family take an interest in your writing! For a writer this makes my heart sing!

As I was explaining the content of my writing including the question I had posed at the end, of which I answered HERE.

My granddaughter thought for awhile about the subject at hand…as we wandered back to the car & drove home, she read out a poem on the paradox of being a woman.

Which is the inspiration for our reflection today. Let’s grab our cuppa’s, treat & get comfy.

My blend today is a Rose & French Vanilla tea with a heart shaped treat of gf shortbread, sent to me by my eldest daughter.

What is a paradox?

The definition of a paradox is the following;

“a seemingly absurd or contradictory statement or proposition which when investigated may prove to be well founded or true.”

Life is a paradox, is it not!

Have you noticed that life itself is a paradox? Let’s look at some examples,

We are aging & yet being renewed,

We are complex but simple, 

We are strong but vulnerable, 

We weep when we’re happy! 

These all seem a contradiction in terms but they’re true. Our spirits are renewing as our bodies age. We are  complex beings but we have simple needs. 

We can be very strong emotionally, physically & spiritually but have tender vulnerabilities in all of those areas at the same time. And we can definitely have tears of joy!

How about the paradoxes in spiritual life?

If we look at Jesus’ life we see many paradoxes. He is known as the Lion of Judah & yet also the Lamb of God! Gentle as a lamb to mankind, yet fierce as a Lion to all evil.

He was fully man & yet fully divine. He came as the Prince of peace to mankind & yet man violently crucified Him! He is the Savior of this world but also will be its Judge (at His second coming). 

He is the Light in the darkness!

Jesus also knew the paradox we struggle within our own spiritual lives…For He left us with the following wise advice, 

Keep watch & pray, that you may not enter into temptation for

the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.”

Matthew 26:41

Are you a paradox my friend?

Maybe you see yourself in one or all of the following as a woman…

She is faithful & yet detached. She is committed & yet relaxed…She is sociable but also a loner. She is gentle & yet tough. She is passionate but can also be platonic. In short, she is predictable in her unpredictability. She is a paradox! Refer 2

Yes, life is full of interesting little paradoxes…Don’t you think? By the way I think I have found my all time favorite tea blend, it’s absolutely delicious!

Until next time,



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42 thoughts on “Are you a Paradox?

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  1. Very good post ma’am. Without paradoxes, I feel, life would be predictable and dreary. It adds spice and the right blend to taste. The para on paradoxes in spiritual life is appreciated 👍🙏

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  2. The other day my granddaughter(as we sat outside at a social distance since I haven’t completed my vaccination) commented that she thought it was odd that when she was feeling sad about her mom’s injury she ended up acting angry with her mom. She understands something profound at 13. I learn from her all the time.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That is profound for a 13 year old Elizabeth!
      We haven’t been able to have the vaccination yet as our phase hasn’t started. Our country is doing certain people first like front line medical workers & all the elderly living in Aged Care facilities etc. In other words those most vulnerable & then we will be next 😀

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  3. How wonderful that you and your granddaughter had some time together. She sounds like a thoughtful young woman. I have often thought about the paradoxes of Jesus, His life, and His message. Yes, I believe we all are wonderful mysterious paradoxes. It makes life interesting!

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  4. Love this reflective post, Jennifer! I have loved looking at paradox in scripture prior to this, but your additional thoughts about how WE are also a paradox are interesting and nuggets to contemplate.

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  5. Jennifer, I have never thought about women as being paradoxes before. What a thought-provoking post you’ve offered here. Your examples are perfect . . . and Jesus was definitely a paradox. I’m so glad you got to have time with your granddaughter. What a sweet time that must have been! And how fun to engage in these kinds of conversations with her.

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  6. Jennifer, such a great way to present the meaning of “paradox”! I loved the scriptural analogies and can definitely say I am a paradox, but perhaps God intended it that way as we show forth His character?

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  7. Jennifer, this was such a lovely post to read and think on a bit. It is just a lovely time when you can walk, talk, and enjoy tea with a granddaughter and have such a reflective conversation.

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  8. As a mom of sons only – I can see that paradox so very clearly! Trying to be gentle yet teaching them to be strong! You write: Our spirits are renewing as our bodies age! I see that more and more – the silver lining of aging!

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    1. My eldest daughter is the Mama of three sons & I see her in the same paradox Maryleigh.
      As the Mama of three living daughters (plus my son & third daughter in heaven) I also see the paradox in raising daughters in being strong women of God but not lose their femininity in the process. 😉


  9. I am a paradox indeed, dear Jennifer! ❤ How wonderful and you and your granddaughter had this special time together to laugh, to cry, to bask in the joy of your reunion as you discussed and shared on so many levels. It's such an important topic that I'll be sharing your discussion on Twitter. HAPPY WOMEN'S DAY & HAPPY EASTER!

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