Stop! I need to pull over!

It has been a huge year for everyone, hasn’t it! I’m sure many of us are feeling worn out, I know I am! Many of us are mentally, physically & emotionally exhausted from 2020.

We may have even arrived at the place where we feel we have nothing left to give! And it doesn’t matter how hard we try there’s just no emotional, mental or physical energy there to muster!

I have arrived at that place

You see when we come to that place of complete exhaustion whether physically, spiritually, emotionally or mentally. It’s really important to realize that we need to stop & not continue to drive ourselves further.

Realizing we truly need that rest stop to allow His refreshment & restoration in, enabling us to continue the journey that’s ahead or it will be too much for us!

This allows our heavenly Father to…

Be our shepherd,

supply for us,

give a sweet place to lie our weary heads

& a calm peaceful place to restore our souls…

to guide us forward into what He has for us,

in His will for our lives,

to give Him glory…

Psalm 23: 1-3 Refer

God’s Wisdom comes in the quiet restful places when the noise & activities have ceased!

So, I’m going to be wise & kind to myself today, by savoring a lovely hot cup of Aussie Bush tea with a slice of ginger & date loaf, put my feet up to rest, refresh & restore….

While you have a delightful time in one of the following…click on one of the colored texts below to be transported to our special time of tea & reflection together…

A Sobering Question!
Lots Of Laughter!

Until next time dear friend,


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23 thoughts on “Stop! I need to pull over!

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  1. Jennifer, early (4 a.m.) I sat still for a couple of hours and I felt refreshed by the sweet Holy Spirit. We have to pull aside and rest. This year has worn most of down. May you find that place of rest to be soul satisfying, sweet friend!♥️🙏🏻

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  2. Jennifer, thank you for sharing these lovely vignettes. My Friend, these past days have been a hard place for you, know the God of all comfort will shower you with His grace, strength, rest and provision. I am praying for you! Blessings and Peace to you!

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  3. Psalm 23 is so beautiful and it has such a good message for us. You are wise to reflect and listen to that message. Quiet and peace can be elusive. I hope you find them in the Lord, dear friend. Sending prayers your way.

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  4. Ahhh, Jennifer. This post resonates with what the Lord is working in my life right now: Resting rather than pushing ahead. There are times when we simply need to pause. I loved that photo of the sunset reflecting on the lake. It’s breathtaking. And that spider . . . looks huge. I guess you learned up close and personal its actual size. 🙂

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  5. You gave to us anyway, so thank you, Jennifer! Yes, I definitely relate to feeling so exhausted too. We need to make sure we all pull away at times and take care of ourselves. It’s the healthy and responsible thing to do.

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  6. A calm place to refresh/restore our souls! I needed a rest this time last year – 2019 was really much harder and challenging than 2018 – and God gave me a six week – no laundry, no dishes, no cooking, no lifting anything heavier than a gallon of milk, no grocery stores, no nothing. I read, I prayed, I knitted, – and I recuperate from spinal fusion surgery – that is what it took to make me stop and rest! That was a year after my husband having his aortic valve replaced and a lung lobe removed due to cancer, our youngest’s high school graduation and senior soccer season where I did the photography and video, my beloved aunt and best friend dying from dementia – my heart so needed that 6 weeks!

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  7. Jennifer, thank you for your wise words and gentle example today! I need to hear these words and see other women taking time to restore, refresh and rest. I so often keep going as if there is no other choice. Thank you my friend for showing me a more excellent way!

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  8. Jennifer, just as needed now as the day you first wrote this post! I slowed my pace the last few weeks of December and it felt wonderful. And truly we need to pull over and rest beside His still waters a little every day. Such a good reminder to begin this new year with!

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