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A Sobering Question!

I was driving along the other day on a little circuit I like to do which takes me along the waterfront traveling past the various waterways of our coastal wonderland.

I find it rejuvenating to see the ever changing seascapes of the area. This particular day the king tide was at its full height & the water was completely stilled in one particular bay.

The water was so still that it mirrored the sky & surrounding shores beautifully.

This was rather curious as these waters are tidal, being fed by the sea with strong currents & eddies constantly ebbing & flowing. There was a breeze upon the air but not across the surface of the waters, so barely a ripple could be seen.

This gave me much food for thought & is the topic for our reflection today dear friend.

Please grab yourself a cuppa & tasty treat, get comfy & join me. I have been desiring a cup of coffee lately, I know, strange for me being a tea lover! So today I have a Café Latte made on almond milk with some healthy nuts to snack upon.

symmetrical photography of clouds covered blue sky

I continued on my drive, coming to the next inlet. The waters in this inlet, though from the same source, were not stilled but rather choppy.

view of sunset

Not a thing could be reflected nor mirrored upon these unsettled waters.

My thoughts jumped to something I recently heard…the speaker had asked us a rhetorical question…would we like to hear a recording of our words & language that we had spoken that week…

This was rather thought provoking! His message was on the Tongue, in how it can both bless & curse…Let me modernize this…

How our words can either uplift or demoralize by what we choose to speak.

Not all the words we speak are encouraging or helpful are they? At times they can be tinged with judgements, jealousies & negativity often said in haste or without thought…crushing another’s spirit.

I thought about the stilled waters & their ability to reflect beauty…mirroring the beauty of the heavens & surrounding nature in breathtaking detail…

Where as the choppy waters reflected not a thing in fact they looked dark & menacing. Though the heavens above them were delightful in twilight beauty the waters could not reflect this beauty in its darkened unsettled state.

Thus, I had to ask myself the following questions;

Am I stilled in spirit to reflect God’s nature or am I unsettled & broody ~ immersed in anxious thoughts of the circumstances around me?

Which one is mirrored by the words & tones I use? Hmmm….

Because when things become choppy in our lives, even dark & menacing we often become unsettled & broody…Don’t we…snapping out words…

Rather then quieting ourselves before the Creator of the universe & in that stillness come to really know His love, peace, strength & joy that He has in great measure to impart to us…enabling us to use kinder gentler words…

The following text took on a new poignancy,

“Be still & know that I am God!” 

Psalm 46:10

In His peacefulness we can reflect & mirror His natural beauty especially through our words…choosing to speak life into another’s spirit rather then serving them a crushing blow in what & how we speak to them!

Let me pose the following question my friend;

Would you like to hear a recording of all the words & tones you have spoken this past week?

It’s a very sobering question isn’t it…

Until next time,


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42 thoughts on “A Sobering Question!

  1. I’ve been studying the book of James the last few months. I’m now on chapter 3 – about the tongue – YIKES!! So convicting and encouraging, too – inspiring to keep my speech kind. Thanks for sharing on Grace & Truth.

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  2. Love this… from the gorgeous photo to the words to the question at the end! To be honest –what I’ve said out loud is less sobering than hearing back the self-talk that I managed to not give voice too –but that is wrong, nonetheless!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I like the way you invite a personal perspective by asking “Would you like to hear a recording of all the words & tones you have spoken this past week?”
    I have to say, NO, a thousand times No. Thanks for this thought-provoking post.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh, my that would be a sobering listen, to hear myself and all of the words I’ve spoken. I pray that my heart would be stilled, even in the middle of the storms around me. He keeps teaching me more about that, so your post was just so fitting for me tonight. Blessings to you this week!

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  5. Stunning photos and a sobering question, indeed. When I’m feeling ‘choppy,’ I say and do things I later regret. What a beautiful illustration for making sure things are right with God in my heart so that I can reflect his love.

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