The Elephant in the room

Welcome my friend, the sun is shining brightly today so we are having a little Easter party for two in our backyard, under our flourishing Jacaranda tree.

The birds are chirping, the butterflies fluttering & all is well with the natural world…Come on in for a delightful time of tea, coffee, treats & our reflection together.

I have set up a little table in the sun & a tray filled with deliciousness, a few melting moments & some lemon, white chocolate shortbread. A pot of Russian Caravan tea, as well as a pot of coffee. What would you prefer?

Now we are settled enjoying the warmth of the sunshine upon our faces & munching treats, sipping our mugs of hot liquid amber. Let us begin our reflection together…

The Elephant in the room

We can’t get away from the elephant in the room this Easter can we…it’s staring us in the face, even if we try to push it away, it’s at every turn…

But we can look at it from a different perspective, gaining new insight that will bring a little more hope, comfort & peace this Easter, a time that celebrates new life.

woman touching the elephant photography

In recent days I have heard & read many voicing their fears of contracting CoVid19 & having to die alone in a hospital bed, isolated from their loved ones…

This is definitely a valid fear in the current pandemic, as we hear the news reports. We see the video shots of those isolated in intensive care units, away from family & the death rates rising…so this is a very real & valid concern!


Having already had a death experience I’d like to share the following facts that we need to focus upon rather then the CoVid19 elephant in the room this Easter…

You may already have read my account of going through death & back again (& if you haven’t or would like to refresh your memory,  I’ll put a link at the bottom of this page so you can access it).

As we weren’t facing the CoVid19 elephant when you may have read it…I’ll highlight some important aspects & share a little more detail then I did in my book.

You see when this death experience happened I was in a hospital bed, alone in a ward without loved ones beside me. This happened very quickly, so quickly in fact that when the ward nurse answered the buzzer & saw what was happening…

art beach beautiful clouds

She enacted an emergency code & medical staff came running from everywhere.  It was so urgent & serious they didn’t even have time to transfer me from the ward to the birthing unit.

My husband & loved ones were not beside me when I gave birth to my only son Benjamin, stillborn. They weren’t holding my hand as I wept & watched him being carried away lifeless. They weren’t beside me when I started to severely hemorrhage & my life ebbed away.

The attending medical staff were in the midst of emergency procedures trying to save my life, in this critical situation, they didn’t have time to hold my hand or comfort me.

Here is a quote from my book…

At that moment I had the knowledge, absolute, that I was dying it wasn’t a fear, anxiety or panic but an absolute knowledge.

I had absolutely no fear but rather a supernatural peace descended upon me that I had not experienced to that degree before or have since…” Refer

Why was I not afraid of dying alone…without loved ones beside me?

Because I was not alone! God’s Holy Spirit was there in a very real & reassuring presence, giving me His supernatural peace & comfort that passed all understanding.

You see my friend, God has made a promise to all those who love & accept His Son, Jesus into their lives…He said this promise with passion…

“…I will never leave you, nor will I ever abandon you…”

Hebrews 13:5

God always keeps His promises, always…I am a living memorial to this fact!

The present & future Hope 

Without doubt we will all leave this earthly life one day, that’s just a fact of living on planet earth. The how & when is quite unknown to us but known to our Creator, we are told He knows the number of our days even before they begin, Psalm 139.

This life is definitely not the end, for our spirits live eternally. I have experienced what lies beyond to be able to share that experience with you now, which you can fully read Here.

And I can assure you that you definitely won’t want to miss out on this amazing hope! That’s why Jesus Christ came so that we may have life, life eternally with the Father & not eternity in hopeless separation from Him!

But it takes a personal decision, you see my friend you will have to make your own choice. As spending eternity with Him doesn’t happen automatically, as popular culture would have us believe.

Though the choice is yours freely to make…Please don’t wait too long in deciding where you will spend your eternity.

As you can see with this elephant in the room, life can change very quickly, in fact in one single moment of time.

So, for those of us who know Jesus as personal Savior, we do not need to fear dying alone for He is always with us, we are never alone…What amazing assurance!

And for those who don’t know His peace & comfort yet, then there’s no time like the present! He’s knocking on the door of your heart this Easter, waiting for you to welcome Him in…for He is the perfect Gentlemen!

Until next time,




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36 thoughts on “The Elephant in the room

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  1. What a powerful love story, Jennifer! It is the perfect time to share it as well.

    I have not known an experience like yours, but a lesser one that brought a similar peace. I had seen my doctor and he determined that an invasive biopsy would be needed to determine if there was a cancer. As I drove home from his office, my mind started imagining the most horrendous possibilities and outcomes. Then at one point and I had gotten to the dregs, I sensed the Holy Spirit say “And?” The question related to all these dire fears and possibilities and it arrested my downward spiral and to the truth that death would not be the end and if my worst case scenario occurred I would be with Him more fully than I was at that moment. It brought an incredible peace and a smile to my face and I somehow sensed He smiled as well as He reminded the truth about death and eternal life. I had known Him a long time by the time this happened, but I still feel as if those moments happened yesterday and I can take you to the exact spot on the street where it happened as I was driving.

    The results of the biopsy were negative, but what I gained that day was priceless!

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  2. I’m so sorry for what you went through, Jennifer, in losing your only son and suffering without your family. I’m sure that gives you greater empathy for others going through it. Covid surely is an elephant in the room, ever lurking and sometimes sitting on our chests like a heavy overwhelming weight that feels like it will crush us. But what a comfort it is to know we have a living Savior who will carry us through and never leave us! Love and blessings of a HOPE-filled Easter!

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  3. I too had become caught up in that fear of dying alone from this virus. God kindly spoke to my heart saying, “I have been with you always and I will never leave you alone.” Even though the fear pops up from time to time, I can return to that word. On the humorous side, I told a nun about that fear and she quipped,”You should have been a Sister. We never let anyone die alone!” I told her it was a little late.

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  4. You certainly came through that harrowing experience swith your faith made stronger than ever, Jennifer. You are right – God is with us always. We are never alone, Happy Easter, friend!

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  5. It’s easy to tell you have not wasted the heartaches you have suffered on this earth or I would not have read such a profound post. Thank you for the load of scriptures to help us during hard times. Happy EAster

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  6. Your suffering has given you unique insight to a sad state of affairs. We’ve got so little experience in dealing with hardship on the level of what we’re seeing this spring. Thanks for offering yours.

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    1. Thank you Michele, it can be a very concerning time looking at the state of affairs around the world at the moment. I’m glad we know Him & have access to His peace & grace that passes all understanding in this time. 😀

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  7. I’m sorry for all you went through, Jennifer, but I love your testimony of knowing God’s peace and that you weren’t alone because he was with you. I hope you had a happy Easter!

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  8. Jennifer – I loved this post!! Your experience speaks volumes about your relationship with God. I am so sorry for your losses. I appreciate you opening yourself up so we can all learn from you.

    Thank you for speaking about the Elephant in the room and sharing with Grace & Truth.


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  9. Thank you for sharing your experiences here with us so freely, Jennifer. For such a time as this, God has truly given you HIS encouragement to share. You are a blessing and a gift. May you feel His comfort still flowing over you and your loved ones!

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