“For such a time as this…”

This statement has been said to me a few times over the last few weeks, I’ve also read it on blogs & I have used it in conversation… But have you ever wondered what it actually means & where it originated?

Today as I sit in social isolation, measures of Stage 3 of Australia’s fight against CoV19, where the the world as we knew is now unrecognizable. I ponder another time when the odds were totally against a people…

Come on in my friend, as we have a lovely time of reflection together. Today I’m using a special mug gifted to me last year, in my favorite blue & white colors with touches of gold, filled with a blend of Apple & cinnamon tea accompanied by blueberry pikelets, topped with greek yogurt & flaked almonds. Delicious!

The background story…

Hadassah, a young migrant woman, born to aging parents & sadly orphaned as a young child. Had been taken in by her extended family, caring for her as their own daughter.

She was very grateful for this, working hard to learn all she could, doing her chores & helping her cousins. As she grew, she was educated both in her own culture & language as well as in the language & culture of the nation where they resided.

However, in the nearby province within this nation the political climate had changed, due to pride, power & arrogance, trouble was brewing.

The first lady of the nation had stood up to her drunken husband publicly, refusing to be a part of his drunken antics at a Heads of State dinner.

This leader was a man who was driven by power & pride rather then for the welfare of his wife & marriage. This refusal of hers, horrified his male consort of Governors, they feared that the women of the nation would rise up for equal rights using her as their example.

They therefore persuaded him to divorce her & legislate that the men of each household throughout the provinces were the ones in control! Women were to be subordinate to the head male of each household!

Now the problem with all this is that it was done when he was outraged & angry at her (another lesson here), once things cooled down, this leader was saddened that he had done this to his wife but it was too late. So his advisors suggested he find another wife.

Thus, they had their version of “A leader wants a wife” & brought in all the eligible single gals from the provinces. It was a twelve month preparation program, they were given the best beauty treatments, diets & personal training.

photo of person wearing hijab

You see only the best of the best would win the affection of this leader. Hadassah was amongst these girls, though she didn’t have a choice in this, as all the eligible single gals of the nation were required.

Now, a long story made short, Hadassah became the leaders wife. She was intelligent, exceptionally beautiful & took his eye & heart immediately.

She had taken the advice of the head trainer in the preparation process & also listened to her family’s wise instruction in keeping her nationality hidden.

After a blissful season of marriage & watching some of her husband’s political advisors vying for power & a failed planned assassination on his life, which her relative overheard & was able to warn her about.

The political atmosphere began to change again with one of her husband’s political advisors vying to be his right hand man. He also conspired to pass a law to get rid of the annoying migrants that he loathed in the provinces, permanently, by state sanctioned violence.

This law was passed & notices sent out, Hadassah’s uncle rushed to tell her about the coming genocide of her people & advised her to get the attention of her husband to stop this happening before it was too late, saying;

“…who knows, whether you have not attained this position for such a time as this!”

You see her husband wasn’t just any leader but a powerful King of this vast region, in fact he was so great he was known as the king of kings!

Hadassah knew she needed time with the King, to put her request to him for her people. But this could have meant instant death for her, as the King summoned people to him, not the other way round…so she had her people pray & fast…for days.

You may know Hadassah as Queen Esther, her husband as King Xerxes I, her uncle as Mordecai & the power hungry advisor wanting the genocide of the Hebrew people as Haman. Refer 2

So what has this got to do with the present pandemic?

You see we already have access to the real King of kings, Jesus, & to God’s throne room of grace, without fear of instant death when we approach Him in petitioning for our people…the people of this planet.

We are also under the threat from an enemy that is determined to hurt our people, already claiming many lives & completely changing our world overnight, as we knew it in the process.

alone calm faith light

For we know that we have access to His grace & mercy for such a time as this!

Prayer is a chat with the Creator of the universe, our Heavenly Father, putting our requests to Him in a conversation. The power of prayer, especially corporate prayer is very powerful indeed because God Himself is all powerful & that’s what Hadassah understood!

Hadassah & her people were saved from their enemy through God powerfully answering their prayers in a way that was most unexpected.

Let us join together my friend, praying for one another across this globe, as we are in this together!

Until next time,




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35 thoughts on ““For such a time as this…”

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  1. Dear Jennifer,

    So beautifully told – a story I have always loved and has been more front and center for months as our youngest granddaughter was chosen to play the role of Esther in a musical telling the story. The production was to have been the last two weekends in March and her younger brother was playing the role of Mordecai, but then Covid 19 burst upon the world and the musical was rescheduled for June 11-13. Whether or not those dates will be possible is not yet determined.

    The world as we know it was changed overnight and perhaps our mistake was that we forgot there was much of the world that we were missing every day while we believed it was a far safer place than it actually was.

    Do stay safe and may His peace surround and keep you as you rest under the shelter of the Most High and abide in the shadow of the Almighty.


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  2. Hello Jennifer. I love the book of Esther in God’s word and have taught it many times to different ladies’ groups. Thank you for sharing this powerful story of God’s grace and mercy to His people. He did answer their prayers and the cries of their heart. May we as believers pray for a mighty outpouring of God’s healing hand on our world. Undeserved yes, but His mercies never end. Stay well my sweet friend!♥️

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you for this beautiful retelling of this story, Dear Jennifer. And isn’t it interesting that on the Jewish Calendar, Purim (the celebration of Queen Esther) was just remembered in March? Truly, God is asking His people to lift up their cries to Him, in “such a time as this.” Prayers of safety and love for you across the sea!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I kept thinking that is the story of Esther. Then it actually was with a different name than I knew. This is an excellent time to identify with the disciples in the boat and the reassurance Jesus gave them.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. The story of Esther has always been one of my favorites,I love her desire to be strong even in her fear. She chose not to let trepidation stop her from trying to save her people. I absolutely love the way you told that story, and for likening it to our time. Indeed for such a time as this..

    Liked by 1 person

  6. What a wonderful call to prayer, Jennifer! Yes, we do need to pray to our Father, the Creator of the Universe. We should pray for strength, wisdom, and compassion to get us through this terrible time. He is faithful. He will be with us.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I love that as Christians we don’t have to fear death when approaching the throne of the King of the Universe! His word even tells us we can approach boldly and find help in time of need.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. The story of Esther is one of my favorites, as she courageously and cleverly saves her people from wicked Haman. You are so right, Jennifer: Though our God is King of the universe, we have no need to fear entering His presence. Indeed “we have access to His grace & mercy for such a time as this!” What a glorious reality!

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  9. You have a gift of storytelling. I love how you took us through the journey of Haddaseh becoming Esther. It is one of my favorite stories in the Bible. I am grateful that we have a God of grace and mercy to turn to not only in difficult times but in good times. Thank you for this beauty today.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Hoppy from Grace and Truth. I have a bracelet with the words..It may be that you were placed here for such a time as this and am reminded that no matter what’s happening in the world around me, He put me here. Well written!

    Blessings to you and yours!


    Liked by 1 person

  11. Jennifer, this is just beautifully told and applied. Yes, may we all be praying for one another, across the globe, for God’s mercy, protection, and healing.

    Liked by 1 person

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