Bee kindness

Have you ever stood & watched a Bee shopping for nectar? Really observed what she does, how she chooses just the right flower? You may be surprised at the wisdom of what you observe & the lesson for us all…as I did this morning!

Welcome my friend, come on in & join me… let’s have a lovely time of serenity & encouragement in this crazy upturned world at the moment…

I have the table all laid with my best blue & white china for our time together & have picked some delightful Camellias from our tree, as pictured, to adorn the table!

We have a Lady Grey tea blend or coffee, if you prefer, & a slice of freshly baked banana bread with butter melting upon its deliciousness….

The act of giving

This morning I had just finished hanging our freshly washed linen on the clothes line to dry in the warm sunshine, as we do here in Australia. When I noticed our Camellia tree laden with blooms, many already fallen to the ground.

It’s positioned more down the side of our property then right in the backyard, so I hadn’t noticed its blooms till then.

Having time, I walked over to enjoy the magnificence of these blooms & their beautiful fragrance, when I observed a honey bee hovering nearby. She hovered over one bloom, then the next & so on until she found just the right bloom to land upon & start gathering its nectar.

And as she climbed all over this bloom seeking just the right amount of nectar, she also imparted little exchanges of pollen that were attached to her little basket on her legs.

And it hit me…

She wasn’t just gathering, she was also giving…

She was pollinating the tree as she was gathering nectar for her bee family! Assuring next seasons supply, not just for her friends & family but for all the other creatures that use the tree for their sustenance, home & protection!

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I thought about how she wasn’t anxious about gathering more then she needed, for her Creator had already organized next seasons supply through her pollen exchange without her knowledge or awareness!

The following came to mind;

“Therefore don’t be anxious for tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself…”

Matthew 6: 34a

How will tomorrow care for itself?

We are told that God’s supply is new every morning! He is well aware of our needs, He is already supplying for our next season even before we are aware of it! For His loving kindnesses never cease! Lamentations 3: 22-23

Making this personal & practical in this time…we have been caught in the toilet paper crisis! We didn’t join the panic, so didn’t rush out to buy more when it all started, thinking it would level out & settle down eventually, being careful with our limited supply until shop supplies returned to normal.

However, since our supply has begun to become critically low & after umpteen trips to various shops & locations, even waiting in line at times, only to come away empty handed! We started researching alternatives…

Now we are aware that facial tissues (which I had thought would be a good back up), normal paper, newspaper & wipes can’t go into the modern day sewer systems as they cause nasty & expensive plumbing blockages of which we do not want!

But God knew our situation & twice now we have been kindly gifted toilet paper from different people to get us through! The beauty of those acts of kindness has touched our hearts.

The temptation is to be anxious in the overwhelm

I shared last week that professionally I have observed some concerning behavior in this pandemic, fear & panic at one swing of the pendulum & a cavalier complacency at the other end…Both extremes placing others in danger…

However, I have also seen & experienced Viral kindness, concern & calm in this time which is the key…

To open the door of kindness to each other, God’s kindness, which will help us all to weather this storm together, sailing into much calmer seas ahead.

Copyright; Jennifer Ross @

Here in Australia, many hundreds of thousands have become unemployed overnight from the necessary Corona Virus19 lock down measures, the lines for applying for benefits equal those only seen in the Great Depression!

But it was brought to our attention that a kindly person, had anonymously paid the cafe owner near to one of these scenes to supply every person in line across the road with a hot cup of coffee as they waited, some for hours & hours!

Another restaurant owner, who now can only offer take aways has used his supplies to offer free takeaway soup & garlic bread for everyone, without an agenda! Other café owners are delivering free meals to the aged community who are in needed isolation…

This is kindness personified…looking after our fellow man in this strange time

Let us focus on the beauty surrounding us now, knowing that God has this season & the next already supplied for with beautiful blooms full of the sweet nectar of His kindnesses & the heady fragrance of His peace & serenity.

Until next time,


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24 thoughts on “Bee kindness

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  1. Jennifer, it seems the same problems we have, so do you. Toilet tissue is a rare find these days, I have yet to figure why. It can be a very frightening time, but I know that God has not forgotten or abandoned us. Thank you for this wonderful time with you as you so generously impart wisdom through God’s word. God bless you dear one♥️

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  2. I can just imagine you sitting in your garden watching the honeybee and thinking…The verse from Matthew is perfect for us to meditate on during these days of crisis. We do need to reflect God’s kindness and compassion to each other always, but especially now. Wonderful post, Jennifer!

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  3. There are some beautiful examples of kindness in the midst of all this! And I’m glad you had friends to give you toilet paper – that must be one of the greatest signs of kindness as I have hardly seen any in the shops here in the last three weeks! 🙂

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  4. Who knew that one little “bee” would teach such an important lesson on give and take. The panic that ensued at the beginning of the pandemic has subsided somewhat and I believe people are discovering new ways to be neighborly.

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      1. I love this post so much, Jennifer! I had never considered the kindness of a bee, although I had never really observed them before either. But isn’t our God wonderful? It never ceases to amaze me how all of His creation works to remind us that we truly just need to rely on Him.

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Psalm 46:1-11 “God is our refuge and strength, a present help in times of trouble. …” Your post is just the reminder I needed to read and meditate upon Psalm 46.Our God is an awesome who works in and through His people to provide help and hope when we so need it. ❤ Blessings and love, Jennifer! xo

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