We Shall Honor Them

Welcome my friend, grab your cuppa & get comfy for our time of tea & reflection together. Today we are reflecting upon the victory that will be won!

While honoring the brave men & women who are demonstrating amazing courage & fortitude in this battle to keep us protected against an enemy that seeks to overwhelm us.

Unsung Heroes

As in many families around the globe at the moment. I have close family members who are in the thick of the battle.

My eldest daughter, younger sister, stepdaughter & a son in law all work in the medical field, most are front line fighters on this current CoVid19 battlefield.

Our remaining four daughters & son in laws of our combined family, are deemed essential workers, supporting the fighters on the front lines.

Against an enemy that is invisible to the naked eye, that lies in wait to ambush its victims on homeland territory, torpedoes itself through the air from its carriers & survives all current weapons fired against it.

An enemy that has invaded all the nations of the world & is decimating populations that were not prepared for its ferocity in battle.

But the war will be won!

..For the Lord your God is the One who goes with you, to fight for you against your enemies, to give you victory!”

Deuteronomy 20:4

He is with these brave men & women in each & every country! That He has positioned in the right places, “For such a time as this…”.

Including our family members who continue to fight for the lives of their patients & fellow citizens, my friend.

Just as those tenacious men & women did in previous battles, against sinister enemies that also sought to annihilate & overwhelm populations throughout history.

We shall remember them

bloom blooming blossom blur

This weekend we have ANZAC day = Australian & New Zealand Armed Corps here.

Where Australia & New Zealand, remember & honor our brave men & women who fought side by side in past wars, on battlefields across the globe to protect the entire global community from evil tyranny. 

ANZAC Day is normally commemorated with Dawn services, then veteran & serving Defence personnel march in parades during the day with Air Force flight displays overhead.

However this year because of this current battle these traditions can not take place.

Though with our indelible Aussie spirits here in Australia this will not stop the commemoration of this important day.

Each household has been asked to fly our Australian flag out front with a lit lantern or candle at Dawn to show our unity of respect & gratitude this year.

And hubby & I will be praising God for the courageous men & women who go to battle, fighting to protect us from forces that seek to harm us!


From the dawn of a new day,

To the setting of the Sun,

We Shall Remember them,

Lest we forget!

Until next time,




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26 thoughts on “We Shall Honor Them

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  1. In these unprecedented times we must figure out ways to keep our celebrations and memorials in tact. Lanterns and flags are wonderful symbols for remembrance. Prayers for your family that are on the front lines of this pandemic sweeping our world. May God use them in mighty ways. Sending you a virtual hug my sweet friend ♥️🙏🏻

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    1. Yes I agree Pam, we do need to commemorate & remember our traditions in this unprecedented time.
      Hubby & I stood out front with our lantern lit & the Last Post bugle call playing on our mobile phone this morning at dawn.
      It was very touching indeed with a few neighbors on our road doing the same, as one played the Last Post on their phones after another for a period of 15 minutes.
      Then we heard the bugle sounding the Last Post down at our Defence service memorial & it drifted down the main road of our little coastal village (our road)… Very touching indeed.
      Thank you for your prayers & hug sweet friend. Sending a reciprocal hug back to you ♥

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  2. May your ANZAC Day be full of remembrance and gratitude, and a blessing to those who are fighting in the front lines with this current world-wide battle, including the researchers working day and night to help find the best way to help all! I’d love to see a picture of those lanterns and flags your country will be displaying. I will have to keep a look out!

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    1. Thank you Lynn, yes we hope the researchers find the perfect vaccination for this virus.
      It was a very special time at dawn yesterday with hubby & I standing on our front pathway with our lantern lit & the last post playing. Very moving indeed as our neighbors joined in…in their front yards.


  3. I just read about this observance in New Zealand on another blog. I am learning much history reading writers from around the world. I join you in appreciation of those in your family called to serve right now.

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  4. What if we forget them,
    Ypres and the Somme,
    Dachau and Bergen-Belsen,
    and some jihadi’s bomb?
    What if we all turn away
    because the mall doth beckon?
    Hey, dead blokes, it’s Saturday,
    and can you even reckon
    that yeah, we’re mighty grateful
    for the fact that you have died
    to keep the bling-bins brightly full,
    and keep the shops supplied
    that we numb collective soul
    to the heatache, and the toll?

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    1. Thank you Andrew for your poem, one that really highlights an issue that can be very problematic in this modern western world of ours.
      One of apathy & materialism rather then appreciating that the freedoms we enjoy today came at great cost to humanity.
      You have the experience of being in the thick of warfare that many of us haven’t. This gives you a unique viewpoint of society today.
      Bless you…I hope you’re having a brighter day with your health.


  5. I love how you honor the brave men and women as a special day set aside for them. I am praying for your family members who are fighting against this disease as frontline workers or support personnel.

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  6. This is a beautiful tribute to all those brave workers. Here, people have begun going to their windows at 8pm every Thursday and clapping to honour medical staff and other key workers. It’s just a small gesture but it is amazing how many people take part and how much it brings the community together even though we are all inside our houses.

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