Viral kindness

Hi, welcome to my little corner of cyberspace my friend! I have a delightful cuppa ready for our time of reflection together in peaceful & serene surroundings…the sun is shining, the birds are chirping…

First get yourself comfy with a coffee or tea & a comforting little treat, block out all the news updates on Corona virus19 that demand your attention for a while to draw apart, refresh & gain a new perspective…

I have my favorite tea blend today, Earl Grey. My treat is a healthy home baked Coconut & Date slice because when things seem out of control we need the comfort of well known favorites…Don’t you find!

I thought our reflection time today would focus upon reminding ourselves who we are…

Human Behavior

If you visit here often then you’ll be aware that professionally, human behavior & therapy is my specialty.

In the light of discouraging adult behavior that has crossed our screens & reached our ears in this Pandemic; people rushing to hoard supplies & weapons, publicly fighting over supplies in supermarkets & stealing supplies from the disabled!

I’d like to focus upon the encouraging behavior of two little girls here in Australia who heard that the elderly, frail & disabled may not have enough toilet paper or facial tissues in their neighborhood when panic buying started (which is a new phenomenon in my country).

So these two little girls, one 6 years old & the other 4 years old asked their Mamas if they could raid their piggy banks, go to the store & buy supplies with their own pocket money!

They then put these supplies in their little pull along Wagon, one carrying her teddy bear the other her dolly on their big adventure of kindness.

With their Mamas walking closely behind, they knocked on doors of the elderly, frail & disabled. Handing out toilet rolls & boxes of tissues in their community! *

This is the behavior we are called to do my friend, out of the hearts of babe’s came love one for another, sharing resources & making sure our neighbors who are our fellow human beings are all okay!

“…Love your neighbor as yourself.”

Matthew 22:39

Let us share some love & kindness, unless we need to completely self isolate to prevent spreading the virus to others…

Though we can still make sure our neighbors & the most vulnerable in our societies are okay, even if its just a phone call or shout over the fence to check!

Let’s make this personal

I’m in the higher risk category for corona virus 19, I’m in my sixth decade of life & I have several autoimmune conditions…but I will continue to live life & share with those around me…

I challenge you to do the same my friend, let’s start a kindness movement that goes viral!

Yes, we need to take precautions & follow medical advice but let’s not lose our humanity in inhumane behaviors towards each other in this time of crisis!

Fear, panic & anxiety are extremely contagious emotions! So, let us be the calm in this storm, let us take the example of two little girls who wanted to share all they had (their pocket & tooth fairy money) with those who were in need.

We have food, we can share, we have water, we can share! If we have the love & grace of God given in great measure, then we are called to share that love & grace!

I know who I believe & am assured of where I’m going when it comes time to leave this earth. There’s no need to panic when I have His assurance that all is well with my future…You may enjoy reading why & how I have this assurance Here!

I invite you to leave your acts of kindness below in the comments section to inspire others!

Until next time,


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© 2020 Jennifer M. Ross,, All Rights Reserved. * Photo & story Source.

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38 thoughts on “Viral kindness

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  1. Thank you, Jennifer. No matter where we reside on this globe, this is a reminder we all need and can use. The news inundates us and yet we are drawn to it, perhaps hoping we will hear that things are turning for the better.

    Our state in the US is asking us to largely stay at home for the next 2-3 weeks and especially so for thise of us in my age category (70+) and we have submitted, but have been on the phone in calls, texts, and emails checking on family and friends who live around the corner and hundreds of miles away. We have shared books we are reading and movies we are watching during this time of restriction.

    Hardest has been not being able to join together for church and worship. Despite rich personal times with the Lord, community worship is surely a loss right now.

    Prayer comes often and easily for so many and even so as C.S. Lewis wrote “Aslan is on the move.” we may not see Him or how, but I feel certain that He is.

    Be well, my friend.

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  2. Even a child shall teach us. Thank you for your encouraging words. As a believer may we be light during this pandemic and always. I am also in my sixth decade with asthma. I want to be careful, but not fearful! Thank you sweet friend, and take care!

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  3. What those little ones did brings tears to my eyes, Jennifer What beautiful kindness! An example for all of us. Our mayor is really good about stating the facts and encouraging caution. But he also stresses calmness and kindness. He just gave a talk on TV, and he told how since schools are closed and some daycares are now also closing, there are parents who don’t know what to do about child care. He encouraged neighbors to offer their help whenever they can. I’m in a high risk zone, too, because of a lung disease, and I know I need to be responsible and use caution. But there are so many ways we can help, right? Your encouraging post helps brighten my day. Thank you! We can learn so much from children. 🙂 Love and blessings to you!

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  4. As I read the post and saw the photo, all that came to mind was, “And a child shall lead them.” May we all be His Light in the darkness at this time. Blessings!

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  5. Yes! A viral kindness movement is exactly what we need right now. there have been some instances of hoarding and “every-man-for-himself” behavior, but most of the people I have encountered when I venture out to the grocery store have been kind and helpful. Good for those 2 little girls. What a wonderful example to all of us!

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  6. What an uplifting story. Kuddos to the parents that raised them and for keeping the situation positive. Communities need to come together during a crisis. Staying educated and knowing the facts helps to reduce some of the fear and anxiety. It’s easy to feel the energy of that fear when out in public right now. Going to the grocery store and seeing cartfuls of canned food and paper goods. But if we focus on doing our best to take care of ourselves and others who can’t, we will get through this.

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    1. Absolutely Pamela, the fear, anxiety & panic is palpable but also many are now moving in kindness like these beautiful little girls which is very encouraging! Lovely having you drop by! 😀


  7. Jennifer–I appreciate this post. I’m hungering to hear sweet news instead of ONLY the bad! Something people are doing around me right now is sewing face masks for doctors and nurses because we are low on supplies until production catches up to the need. It’s a very lovely thing to see!

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  8. Thank you for sharing the story of those two little girls. What a blessing they are to the community. I am texting friends/family each day to stay in touch and reaching out to my neighbors to see if they need anything. Every act of kindness helps.

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  9. A precious reminder that kindness in every form is what the world needs more of… these darlings and their mama inspire us all. One person, one kind deed at a time, together we can brighten the days of those around us. ❤ God bless the world! xo

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  10. This is such a beautiful post! The adorable girls are being raised well.😊 Kindness is something that we all should strive to have. Despite our circumstances. Mathew 22:39 is such a wonderful scripture. As well as this one:

    Galatians 5:22,23-On the other hand, the fruitage of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith,mildness, self-control. Against such things there is no law. 🌸

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