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Brave & Courageous

As we sat eating dinner, the news broadcast was on in the background, we like to keep updated with what’s happening here in Australia with many fires still burning.

The announcer was saying that three courageous men had been killed in an aircraft accident, the men fighting our fires. Hubby & I stopped eating & starred at the screen.

Our hearts sank…again, as they had when each of our brave Rural Volunteer Fire fighters had lost their lives in this season.

The photos of the flight crew were being displayed on the screen, then their families photos were shown. The sadness was overwhelming for the loss of these brave men, for the pain that their wives & their young children will now experience.

As the journalist gave us the recent history of their air firefighting activity here in Australia, one area caught my attention. They had fought the fire that had threatened my parents lives & home! Shared in Release & Rest Dancing in the rain!

They had been instrumental in protecting my parents from the raging fiery beast! I can’t tell you how much this touched my heart at that moment.

As a family we have been through the sudden & horrific loss of a loved one in their line of duty & are still going through the legacy of all that entails for those of us left behind. It’s absolutely devastating & a long journey of healing through faith!

seaport during daytime

So I would humbly like to honor these men & their families who have given the greatest sacrifice of all to protect their fellow man.

I am truly grateful for their bravery, courage & tireless work in our country to fight the ravaging fires of this season.

These men are from America, contracting to Air Firefighting…

  • Captain Ian McBeth of Great Falls, Montana
  • First Officer Paul Clyde Hudson of Buckeye, Arizona
  • Flight Engineer Rick DeMorgan Jr of Navarre, Florida

Our Australian Rural Volunteer Firefighters…whom also gave their lives…

  • Geoffrey Keaton
  • Andrew O’Dwyer
  • Samuel McPaul

All from NSW…

We honor you & thank you!

And will continue to uphold your loved ones in prayer for the long journey of healing ahead. Please join me in supporting these families through prayer.

Until next time,


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31 thoughts on “Brave & Courageous

  1. Thank-you for honoring these men. In the U.S. we currently have first responders searching the rubble of the collapsed surfside condominiums in Florida. May God bless these men and women and their families.

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  2. What a tragedy to hear about these lost souls. They have left a great legacy for us all.. And all the other things lost due to the fire. My heart has been heavy for Australia.

    Thanks for link up at Legacy LInk-up

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  3. Jennifer – What beautiful tribute to these brave men. Thank you for sharing with us over at Grace & Truth Link-Up. I, too, pray for your healing for your loss. We are so blessed to have men and women willing to be brave and courageous for us.


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