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Decisions, decisions, decisions!

Recently while having a chat with friends over a cuppa, the topic of temperament & personality profiling arose…

Then this morning I read an article on another creative format for personality profiling that has become popular in recent times.

Personality & temperament profiling have been around since Hippocrates (2500 years) equated his observations of certain personality traits to four main temperament typing.

So there are many forms of profiling available today, basically they all provide similar categorization to Hippocrates in their blend combinations. They may have differing titles & descriptions but the base types are recognizable.

Wisdom & Caution needed

While these can be helpful in acquiring a greater understanding of the people around us & give insight into why we do the things we do!

There are a few cautionary things we need to keep in mind when we gain this  knowledge & how to utilize it.

Shall we get ourselves a cuppa & get comfy before we continue…I have a cup of Oolong tea today with some cinnamon & yogurt coated almonds. Delish! What’s yours my friend?

In my working life as a mental health professional I have used testing & profiling for various reasons in a variety of settings.

These can be very useful tools for such things as corporate team building days, professional development activities, understanding others & ourselves, improving communication, cooperation & relationships.

However we also need to be aware that while our temperament blend may be a certain type, we are individuals & our individual life experience gives us our unique personality.

And that the traits & behaviors of our temperaments can increase or decrease over time depending on our circumstances, health, personal & spiritual growth.

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Temperament blends

I’ll make this personal with a little bit about my temperament, if you know the temperaments, see if you can recognize my blend;

  • I have always had the ability to be able to look at multiple options, weighing the pros & cons to reach a decision quickly & proficiently.
  • I’m a “can do, get it done” kinda gal & procrastination was never an issue.
  • I like my world to be organized but I’m also described as easy going.
  • Though I am able to work happily & competently as a team member, I’m normally heading the team.
  • I’m extremely independent & confident.
  • And I love assisting people to live their best lives!

These have been inherent since childhood.

However since the nasty tenants took up residence shared in Focus…I have noticed that my ability to reach a decision proficiently takes longer then it did before. As with a decision in the pros & cons of each ebook publishing company to epublish my books at the moment!

I’m still a ‘can do, get it done’ kinda gal but now I take a lot longer to get it done & yes a little procrastination has crept in!

I still like my world to be organized, though it’s not as organized as it once was with chronic pain entering the scene & disturbing the status quo. Though my easy going trait isn’t that concerned as it gets organized eventually!

I still try to be humbly independent & while I have lost some confidence in my capabilities, I am very confident that the…

“Joy of the Lord is my strength!”

Nehemiah 8:10

Though my inherent temperament & personality are still there, circumstances have somewhat impacted them.

I have noticed that the other blend in my temperament is becoming more prominent which is interesting & reason to Pause & Reflect…in this time of personal growth.

The most notable is that I’m learning a new depth to patience, peace, joy, surrender & dependence on my Creator. And a newfound emotional, mental & spiritual serenity in my life as never before.

Have you noticed that what we thought were negative circumstances in our lives, quite often turn out to be times for great personal & spiritual growth!

So my friend, have you or a significant other had any experience with ebook publishing? What company would you recommend?

Until next time,


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18 thoughts on “Decisions, decisions, decisions!

  1. I love your thoughts on personal growth: “The most notable is that I’m learning a new depth to patience, peace, joy, surrender & dependence on my Creator.” This sounds like the perfect way to grow! Good luck in your new endeavor!

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  2. Have you noticed that what we thought were negative circumstances in our lives, quite often turn out to be times for great personal & spiritual growth!–oh my, yes! you’ve hit the nail on the head… This is my ‘now.’ And it’s one way we learn grace, wouldn’t you say?


  3. “Have you noticed that what we thought were negative circumstances in our lives, quite often turn out to be times for great personal & spiritual growth!”–oh, my, yes….you’ve hit the nail on the head! This is my ‘now.’ It’s one way we learn grace, wouldn’t you say?

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  4. I’ve never thought of it this way, but in many ways my temperament has become, well – more tempered – because I can’t have things just the way I want. I have to adjust and go with the flow. Thank you for sharing your perspective.

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  5. My husband used Amazon also. Other than that I have no experience with ebooks. My personality seems to have expanded in late age. Judgmentalism is moving towards compassion. Quick thinking to contemplation. I guess that is the definition of wisdom which is a gift of old age if we keep walking with God.

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    1. Ok thank you Elizabeth re ebook publishing.
      Yes, definitely the key is walking in God’s wisdom…as age doesn’t necessarily bring wisdom…
      I’m sure we have both seen & experienced some very unwise behavior from those in their golden years 😉

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  6. My thermos of coffee is completely drained and I’m on my 8th glass of water as I read with my little buddy Scout in my lap.

    For publishing I recommend Amazon. My wife has published several books there. But the hard part promoting the book. When you self publish you must also self promote. We also do better business wise by buying hard copies of the books and selling them at events.

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  7. Jennifer, I am enjoying a cuppa snickerdoodle coffee while reading your post. I have no experience with E-book publishing, hopefully you will be guided in the right direction.

    Your posts are always encouraging and I so appreciate your Christian witness and the truth of scripture.

    Blessings always,

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