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Australia’s on Fire…you can help!

Sadly, it’s not such a happy start to 2020 here as we have been put into an official 7 day ‘State of Emergency’ on the east coast of Australia. Our beautiful sunburnt country is in great need, it’s on fire!

Fires are burning out of control in every state, the worst hit States are our Eastern States…where my family & I live…

Many have lost their homes, livelihoods, whole communities have been burnt to the ground, 15 million acres of forests, native bushland & farms have been consumed by these insatiable fiery beasts.

Our unique native wildlife scorched beyond saving, needing to be put down. Sadly many people have lost their lives trying to defend their homes, including our brave rural fire fighters trying to protect others.

Our Defence Force have been bought in to help our extremely courageous volunteer fire fighters who are now exhausted. As they have been fighting fires for over 30 days.

Drought & Firestorms

The cause of this unprecedented fire season is the ongoing widespread drought Australia has been experiencing for years. Everything is so crisp & dry, that it only takes an extremely hot day 40+°C (104+° F) combined with hot winds & the Bush ignites.

We’re all on high alert…with Fire plans in place & precious belongings ready to go if  evacuation notice received, as we did in the Fire Storm that hit our area last time. Which was an extremely scary personal experience!

In times like these I see the very best in my fellow Australians, they come together to help each other out. Though there are a few who in their fear & anxiety get angry, unfairly directing it at our leaders.

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As we sip our tea today my friend, I invite you to join me in a time of prayer…

For rain, for wisdom for Australia’s leaders in this extreme & dangerous Fire season, for the brave volunteer Fire fighters who are giving up their jobs & time with their own families to go protect other’s lives, families & properties.

If you are comfortable in joining me, shall we pray…

Heavenly Father, first of all thank you for your love & care for us, which surpasses all understanding. We come before your throne of grace to request rain for Australia, a replenishing & rejuvenating rain please Father that will extinguish the raging fire storms.

We also pray for those in positions of power to have your wisdom in these extreme emergency situations. And we pray for the brave men & women who are fighting fires at the moment, that they be given renewed strength & energy for the task, as well as your protection so no more lives are lost. In Jesus name we pray, Amen!

Thank you for visiting here today I really appreciate our tea times together. Bless you my dear friend…

Until next time,


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37 thoughts on “Australia’s on Fire…you can help!

    1. Thank you Lisa, we appreciate it!
      It’s a waiting game at the moment for us as we don’t know whats happened to my parents home. They have been safely evacuated but their home is in the area where the firefighters are battling to gain control against the firestorm.

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      1. I can’t even imagine. We live in the western US and there have been many fires here in past years. It is so heartbreaking because of the lack of control. I do hear about your fires on the news, but reading your post helps me understand how real it is. 😢🙏

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