Australia’s burning, Update…

It continues to be an intense time here on the east coast of Australia, as I shared recently in Australia’s on Fire…you can help!

We have all been on tender hooks, waiting to see what pathway these out of control monsters will take…

We have Rural Fire Service apps, receiving constant updates & warnings of the fires near us & watching the areas where our loved ones live. This plays havoc with our emotional energy when there is a constant threat to lives, loved ones & properties…


Within the last few days my dear parents were advised to evacuate their home, as the fiery ferocious offspring of the beast flew across the river racing up the escarpment headed for their village.

I sent out a prayer request to our prayer groups for God to be with them & their fellow villagers giving them safe passage through the encroaching breath of the fiery monster…

After quickly packing their precious items into their sedan they headed for safety, driving through the dense choking smoke & falling ash to my youngest sister’s home 90 minutes away, out of the Danger zone, as highways closed behind them.

This was a huge undertaking for them at their age & state of health. But God’s hand was upon them & they arrived safely…as did their fellow villagers to their destinations…

My other sister (I have two sisters, I’m the eldest) who lives in another region, further inland, had two out of control fires bearing down on her village from opposing directions, one sending spores of fiery embers ahead into her yard…an intense situation that has now been bought under control.

Waiting & Watching 

At the moment we are waiting & watching to see if my parents home will be consumed by the fiery beast, it’s a game with this beast at the moment as firefighters gain the upper hand, clamping it down only to lose control again as the beast breaks its shackles…(the outcome shared in Trust, Release & Rest)

We are praying for all the brave men & women fighting to protect lives & properties in the furnaces of hell…& for rain to fall across our land…Please join me in continuing prayer for the following promise…

“The Lord will open for you His good storehouse, the heavens, to give rain for your land…” 

Deuteronomy 28:12

I have been truly encouraged by the deep concern expressed by those of you who join me here in our time of tea & reflection together.

Thank you, you’re very special, I greatly appreciate your encouraging words & continued prayer support.

accident action danger emergency

Australia is deeply hurting, Australians are dying & all Australians, including State & Federal leaders are doing their very best in this absolutely unprecedented apocalyptic Fire crisis but we need dousing rain across the land!

Until next time,


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32 thoughts on “Australia’s burning, Update…

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  1. It is so good to find you here, Jennifer. I look every day to see if you and your family are safe in the midst of this horrendous tragedy that has befallen your country. Prayers continue unceasing for you and yours.

    Blessings and hope,

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  2. Jennifer, I have been so concerned about your beloved homeland. I continue to pray for rain and for the fires to be contained. I can’t imagine your parents having to try and escape with fire and smoke all around.

    You are in my heart, sweet friend ❤️🙏🏻

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  3. Continued prayers are going up. I was at one time actually certified to fight wildfires. (Our wildfires are mild compared to other places because of all the water here. )
    I am concerned about what might happen if it does rain. With the ground cover burned away flooding and mudslides are a risk. I don’t say this to frighten you or make you worry ( worry isn’t faith) But so you can prepare in case it happens. The fires will pass and the land is resilient. When this is over you’ll be surprised at the renewal. This will end well but take care if it rains.

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    1. Thank you Llyod for your prayers & concern…it is truly appreciated.
      We have had little pockets of mist rain, so hopefully it will become more substantial to put out all the fires…
      Yes, we don’t want flooding & other natural disasters at the moment!
      Generous reinforcements have arrived from New Zealand, Canada & the US, firefighters to fight alongside our very, very fatigued rural firefighters.
      Many wept in gratitude for this help (I was one)! Praise God! 😀

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      1. Absolutely Llyod! God’s timing is perfect…

        We’re a resilient bunch here in Australia & help our mates out whenever & wherever possible, both new & old. 😀
        I was especially proud of my fellow Aussies in the Brisbane floods a few years ago, as the waters receded bus loads of everyday people arrived with their mops & buckets from all parts of the country to help out!
        It truly was a very touching & proud moment to witness.
        I suspect your fellow countrymen are similar 😀

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  4. People feel helpless and look for someone to blame, in this case the government. Here the same thing happened with the dreadful fires in California. In this case a national leader blamed a local leader. I share you outrage that human tragedy can be politicized like that. Stay safe.

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  5. Jennifer, I’m from across the ditch. We here are all deeply caring and concerned about your country’s plight and there was recently a big prayer group which I’m sure was international. No-one can imagine what you are going through.

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  6. Oh no, Jennifer! I’m so sorry to hear that this is hitting so close to your and your parent’s doorsteps! I’ve been praying but will lift up prayers specifically for you and your family! Got to be so scary and discouraging! Hugs!

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