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Warning! Warning!

Welcome my friend, come on in & join me in a time of reflection.

Today I’ll be sharing a recent experience hubby & I had.

So, I invite you to make yourself a hot cuppa, grab a delicious treat & sit in your favorite spot so we can begin.

I have a cup of Stockholm tea blend, what’s yours?

We have many different sirens & alarms in our modern world, don’t we? Signaling different warnings & dangers.

There are sirens for the various emergency services in Ambulance, Fire brigades & Police who need us to get out of their way so they can get to the emergency as quickly as possible to save lives.

It’s also a signal that help is on its way to those in crisis.

There are severe weather & fire warnings systems now that come through mobile phone apps.

And local sirens for those living in particularly dangerous regions like tornado alley. As well as in tsunami, cyclone & hurricane prone areas.

The other day hubby & I were chatting while having breakfast, as we do each morning, when suddenly we heard a huge commotion outside.

As we live in a beautiful bushland area on the East coast of Australia, the bird life is quite profuse & we enjoy their delightful calls & songs each day.

But these birds sounded very alarmed indeed, there was grave danger afoot!

Thus we decided to investigate, we went outside to where the birds were all focusing, sending out their alarm, I couldn’t see any birds of prey, so thought it must be a snake, though I couldn’t see it.

Hubby who is much taller then I, watched a 6′ Diamond Python crossing from our gutter into the Camellia tree, then continued from our tree onto our neighbour’s roof.

brown head beauty close

With a unified group of Rainbow Lorikeets challenging it with the Australian Noisy Minors backing them up!

While our local Kookaburra’s, which are far larger & much more capable, silently watched from their comfy vantage point on the tall aerial, seemingly out of the danger zone!

The python then slithered across our neighbor’s roof to the far side of their house but as there was no way down, came back again following the same path across the roof. Slithering back into our Camellia tree, crossing onto our roof!

All the while the smaller birds are sounding the alarm & challenging the python, regardless of their own personal safety, to protect all the little chick’s nearby!

This had me pondering on our present global community, many warnings & alarms are being sounded today about the dangers within our societies.

Are we listening?

Are we challenging the real & present dangers that are trespassing into our safety zones?

Just as the courageous Rainbow Lorikeets & the Noisy Minors who were challenging the snake.


Are we silent spectators from comfy vantage points watching the commotion, thinking we’re out of danger, just like the Kookaburras?

What the Kookaburras forgot was that one of the Diamond Python’s most favorite meals are Kookaburra eggs & chicks! Hmmmm!

The Python finally went out of sight over the ridge of the roof, we couldn’t see where it had gone but it was headed for our front yard!

Hubby came inside after his search in our front garden, with the following thought provoking comment;

“I can see why evil appeared as a Serpent! Because the serpent moves silently & is so well camouflaged you can’t see where it’s hiding until it strikes its deadly blow!”

Wow! How profound!

This had me thinking!

Let me name a few of the alarms that are resounding in our Western societies today, warning the dangers of;

  • The eroding of Judeo/Christian principles & ethics established in our constitutions, under the camouflage of political correctness & modernity.
  • Under age exposure to highly sexualized, politicized & violent propaganda, camouflaged as children’s animation & games.
  • State sanctioned killing & assisted suicide of our society’s most vulnerable, camouflaged as legalized medical procedures. Recommended reading Peace amidst the chaos…
  • The eroding of religious freedoms by highly political militant groups, camouflaged as marginalized citizens!

We need to ask ourselves in what group are we;

  1. The Rainbow Lorikeets, the front line workers challenging the real & present dangers to protect our future generations.
  2. The Noisy Minors, the support group sounding the alarm supporting those on the front line.
  3. The Kookaburras, the silent spectators thinking they won’t be affected by the lurking evils because they’re not in the actual danger zone, yet.

This was something I recently had to answer, in the past I was in the Rainbow Lorikeet group challenging the dangers on the front line.

But with chronic health conditions I have had to step back.

But as there has been covert lobbying in recent times to change laws & legislations as covertly & quickly as possible (which is an evil in itself) I needed to stand up, have a voice & be counted!

Sounding the alarm to the dangers these changes, if allowed, will bring for our future generations. In fact it will consume them!

I became an Australian Noisy Minor sounding the alarm to the real & present dangers, voicing my concerns to my State & Federally elected representatives.

I was heard but I was not alone!

The voice of ONE can make a difference! The unified voice of MANY have a major impact upon the dangers of real & present evils.

“For evil to triumph, it only takes good men & women to do nothing!”

attrib. Edmund Bourke

Let me ask you the following question my dear friend;

Which group do you relate to? Remember these alarms are being sounded globally, we are all in the danger zone!

Until next time,


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32 thoughts on “Warning! Warning!

  1. The quote you shared about good men and women remaining silent prompted thoughts of the genocide in Germany during the World War. We cannot be silent or apathetic during these times–even those of us who are quiet by nature. Thank you for this compelling post, Jennifer.


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  2. Good for you! I read a sobering account from a Holocaust survivor who called all the little laws Hitler passed ‘conditioning’ —conditioning rational citizens to see Jews as less than human. May we never forget the lessons of the Holocaust.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This is a great post, Jennifer! Your story illustrates your point perfectly. And I agree, we do have a responsibility to sound the alarm and to try to do the best for future generations.

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  4. I’ve been a kookaburra for most of my life, but no longer. Working with Native American students has really opened my eyes to my complacent, comfy existence and the fact that I need to use my voice to lift others up and speak out against injustice.

    Liked by 1 person

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