Ticking Boxes

Welcome! Come on in..today we are going to reflect upon those dry & parched times when life takes on a same old, same old feel.

Where going through the motions of life is exhausting.

A few years ago, a young Mama I knew commented that she felt like she was just ticking boxes in her life…

She had three young children in that crazy busyness of parenting.

I totally understood, I remember going through that season in my life with young children.

But at the time I was also feeling similar & I was at the stage in life where my children were adults living in their own lives with their own young families.

Then just the other day, dear hubby said he felt like he was ticking boxes in life at the moment…

Ticking boxes in life will look differently for each of us 

While we all  live uniquely different lives in differing cultures, I believe we all experience this in our lives

No matter where we live or what stage of life we are at…Life at times becomes a chore!

personal organizer and pink flowers on desk

It often happens when we are heavily laden with trying to focus upon & fulfill our adult responsibilities & feel extreme weariness.

Which starts to feel like ticking boxes on life’s never ending “To Do” list of life appointments…Why?

Because weariness suffocates the joy out of life!

What can we do?…

To find out join me in a cuppa by clicking on the colored text below…

woman holding gray ceramic mug




flowers summer garden daisies

Until next time dear friend,


You’re welcome to join me in The Book Nook

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31 thoughts on “Ticking Boxes

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  1. Ah, yes, Jennifer, how much we need both of these things and fail to heed the nudge for them or decide we need a big vacation away. So often a smaller thing like a favorite brew of tea or coffee and some treat, a candle scent we love, a few fresh flowers, and some favorite melodies or simple silence can do wonders for us.

    I cannot fathom we are approaching mid-September. It has been a flurry of celebrations for us since spring with a college graduation and a high school graduation, a daughter turning 50 and then having a 25th anniversary, and the college graduate getting into medical school and traveling to Tampa for his white coat ceremony. And here we are…

    I long for time in my favorite chair with cup, journal, and Bible in hand and no limits on time. That is real restoration and retreat for me that I so seldom enjoyed before retirement.

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  2. Jennifer, it was a joy to go back and read your two posts. I must ask if that is you in the photos? It is so hard in the midst of our busy lives to take time for ourselves to reflect on God’s amazing goodness and his undeserved blessings. I always enjoy my Friday visits with you my friend ❤️

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  3. Dear Jennifer, this is a lovely, winsome invitation for weary travelers. Retreating, restoring, breathing deep, resting well. Rhythms of life that restore our souls and give us a fuller appreciation of where we find ourselves.

    Thank you for this gift this morning …

    Weekend blessings to you!

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  4. Those mini-retreats are vital when we get to the point you’re talking about where we’re just ticking boxes, aren’t they? Sometimes just putting myself in a different location (often outdoors) can do a lot to refresh and rejuvenate my state of mind. Blessings to you, Jennifer!

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  5. I love a quote from Brene Brown where she says “we must work to let go of productivity as a status symbol.” I think the culture inundates us with boxes to tick and it takes real discipline to move in God’s time instead.

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  6. The retreat was was so refreshing for me this early morning. Especially as I woke up very early in pain, so I truly enjoyed spending time reading around your site! #faithonfire linkup

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  7. Even reading the words RETREAT & RESTORE bring a peace to my soul!

    I read something so interesting on IG from Shauna Niequist about how she kept thinking someone else would carve out the time she was craving. Then she realized she needed to do it. (Check out the post — it has a lovely candle for a picture!)

    I am learning (key word: learning) to carve out time for my soul personally and for my family.

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  8. You can tell I’m not from your side of the pond…I saw ‘ticking boxes’ and immediately thought of bomb threats! I’ve discovered the fountain of youth–I work with at-risk teenagers as a teacher. That means every day is different (from delightful to disruptive).

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  9. Lovely post. I need some retreat and restore in my life right now. Thanks for linking up with us at the #GatheringofFriendsLinkParty 7 pinned!

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