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Hi there! Come on in, it’s lunch time here so I have grilled cheese sandwiches with homemade tomato relish & I thought Japanese Black tea flavored with green apples would be the perfect cuppa to accompany lunch.

The human mind is an amazing thing, don’t you think? In recent years much has been discovered & chartered through new technologies.

But there is still so many unchartered areas as it is such a complex organ that those mysteries are still beyond medical science!

This is our topic for reflection today dear friend, the mysterious language of the mind. So, grab yourself a cuppa & get comfy for our time together…

What is this language you may ask?

‘Our thoughts’…I answer. 

Neurological & behavioral sciences still don’t have a full understanding

…of how the mind processes thoughts, they know the chemical & electrical signals of neuropathology but how our minds actually put these together to think is shrouded in mystery.

Did you know that most women are continually thinking & processing thoughts, in feelings, emotions, to do lists, all kinds of scenarios of the past, present & for the future, concerns for loved ones & many others, the list goes on…& on…

Where a majority of men can experience times of natural & total quietness of the mind, without any thoughts or scenarios.

So, ladies when you ask your man what he’s thinking & he says nothing he means nothing!

In the practice of mediation, we are contemplative in thought focusing upon spiritual things…maybe a scriptural truth, teaching, a song of praise or what God may or may not be doing in our lives.

Likewise when we have personal prayer we are having a private conversation with our Creator through the language of the mind ~ Heart matters!

white and black selling boat on bed of water during daytime

I remember many years ago reading the story of a well known Scottish teacher of the late 19th Century. The story related that his students were fascinated to know what it was that caused such humility in this great man of faith.

They wanted to observe & emulate how he lived his daily life…

They thought he must have some type of special spiritual formula & they wanted it.

In those days teachers & students lived in close proximity, which gave them a clear platform for observation.

They noted upon waking & before retiring that he would lift his eyes heavenward. And yet nothing else stood out as he went about his normal life teaching at the college…

This had them absolutely flummoxed! So they decided to ask him as they wanted to know what he was thinking on waking & then on retiring as he looked heavenward.

On asking…this humble man looked at them with surprise, then with a twinkle in his eye & a kind smile upon his face, he answered;

On waking I say good morning Father, on retiring I say good night. Because that is the beginning, then the end of my conversation with my heavenly Father each day. I start in the morning on waking & finish at night before sleep, I’m in constant communicative contemplation with Him all day.

When I read this, I was absolutely gobsmacked! I thought how on earth can you pray & meditate all day & get things done! Impossible, I thought!

That season was extremely busy, I had to squeeze a quick quiet time in as it was for the day ahead…I was a Mama of three young children, wife & college student in an overly busy & hectic schedule!

However, since I have journeyed through life, experiencing the joys & tragedies of life. Each port along the way shone little pearls of His wisdom… although I continued in busyness!

Until one day back in 2005 chronic health conditions hit & hit hard! Forcing me into a time of contemplative stillness

In the intervening years I’ve learnt to be mindful

Of His presence through my waking hours rather then as I had previously done…rushing around in busy schedules, sending up quick SOS’!

I’ve learnt that it’s about allowing God’s Spirit to interact with my spirit in the everyday things of life…in an open time with Him from waking to retiring.

With the wisdom of that great man of faith resounding in my mind…

Although I’m still very much a work in progress, I do get it & I can accomplish everything I need to each day… It is possible!

“Oh, I love all your truths & love to ponder them in my waking hours…”

Psalms 119:97

I enjoy a quiet time with my morning cuppa…but then it’s an open line to my heavenly Father for the rest of the day…which gives a far deeper understanding to;

“Pray without ceasing…”

1 Thessalonians 5:17

Did you know that God’s prayer line is always open my friend…How awesome is that!

Until next time,


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29 thoughts on “Contemplative

  1. Jennifer, beautiful post and so true! While I love my quiet time in the morning, I find I am aware of and talk to God all day long. You so accurately describe it > “but then it’s an open line to my heavenly Father for the rest of the day.” I am ever so grateful for that open line!

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  2. My mind goes into overdrive when I try to get still at quiet at night. I am learning that early mornings are great for meeting and filling with the Holy Spirit. Thanks for linking up with us at the #GatheringofFriendsLinkParty 7 pinned!

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  3. Awesome, Indeed! ❤ His line is never busy–"Call unto me and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things you did not know." Grateful for His promises, His faithfulness and His unconditional love! ❤ Blessings, dear Jennifer. xo

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