Tea party of Life…

Welcome to my abode, I have prepared a special tea just for the two of us today…I love having a special time around tea, it is so calming & refreshing…

For those of you who prefer coffee I do have some interesting coffee blends on hand…vanilla, salted caramel or white chocolate are your options.

Our treat of deliciousness is a Gf lemon syrup cake made from our own home grown lemons.

Well thought out plans?

Things in Life can feel like a tea party at times, don’t you think… it starts with a thought that grows into an idea, which before you know it has morphed into a plan & invitations have been sent out.

Excited anticipation turns into pressure with just a touch of anxiety for everything to fall into place…for that special time around tea & niceties…

In other words what starts out as a simple thought & pleasurable idea soon becomes an anxiety inducing & overwhelming pressure…

These thoughts & ideas in life may include…a new career move, a sea or tree change, new relationship, marriage, parenthood, renovating your home, writing a book or blogging…& the list could go on…

Just like the  preparations for the tea party, if we don’t keep things simple…they can become unnecessarily complicated…

beads blur bouquet celebration

The Life of Simplicity

An example of this can be seen in the planning stage… if I have too many beverage & food choices…this not only creates an enormous amount of work for me but my guests will become overwhelmed with too many options…

This can happen in life too, we can take on too many commitments, which in turn leads to stress that leads to anxiety & ultimately depression…when in actual fact we need to be simplifying our lives not complicating them…

When we adopt a simpler life, life becomes doable & enjoyable… Life my friend is too short to be taking on too many commitments that take us away from the important things in life…spending time with the Lord, spouses, family & friends…

We need to prioritize the following when making new plans for our lives;

  • Our present capacity in life, as each season of our lives herald change in energy levels, finances & health…
  • God’s timing.
  • The present commitments already filling us to capacity!
  • Have we prayed about the above, are these ideas actually God’s plan for us…

“I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare & not for calamity, to give you a future & a hope.”

Jeremiah 29:11

We can make our lives overly stressful when we take on too much or don’t weigh the wisdom of our ideas. May we be mindful of God’s timing, direction & plans for us instead.

Until next time,


You’re most welcome to join me in The Reading Nook

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23 thoughts on “Tea party of Life…

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  1. Jennifer, I will have salted caramel coffee and a delicious looking slice of your lemon syrup cake. Thank you for the beautiful reminder of not taking on too many commitments, which I have often been guilty of. When I do this I become overwhelmed, stressed, and even angry because I don’t have the help I need. That is not God’s plan, but the enemy’s plan!

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  2. Jennifer, this is just the tea I needed with you this morning. Thank you for having me over! I am in a new phase of life and have no idea where I am supposed to be and when so I am desiring God to direct my steps. I am not the best at waiting upon Him but am learning. Thank you for these reminders and assurances. He is my Stronghold and Protector. Dependence on the One Who is dependable!

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  3. The ability to simplify is something I struggle with. I tend to say “yes” to too many things that come my way. They all seem so appealing at the time, but all together can be overwhelming. thank you for the good reminder to keep things simple.

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  4. Just catching up on some of your tea sessions now, but they are worth sipping on so I look forward to them as I find the time. Speaking of which, this is a timely reminder of not taking on too much. Just like if I were to take too many flavours of tea and brew them in one pot. How confusing to our senses. Rather I need to take maybe just one or two flavours and blend them so that they accentuate the best of the tea and so I have had to learn to take one or two plans and not a multitude in order to accentuate the wonder and glory of God . Thank you so much for your inspiring words, may God continue to bless you and others through them.❣

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  5. I love tea in the afternoon or morning – it means savoring, slow. A cup of coffee means there’s much to muscle through – and I need help to push through. I want a slice of your lemon syrup cake – I need to look up that recipe! It sounds refreshing, delightful! Slowing down, savoring is, indeed, a great challenge for me! WIth two still in the nest going to college locally, keeping two grands a few days a week – at least there’s no soccer games right now!

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  6. I love this, Jennifer! Your thoughts echo my own—too much activity and too many choices overwhelms me, which creates stress, which brings on stress-related illness. Simplicity is my heart!

    Patti @ Clothed with Joy

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