Flight delay, life delay…

My eldest daughter & I had enjoyed morning tea with a delicious Gf caramel nut slice at the airport café.

Having arrived early for my scheduled flight home, after visiting with family who live interstate.

We walked to the boarding gate where I could see our aircraft through the windows, I had an uneasy feeling about this aircraft…hmmmm…

Travelling Home

We all boarded the aircraft efficiently & effectively having hugged our loved ones farewell at the boarding gate, we sat in our allocated seats, buckled up, happy the flight was on time to travel to our destination.

Over the intercom came the call for certain named passengers to make themselves known to flight crew. I wondered the reason…

As passengers we smiled at each other, strangers & yet companions in travel, chit chatting together while pulling out puzzle books, magazines & crosswords to keep ourselves occupied on the flight.

Another announcement issued over the intercom this time from the Pilot.

Two people had not boarded the aircraft but their checked baggage had already been loaded.

Which meant that with new security laws, the baggage now had to be located in the hold & unloaded before we could take off, a 40 minute delay would ensue.

The lady next to me muttered about inconsiderate people as we sat in our seats on board doing our puzzles & crosswords.

I wondered what may have happened to these people who had already checked their baggage but had not boarded.

photography of airplane during sunrise

Then the following thought crossed my mind, there is always a reason for delays, interruptions to our schedules or a change in plan.

Especially when we have committed the day to the Lord (my daughter, grandsons & I had prayed together that morning).

Sometimes we get to know the reason & other times not…

As I sat in my seat & pulled out my Gf sushi lunch I had in my handbag, grateful for something to eat while I waited as it was now past lunchtime.

The Pilot once again announced over the intercom, a problem.

Apparently while unloading the baggage from the hold, an issue with the outside of the aircraft had been spotted, which had been missed in preflight checks that needed urgent rectification by the Engineers before we could fly!

Ahhh, there was the reason, the lady sitting next to me commented that this changed the situation entirely & I replied,

“Praise God for people who don’t turn up with checked baggage already in the hold!”

She nodded & smiled…

Our flight was uneventful once in the air with a perfect landing & while 70 minutes late, not one passenger complained!

Rather we were all were grateful to be safe, alive & well at our destination & thankful for the delay!

Patience verses Impatience

We often get impatient in the delays that come into our lives, don’t we?

We think things should happen in our timing or according to our schedule rather than God’s timing.

But we can’t see the beginning or the end only God can.

He is not restricted by our time.

Just as delays may be necessary for safe travel, life delays may be necessary for the timing of circumstances  to align for the journey to be fruitful!

Let us not be so focused on our timing for things in our lives.

Rather, may we focus on trust & hope that God is working on whatever we have committed to Him.

Though we may not be able to see it.

The Great Engineer is rectifying the issues before we or others can fly!

Until next time dear friend,


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46 thoughts on “Flight delay, life delay…

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  1. Amen. The Lord answers prayer. I am so thankful that you had a safe flight. God works in amazing ways, look how He protected you from danger. Such a good lesson and so faith-building! I am very glad you shared this story! Sweet blessings!

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  2. Wow, my friend! What a perfect example of the theme of recognizing that delays are often the Lord’s gifts of protection or care or……many other reasons as well. We all can be so quick to judge and get frustrated about a delay in OUR schedule. It can happen to me in traffic jams as well. The last time this happened on a stretch of road not common for that, I started praying for whatever was happening that had brought all the cars to a halt. It was not long after that I discovered a major accident had occurred. Good words here, Jennifer! Thanks11

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  3. Wow! You can still see people to the gate :). Something similar happened to me back in the 80s–right after the Air Tokyo bombing on a Montreal to London-bound airplane. We had to deplane while the flight crew unloaded our luggage in the pouring rain. The flight was delayed about six hours total. One day, I’ll know the reason why!

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  4. Delays are only delays from our perspective. As your pointed out, there’s ALWAYS something going on behind the scenes that we’re not aware of.. and most of the time it has our protection or preparation in mind. Oh that we could remember that lesson when God has us on stand by! thanks!

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  5. We can’t always see nor understand why things happen the way they do, but as children of God, we are confident that he’s working behind the scene and working things out for our own good.
    I’m glad you and everyone else on board okay.
    Praise be to our Lord Jesus Christ.
    I learned a lot and thanks for sharing.

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  6. Jennifer, thank you for this timely lesson about delays. What sometimes looks like an annoying delay to us is really just a part of something bigger. God knows all and we should learn to accept delays knowing that He knows best. Blessings to you!
    Your post is something we all need to be reminded of- that delays can be blessings in disguise. I’ve chosen your post as my favorite this week and will feature it on my blog Monday for the #LMMLinkup.

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  7. Jennifer, Thank you for the reminder it is all in God’s timing. I loved this post. I have to admit I was worried for your safety the entire time I was reading it which is silly because obviously, you made it to your destination. It was great writing. Thank you for sharing with Grace & Truth Christian Link-Up. Maree

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  8. Dear Jennifer,
    Your post is such a good reminder to me, and such an encouragement. As my body has rejected one medication after another, I have felt like a failure at getting well! But God spoke gently to my heart that these “failures” in my eyes are actually “protections” in His eyes, as only HE knows what is truly best for me. And just like your delay, my delay has a deeper meaning that I will someday understand, even if I can’t see it all yet. Thank you so very much for sharing this encouraging and confirming word. Blessings and love to you!

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  9. Flying, even on the best of days, requires much patience. There is always a reason things happen! LOVED this post and thank you for linking it up.

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  10. Beautiful perspective, Jennifer. God has shown me over and over that His timing is always, ALWAYS perfect. Even when I don’t understand the delays, He knows. I’ve learned (and sometimes have to be reminded) to trust Him with the unknowns. SO glad you arrived safely!

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