Changing Capacities…

Welcome, do you have your favorite beverage & delightful tasty treat ready? You do!  Then let’s enjoy our time of reflection together.

My choice today is a fruity blend of berries; Strawberry, Raspberry & Loganberry, my tasty treat is a small plate of fruit chips.

My grandchildren love my ‘fruit chips’, simply, I take whatever fruit is in season ie.  apples, bananas,  strawberries,  mangoes or nectarines etc… I slice them into thin wedges, place them on their own ‘special plates’ with a little cake fork & add their drink for an afternoon tea with Nanny ~ as I am called, a precious time of sharing follows.

This particular tea blend combines both natural flavors & flavoring added, it was included in a gift, a beautiful cup, saucer & plate set for my recent birthday.

The cup is a large one & appears to have a huge volume capacity, just right for this refreshing berry tea! I added a little sugar in mine. It is delicious either as a hot tea or an iced tea.

I find the topic of capacity interesting…

And it has surfaced several times in the last week.

Did you know that each one of us has a unique capacity, just like the new cup I received above?

We each have our own unique volume capacities in the following areas; physical, emotional, mental & spiritual.

They however do not exist in isolation to each other, they are intertwined to make our whole overall capacity.

Over my professional life I have had many clients compare their unique capacity to others, so they were left feeling less than, unworthy, depressed & devalued.

Rather than seeing that they actually may be living to their own unique capacity to the fullest of measures.

Our unique capacity can be greatly impacted by life’s issues & events

This may lead to an adjusted new capacity, that we need to realize, utilize & learn to work within, this can be either in a reduced volume in some areas or an increase in having grown in other areas, expanding our overall capacity…

I will give you an example of this, chronic health conditions have impacted my volume, in the areas of physical energy & cognitive processing ~ known as Fibromyalgia brain fog as shared in Listening…

book opened on top of white table beside closed red book and round blue foliage ceramic cup on top of saucer

My once larger ‘Coffee mug’ capacity is now a much smaller ‘Demitasse’ (expresso cup) capacity.

But just like expresso coffee is strong, concentrated & robust.

I now have a concentrated & robust strength in spiritual capacity which undergirds & flavors the other areas impacted by ill health…

In an interesting exercise after finishing my berry tea, I filled up my new cup with water & poured it into my everyday willow mug to see its volume capacity.

You know what….it was actually less in volume than my everyday mug!

It was all in the perception!

It can be very fruitful to reflect upon our uniquely designed capacity & really start to flourish to our fullest measure… as it is uniquely ours to do so…start flourishing dear friend!

Until next time,


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14 thoughts on “Changing Capacities…

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  1. Thanks for the invitation to tea, Jennifer. Your thoughtful message is a sage reminder that our personal capacity is one we can and should adjust as our lives change. We are our own designers! I am a tea lover, thanks to Grandma who had a huge impact upon my life. As I sit her sipping my Green Tea Citrus Medley (decaf), I’m reminded that my love of tea has not changed, but these days my choices in tea are far more heart healthy. Cheers to tea, family and friendship! ❤ xo

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    1. You are most welcome, so glad you dropped by!
      What a lovely legacy from your Grandmother Bette, I think grannies have such an important role in their grandchildren’s lives, I too have fond memories of both my grandmother’s & their gentle influence & example they were in my life & continue to be…especially as a Nanny myself now.
      I enjoyed our time together, looking forward to our times that we will share…


    1. Thankyou Brigid, I enjoyed our time together…so glad you dropped by, your comment on Terri’s, Reclaiming Hope site was the catalyst, such great ideas & introduced me to The Senior Salon & Bernadette!


  2. Oh, I love these thoughts about realizing our “adjusted capacity” over the changing seasons. And my husband is an espresso fan, so your analogy to that with my own fibro brain is especially touching. I’m so encouraged to think about how the Lord could use that channeled intensity for His purposes. Blessings to you!

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  3. I love having tea with you each week and find your life-lesson tie ins so inspiring. I can’t wait to try Strawberry, Raspberry & Loganberry. Thanks for sharing on the #LMMLinkup this past week.

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