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The Essential ingredient to any Relationship

Welcome my friend come on in! I wanted to share a topic today from something I read recently that has given me much food for thought.

It was a play on the verse ‘a three stranded cord is not easily broken’. It went something like this:

A three stranded cord is not easily woven.’  Hmmmm…

Before we start, the weather here is looking a bit bleak at the moment, it’s raining, cold & not conducive to sitting outside.

So I’ve set up a lovely Tea for Two indoors where it’s much more inviting & warmer for us to sit.

Treats are on the table with a selection of tea & coffee.

I have chosen a Chai Tea Latte & am enjoying a savoury tidbit, a corn jack, black bean fritter dipped in a little sweet chilli sauce. Absolutely delicious!

Sometimes I prefer a savory treat over a sweet one, don’t you? Or maybe I’m  a little different that way.

Over the years I’ve noticed when I’m enjoying a High Tea at special events, I always reach for the savoury goodies on the tiered stand first & most often take the sweet goodies home for hubby!

Now we’re comfy let’s begin…


There are many types of relationships…aren’t there?

Friendships, family relationships, romances, marriages, work relationships, neighbours, doctor/patient relationships & blogging friendships just to name a few.

And most relationships are truly wonderful things.

I always think having time with those that we love is a true blessing in life.

I have been blessed with many such relationships, as I’m sure you have my friend.

However, I think we can all relate that some relationships are more challenging then others… don’t you think?

There can be many reasons for this; personality differences, misunderstandings, offensive/defensive behaviour, unforgiveness, different seasons in life, family cultural differences, expectations, jealousies & the list could go on.

But did you know that often a break down in a relationship starts with a simple misunderstanding?

This mostly happens through differences in perception.

rope tied on a boat

Let’s make this personal…

If you join me here often you’ll be aware that I live with a chronic condition called Fibromyalgia, which is not only a widespread pain condition but also includes other symptoms like Mind Malaise, commonly known as Fibro fog.

If you’re wanting more details what it’s like to live with this Mind Malaise, you can read more here.

This particular malady affects each Fibromyalgia sufferer differently.

For me it’s in the area of auditory/language processing, I often find it difficult to communicate the words I want to say verbally.

I also find it incredibly difficult to take/make phone calls on most days.

And when I’m in what’s known as a Fibromyalgia Flare, which is a heightened intensity of all symptoms, I literally can not do phone calls at all.

So my main mode of staying in touch with friends & family is through mobile phone texting.

While this mode of communication is invaluable in my situation it also has it’s limitations.


Because a text message can not communicate tone, mood or intent of the message sent, even with emojis included & can not measure the atmosphere in which the message has been received, like a phone call or face to face conversation can.

Unfortunately, misunderstandings can happen when a message is received in a manner differently  to that which the sender intended.

This exact scenario happened to me recently… I had sent a simple text in reply to a message I had received, as I needed clarity on the original message for understanding to answer cohesively.

Because the original message could easily have had meant one of two things.

Unfortunately, the reply I received back indicated in it’s use of words, that the person involved had taken offence by my query. 🤔

This was both surprising & disappointing, so instead of countering with a curt reply I let it rest for a while, praying within that time & then sent a blessing in reply.

A three stranded cord is not easily woven!

Getting back to the Original topic, the above experience demonstrates that actually it’s very true, any relationship whether a friendship or marriage is not easily woven.

It takes time, energy & understanding to maintain a relationship.

But it also needs that third strand – God, for that three stranded cord to not easily be broken but continually woven!

While this verse of Ecclesiastes 4:12 is often related to marriage, we can actually relate it to any relationship.

For if one or both parties are looking to God then His love & wisdom will be in that relationship, especially when issues may arise.

As my experience demonstrates, hurt could have easily escalated without God’s love, patience & wisdom being allowed into the situation.

Remember all relationships are made up of imperfect people with unique personalities, all trying to do their best in the hard yards of life.

Misunderstandings can & do arise in any relationship but it’s whether we allow that third strand – God Himself to stop it unraveling, is up to us my friend!

Until next time,


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17 thoughts on “The Essential ingredient to any Relationship

  1. Agreed with you Jennifer. Misunderstanding is like a kind of venom which feeds itself with ego. If you dont take care of it properly it will only grow big with time.

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  2. Blessings to you, Thank you for sharing your links with us at SSPS. Please check back on Monday to see if your content has been featured.

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  3. I’ve had this conversation with my mom who only wants to talk on the phone and doesn’t understand she would get more response by texting. I tried reasoning that 100 years ago, most people wrote letters or notes if they didn’t live next door. She’s not budging on her view. You are so right, though – it takes time to weave a relationship and when God is in that relationship – the three cord has much grace in it! Wise thoughts, my friend!

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  4. I think texting has many opportunities for discord. Not only is the tone hard to determine, but I notice with my grandchildren there is an expectation that one will be answered immediately. If they aren’t, the kids imagine slights.

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  5. Wise words, Jennifer. We are all imperfect. So, when there is a misunderstanding between us and another, we have choices on how to address it. Inviting God into the situation is the best way to find resolution.

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  6. Jennifer, a beautiful and encouraging post as we navigate relationships. We need the third Person to give us wisdom in situations that are difficult. May God bless you my friend 💛

    Liked by 1 person

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