Need a different perspective?

We’ve had some rainy weather here on the east coast of Australia this past week!

However, today it’s a lovely Spring day so we’re enjoying our time at the waterfront with a take away Coffee & Gf Banana Bread.

We’re sitting looking out across the bay with its azure waters to our Blue Mountains (blue from the Eucalyptus oil being given off from our native Eucalypts) called the Great Dividing Range.

A mountain range that stretches for 3,500 km through three states on our East coast.

It’s a view that never grows old!

With so much rain & water laying everywhere, water loving animals have come out to play.

We can hear the chorus of our Australian native frogs calling out to each other in harmonious croaking with native Wood Ducks in the background!

A lovely discovery

After a recent downpour, hubby went to check on things around our house, as men like do.

And when he went to enter the back door, he called out to me to come & see a little visitor sitting on our doorstep.

It was an Eastern Dwarf Tree Frog (about 2.5cm or 1″ in total size)!

But to me it looked like a wet leaf until I put my prescription eye glasses on! Lol!

That blurry little frog on our door step gave me much food for thought for our reflection today…

Looking through different lenses

How often do we have clouded perspectives with relationships, life circumstances or even within our self in that annoying Inner Narrative?

Sadly, clouded perspectives restrict & fracture Christ’s true light & love.

Often leading to a skewed & distorted perception of many things, including God’s will & love for us!

Since Cataract surgery, I have medium to long distance artificial lenses in both eyes. And can see clearly for those distances.

However, I will always need prescription glasses for reading & close work.

Even though my eyes have new lenses for medium to long distance, my vision is blurry & unfocused at close range!

Have you noticed how our perceptions within certain circumstances can get really distorted & blurry at close range?

Even though we may already have many parts of our lives renewed by our heavenly Father.

I’ve noticed this can happen when present circumstances trigger past hurts.

These times can scatter His light from our focus, if we allow it.

Let’s make this personal…

This happened to me recently, I received a text message that was like an emotional slap across the face!

It felt like…past betrayals.

Rather then reacting, I knew it was time to take a step back & consult with the Great Physician.

Corrective Surgery or a healing balm?

As our present hurts may need a little corrective surgery or the application of His healing blam.

So we know where to go from here & if we are actually doing what He is calling us to do, at this point in time in our lives.

For Jesus said that He had come to,

“…heal those who are crushed & broken in spirit.”

Luke 5: 18

As we journey through life we will continually need His constant wisdom, healing & love for things that affect us at close range.

Remembering the Great Physician is always available to mend our brokenness, restoring correct vision for Eternity.

Until next time,


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18 thoughts on “Need a different perspective?

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  1. Such good advice Jennifer, to allow our Lord to “correct” our perspective. At times I know mine is clouded by past trauma, but I long to see as He does! Thank you for the reminder we don’t need to schedule an appointment with the Great Physician, He is always available to His beloved children!

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  2. Beautiful analogy, I had cataract surgery two years ago and I only need readers for close up reading. I always enjoy your encouragement as we walk through our journey in life and in relationship with our all knowing and present God who is faithful. Blessings, sweet friend ♥️

    Liked by 1 person

  3. A great reminder, Jennifer, to take our heart and thoughts to Him to get a healthy perspective about a situation. Is He extending grace through us to someone who is lashing out of their own wounds? Is He allowing a situation to enter our lives to expose past issues we thought were healed, but are really close to the surface, and in need of surgery? We desperately need His perspective to walk in a life-giving way with others!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. What you say about perspective is so true, Jennifer. Your post-operative need for glasses is a good reminder that no matter how much we grow, we constantly need to be seeking God’s perspective–“send your light and your truth, let them lead me” comes to mind. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Jennifer, your thoughts on perspective and close versus distance viewing was so good. It’s hard when a current something triggers a past hurt. But you’re right, the best thing we can do is bring our pain to our Father, who is the best One to listen and to heal us.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Hello Jennifer! So nice to meet you on Let’s Have Coffee. I truly enjoyed your post today. It resonates with some issues I am dealing with now. Thank you so much for sharing your faith and your heart.

    Liked by 1 person

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