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Tea in the Vineyards

Today we’re going on a trip together to the Vineyards, a few hours drive from here to a region that is well known for its wine making & great cafés.

While driving to our destination we pass vineyard after vineyard, as far as the eye can see there are rows & rows of well trained vines & spreading branches.

With different varieties of grapes in each Vineyard to attain just the right blend, texture & taste for discerning palates that the Vintner is seeking to please.

We chat about the Vintners (wine makers) who work very closely with the Vine dressers, as the vine dresser is the one who knows his vines & how to get the finest quality grapes from them.

Notice it’s the finest quality not quantity of fruit that both the Vintner & Vine dresser are seeking to harvest from the branches of the vine.

At the moment we are in Spring here in Australia, so as we travel we notice that the vines have sprung to life with lush new growth. But we also know this has happened only after…The Winter Pruning 

The Vine Dresser

Let’s look at the job of the Vine Dresser for a moment, his job is to cultivate, train & prune the branches of the vine to get the finest quality fruit with just the right amount of acidity content, moisture & the perfect taste for the Vintner to turn into wine.

In other words he really knows his stuff, he even knows what particular pests to watch out for that will harm the particular varieties he has planted.

As we arrive at our destination, we find a quaint little café in amongst the vineyards. We order our treats…mine is a Chai Lattè with a gf Blueberry Friand. What’s yours?


We settle in an Alfresco setting overlooking a large dam with ducks floating upon its surface, flourishing vines all around us, beautifully manicured gardens & breathe a sigh of contentment.

We chat about the winter seasons pruning as we observe the lush green growth on the vines.

I comment to you that it’s been one huge & very strange year, which has felt a lot like pruning to me!

The pruning

I have learnt that the pruning shears of the great Vine Dresser can be used in ways I just did not see coming!

Even when I know that abiding in the Vine, as we shared in Are you struggling my friend, incorporates pruning! Boy that pruning process can feel rather painful at times…can’t it?

And as Beth Moore intimates in her recent book Chasing Vines (our Book club’s read) that not all loss is pruning but it can definitely look & feel like it! ref

Did you know that Jesus said,

“I am the True Vine, & my Father is the Vine Dresser. Any branch in Me that does not bear fruit [that stops bearing] He cuts away (trims off, takes away); & He cleanses & repeatedly prunes every branch that continues to bear fruit, to make it bear more & richer & more excellent fruit.”

John 15: 1-2 Ref


Although it feels painful at times, I really am grateful for the lessons & blessings of the True Vine & the Great Vine dresser’s pruning.

Why? Let me give you a few examples…

While living through the pandemic has been a very intimidating experience with many of my family members having to work on the front lines.

It taught me to grow much deeper into being still, knowing that He indeed is God & quietly trusting Him for the spiritual health of my family.

When not being able to spend time with my daughter’s & grandchildren who live interstate seemed like a harsh pruning process during the pandemic. Cutting off the travel plans & expectations I had for those years revealed…

The blessing of today’s communication technologies which continue to be so very precious in keeping touch during times of isolation.

And through all the pruning hubby & I have a much deeper appreciation for each other, sprouting new life into our marriage!

When the branches are trimmed, even the smallest of blessings can be seen & appreciated!

What blessings are you grateful for my friend?

Well, both our cups are now empty & only crumbs line our plates. It’s time for us to travel back…

I hope you enjoyed our time in the vineyards today dear friend.

Until next time,


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26 thoughts on “Tea in the Vineyards

  1. This was such a beautiful post. Earlier this year, I went through a devotional by Beth Moore on Vines that was both beautiful and powerful. Your post resonated deeply because it reminded me of her readings. You may enjoy the book as well >>

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  2. Jennifer I feel like I was on this visit to the vineyards with you! What a beautiful description of the outdoor cafe and our little treat together! I especially appreciate the reminder that abiding in Christ also includes pruning. Though that pruning can be painful, the results are always good, because He is good! Thank you, my friend for the visit to the vineyards today!

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