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What is A True Soul Mate?

Welcome my friend! Come on in it’s time for a lovely hot cuppa & reflection together!

Today we will focus upon an age old topic, love & romance. Something we all enjoy in our lives.

Being romanced & loved by that special person is such a beautiful & precious gift…

But first let’s grab our cuppa’s & get comfy.

I’m having a brew of Lady & Earl Grey, for something a little different with a slice of freshly tasted home baked gf Passionfruit & Banana loaf.

What are you having today?


We all love a good romance…don’t we!

Even the guys who say they don’t, actually do.

Maybe not in the genre of what’s known here in Australia as a ‘chick flick’ (women’s romance movie).

But give them an action movie where the hero comes to the leading lady’s rescue & they love it!

You see most guys dream of one day being their special leading lady’s hero…

And us gals dream of finding that special One who will ride into our life to be our hero, rescuing us from life’s foes just like in our childhood story books.

Romantic love

As we mature into adulthood, we become determined to find our One true love.

Because surely they’re out there, that perfect love we hear so much about.

And as the years go by, we may have romantic relationships that we believe are the One, even marrying that person.

But alas, as the relationship breaks down or the marriage ends, our hearts break.

Or alternatively the relationship/marriage continues but at an emotional distance which is just as heartbreaking.

Sadly, with each disappointment our hearts become a little more scarred.

We may then begin to close the door of our heart, little by little, to protect our emotions.

Then as that door finally snaps shut, we become cynical questioning whether true love really exists.

Believing then it’s only a fantasy that is portrayed in movies, romance novels or scripted soap operas.

crop bride holding ring and reading wedding vow

The Quest to find our “other half”

Where did we get the idea that we’re only half a person & that our other half exists somewhere in the world?

From popular culture, we hear & see (in movies & novels) many references to finding our “other half” who we’re assured will complete us when we find them. 

But did you know that this concept actually originates in Greek mythology.

Where it was believed that humans were split in two by Zeus at some point in history & from that point, humans spend their lives looking for the other half of themselves!

It‘s interesting how we adapt these myths into popular culture & into our own lives.

But do we need another human being to complete us?

In my professional life as a Clinical Counsellor, I have had many clients (both male & female) come to me rather distraught over this very subject.

Believing there is something terribly wrong with them because they haven’t found that special person, their “other half”, that will complete them.

Sadly, they have believed the old Greek myth about love & romance.

That only another human being can fill the missing void they feel in their life…

But does this have any actual truth to it?

Our One True Love

You see my friend while it’s true that we have been created for relationship with others.

Another human being can never fully complete us!

They may love us, they may be very special & important to us, they may help us not to feel alone in this world & they may even be a wonderful companion & an amazing spouse!

But they can never fully complete us in the true sense of the word.

For even in a healthy loving marriage when the “honeymoon” period of the relationship has come to it’s inevitable end & the hard yards of being two imperfect people in a relationship clicks in, a void can still be felt deep in our heart once again. Why?

Because there is only One who is the true lover & completer of our souls!

And that is Jesus Christ!

For we were created for a special spiritual relationship with the One True God, God the Father.

And His Son, Jesus Christ is the bridge to that personal relationship with God the Father.

The void felt deep in our heart, is a void only He can fill & meet. For the scriptures tell us;

“… He [God] has planted eternity in the heart’s of mankind  [a divinely implanted sense of purpose working through the ages which nothing under the sun but God alone can satisfy]…”

Eccl 3:11 paraphrased

You see my friend, there’s only One who can fully complete us


that is our Saviour, Jesus Christ,

no human being can ever fill that void that was created for Him only.

And when we walk in that completeness with Him as the lover of our soul & our true Soul Mate, we indeed become a more complete person, ready to give His love out to others.

For we need to be complete in Him before we can fully love another in the truest sense of the Word.

Are you still waiting for your soul mate?

Well my friend He [Jesus] is standing at the door of your heart knocking, patiently waiting for you to open that door to Him right now.

How to open the door shared HERE

And if you already know Him…

Then allow Him to do His work & healing in you, so that you can give out His love in all of its fullness to others…

And if your waiting for that special some One…they will come along in God’s perfect timing for your life as you give His love out to others.

Or maybe you’re already married but in a marriage that needs a bit of work.

Then get yourself right with God first & foremost.

For your marriage can look very different if you’re both willing to work together on it with Jesus as the lover of your souls!

And working with a professional marriage counselor will help mediate the change you both so desire.

Post note for the prince & princess of God;

God brings together His prince & princess just at the right time…For,

“We are assured & know that all things work together [& are fitting into a plan] for good to & for those who love God & are called according to [His] design & purpose!”

Romans 8:28 Refer 

Until next time,


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26 thoughts on “What is A True Soul Mate?

  1. God’s math is different than the world’s math! One plus one = one :). We must be complete in Christ BEFORE we start looking for romance, otherwise, we fall into the ‘he/she can fix me/complete me’ myth and don’t allow room for God to do his work in us.

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  2. Jennifer, you are so right that there is only One who can complete us. I will also say, now being married over 40 years to the same man, God has used him greatly to grow my relationship with God Himself. I am most grateful for the man the Lord place in my life to drive me to my Soulmate πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I agree, God is the only one who can truly complete us. I think our culture, and even the church, often puts too much pressure on people to seek to find that completeness in human relationships.

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  4. I shudder whenever I hear the phrase “soul mate” or “the perfect one” since I know that there is no such human. It puts dreadful pressure on a couple to believe that lie. You are right about needing God to fill the hole that only He can fill.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. My favorite quote is from President Jimmy Carter “marriage teaches you many things you wouldn’t need to know if you weren’t married!” And he and his wife have walked together in faith for 75 married years. We need each other to see our flaws, not worship us.

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