Are you brooding over choppy waters in your life?

I was walking along the waterfront yesterday I find it rejuvenating to see the ever changing seascapes.

The king tide was at its full height & the waves were gently lapping the shore but the larger expanse of water was really choppy!

Although the Sky was an azure blue, interestingly the waters didn’t reflect the Sky’s colour as it normally does.

It was too dark & brooding to reflect anything!

Not a thing could be reflected upon those unsettled waters.

My thoughts jumped to a message I’d heard a few years ago…the speaker had asked us the following rhetorical question,

Would we like to hear a recording of our words spoken that week?


That was rather thought provoking!

His message was on the Tongue, in how it can be used to both bless & curse others.

Have you noticed how our words can uplift or completely demoralise another by what we choose to say & how we choose to say it!

blue and white abstract painting

As not all our words are encouraging or helpful are they?

I thought about the stilled waters I have often seen on this very same waterfront & their ability to reflect the beauty of nature.

This gave me much food for thought for our topic today dear friend.

Please grab yourself a cuppa & tasty treat, get comfy & join me.

I continued on my walk yesterday enjoying the sound of the waves, the chirping of the birds & watching the swaying of the trees in the breeze.

And I felt God’s presence in a very real way in that stilled quietness of the soul.

I know God’s Holy Spirit is always with me but in those quite peaceful moments, His presence becomes very real indeed.

Choppy waters

And my attention was drawn back to those choppy waters.

They couldn’t reflect a thing, in fact they looked quite dark & menacing.

Rather out of place in this beautiful setting. The heavens above them were a cloudless sunny winter’s day.

But the choppy waters couldn’t reflect this beauty in its unsettled state.

I had to ask myself the following;

Am I stilled enough in my spirit to reflect God’s nature or am I unsettled & broody ~ immersed in anxious thoughts of the circumstances surrounding me?

Which state had I been mirroring by my words, tone & actions this past week?


Because when things become choppy in our lives, even dark & menacing we often become unsettled & broody…Don’t we?

Finding ourselves impatient with those around us, snapping out impatient words.


Maybe you’re like me, in that we don’t actually voice the words but sure think impatient thoughts & this is translated into our attitude & behaviour!

Confusing & even hurting the very people that love & care for us!

Drawing alongside the still calm waters

In these times we really need to stop & spend some precious some time with our heavenly Father.

And that’s what I was doing yesterday.

Because I did feel unsettled with mixed emotions in not being allowed to attend my granddaughter’s wedding in the lock down.

Mixed emotions because I totally understood the lock down measures to keep everyone safe (CoVid is deadly) in trying to control the spread of this virulent variant.

But at the same time truly grieved in not being able to be a part of a fabulous milestone in our family.

Thus I needed to…

Quieten myself before the Creator of the universe & really absorb His love, peace & joy.

This enabled me to surrender the mixed feelings that had unsettled me.

Bringing me into a place where I am more at peace & patient with those who need my attention.

Reflecting Jesus’ kindness & gentleness that He so beautifully lived while here on earth

The following scriptures took on a new poignancy,

“Be still (let go & relax) & know that I am God!” 

Psalm 46:10

“He leads me beside quiet waters. He restores my soul.”

Psalm 23: 2-3

It’s His peacefulness we can reflect through our words, attitudes & behaviour to others by being still & knowing Him.

Really knowing Him!

Choosing to speak life into another’s spirit…not death to their soul.

The question

Let me pose the following question to you my friend;

Would you like to hear or view a recording of your spoken words, tone or behaviours towards others this past week?

It’s a very thought provoking question isn’t it!

Until next time,


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28 thoughts on “Are you brooding over choppy waters in your life?

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  1. That is a very thought provoking question. Being still before our Holy Father brings peace in the midst of a chaotic world. I have been so troubled this week with all the events. Spending quiet time in prayer brings peace to my soul. Thank you Jennifer!

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  2. This post is like a mirror today, Jennifer, “Am I stilled enough in my spirit to reflect God’s nature or am I unsettled & broody ~ immersed in anxious thoughts of the circumstances surrounding me? Which state had I been mirroring by my words, tone & actions this past week?”

    Good sound advice, “Thus I needed to…Quieten myself before the Creator of the universe & really absorb His love, peace & joy. This enabled me to surrender the mixed feelings that had unsettled me.”

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  3. Jennifer, thank you (!) for reminding me that stilling myself before the Lord is the only way to surrender the mixed feelings that unsettle me.

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  4. Not sure I would want to hear all my spoken words, behavior, and tone from the week. But I imagine it would be quite convicting. Especially when our emotions are unsettled and choppy. I so relate, my emotions were choppy a few weeks ago and I had to work through them with some help from God.

    I have been a tea drinker for years. Hated coffee. Then kept hearing about all the benefits of coffee, so now I am drinking one cup a day. With lots of milk and some honey. Some kinds are pretty good. 🙂

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  5. I would not want to hear a recording of my words spoken the past week. Yikes. What a convicting question that speaker had. I can see why it stuck with you. May I remember to use my tongue more wisely so I wouldn’t mind hearing my words repeated back! Great post, Jennifer. Glad you linked up at the One Word linkup!

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  6. Wonderful thoughts! I know I certainly wouldn’t want to hear my words (or thoughts) played back to me. Reflecting on this reminds us that those of us who know Jesus as our personal Savior have the Holy Spirit living inside us. No wonder why the Bible tells us that at times we grieve Him. I am so glad that you visited my site which led me to find yours! My prayers are with you & your country as you fight for the freedoms you deserve! I’m so glad that God knows the future & His plans are perfect! Stay safe.

    Love in Christ, Niki from Life as a LEO Wife
    I’d love for you to join me as once a week I give a tutorial or free printable and following that I give a devotional that relates to the tutorial. It’s called Designing Devotion.

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    1. Thank you, yes it’s very difficult at the moment in lockdown as I missed my granddaughter’s wedding last month due to state border restrictions.
      And will now miss my daughter’s wedding this coming week, again because of lockdown border restrictions. All extremely upsetting…

      Sounds lovely Niki! What a clever concept a Designing Devotion! 😊


  7. Aww, I’m so sorry you had to miss your granddaughter’s wedding. May the peace of God keep your waters calm and reflective of his goodness. We have so much adjusting and changing to do during these difficult times. May we each learn to seek God’s peace.

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    1. Thank you Anita, yes God’s love & grace still abounds, the Lock down was so long that I wasn’t allowed across the border for my daughter’s wedding the next month either. Very difficult time indeed but God’s love & strength are new every morning 🤗


  8. Oh Jennifer, I would be ashamed to hear my spoken words from this past week. Such a wonderful object lesson here, one I won’t soon forget. God has been dealing with me about my careless words recently, which I viewed as harmless, but in His eyes they were neither helpful nor God honoring. Thank you my friend for speaking this truth to us today.

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  9. You pose a very challenging question. I want to say “yes” I want to hear a recording of all I have said but at the same time I know I have work to do in how I use my words throughout the week. Thank you for getting me to think deeper today.

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  10. Jennifer, I never considered that choppy waters can’t reflect the sky and sun (maybe because I don’t live near water). So thankful that God leads us by still waters and restores our souls, even when there’s turbulence in and around us.

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