Going Against the Flow

Hi ya! Welcome friend to my little corner of cyberspace where we enjoy a hot cuppa while pondering & reflecting upon all things in life.

Today I thought we would have our time sitting in my sunny dining room overlooking our front garden, as its still wintery cold & windy here.

My Sydney Rock orchids are about to burst into bloom again & the insect eaters are flitting from plant to plant looking for tasty spidery morsels.

The Azaleas are in flower with a display of the deepest pinks & reds with the white daisies & their purple centre’s giving lovely contrast nearby.

I have a pot of Russian Caravan tea blend or coffee if you prefer, with a delicious gf cashew & coconut cheesecake with a dob of Greek yogurt ready for us.

So glad you dropped by today!

As I’m having a bit of a hard time physically at the moment. I’m experiencing a challenging cycle of pain with Fibromyalgia.

However, I’m going to enjoy our special time together, although my body is screaming for me to curl up into a ball & shut down.

I’m not going to go with the flow of this pain, as I know its not good for me to go that way.

“Going with the Flow”

Have you heard that expression before? It’s one I hear often in this part of the World.

It means to go with whatever is happening, like the water flowing in a river. If you go with the direction of the flow it’s easy, you really just get carried along for the ride in the direction the flow is going.

It seems much easier, less energy & seemingly less bother to go with the flow, but where does that take us?

The Destination of Consternation

The problem with going with the flow is it takes us to a place where the waters dictate. While it may seem much easier in the beginning, the end destination will cause us great consternation!

It’s the same in life, when we choose to go with the flow we find ourselves caught in a direction & destination that we just don’t want to be!

photo of waterfalls during daytime

Let’s take a look at what I’m talking about with the following examples;

  • Getting caught up in the flow of party politics without doing extensive research into the policies, practices & true ideology of the political party concerned.
  • Listening & following charismatic leaders who tell us what we want to hear, rather then having wisdom in finding out what their true intention & agendas are behind their ear tickling words. 
  • Not standing for God’s principles on social issues, for fear of being seen as religious nuts!
  • Going with the flow in the effects of chronic pain on the body, wanting to curl up into a ball, rather then getting up & moving!

To go against the flow takes an enormous amount of determination, energy & strength!

Against the Tide

Let’s look at another popular saying that means the opposite to going with the flow its; “going against the tide.”

If you have ever been at the seaside when the tide is coming in then you will be fully aware just how seemingly impossible it is to go against the tide!

It takes a powerful engine & great seafaring skills to navigate the enormous & powerful waves of the incoming tide.

However, that’s when the bounty of the sea is at it’s peak, as many a seasoned fisherman will tell you!

You see for me to listen to my body in this particular instance would just be going with the flow.

However, I know from experience that when the pain is as challenging as it is at the moment, I actually need to go against the tide!

Drawing on God’s strength & power to navigate the strong waves of pain. Determining myself to get up & move with gentle exercise, a walk by the waterfront or stretching, rather then curling up into a ball.

This is when the bounty of the sea of movement decreases the pain by getting the feel good neuro chemicals working in the brain!

We need to have Wisdom

As with my experience with chronic pain, we need to have great wisdom in all aspects of life.

At the moment I’m observing many political leaders around the world posturing, trying to tickle the ears of their people with grand promises & yet behind the scenes are carrying out dangerous agendas!

Changing & moving the goal posts of democracy is a very dangerous agenda my friend as modern history demonstrated!

With our dear grandparents & great grandparents having to fight hard & long for us, so that we may enjoy the freedom & rights of the democracies we now know.

We need to glean God’s wisdom & discernment in these important issues my friend!

Becoming fully aware of the direction these waters are flowing on social issues, on each political party’s policies, ideologies, practices & agendas.

I always use the following measurement as my starting point of reference when researching the various parties before I vote;

How are the most vulnerable & disadvantaged of our nations being treated by those in power (or going to be treated by those who want power)!

“Whoever is wise, let him understand these things; whoever is discerning, let him know them. For the ways of the Lord are right…”

Hosea 14:9

We need to have His wisdom my dear friend, so we don’t inadvertently go with the flow in a direction that will take us over dangerous & deadly waterfalls!

Throwing all our nation’s processes & ways of life in the democracies we know into complete free fall, crashing on the rocks below!

Remember, we share a global village when one nation is in pain, just like the body, the ripples are felt across the whole village.

Until next time,


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19 thoughts on “Going Against the Flow

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  1. It was good to read your thoughts. xxx It’s hard to deal with pain. I am now reading a book about “pain and the brain”. That helps me a bit. As a Christian I put everything in God’s hands. I want to grow in dealing with pain healthily. o and i love azaleas 🙂 Here they grow in flower pots

    My Dutch (pain)blog: https://ondankstietze.blogspot.com/

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Aritha,
      I’m saddened to read you too deal with chronic pain. Yes, we have a wonderful heavenly Father to look to, especially in suffering!
      Not far from here there’s a garden that has only Azalea’s in it, they are all different colors & varieties. When in bloom they make a breath taking display. 😀


  2. Jennifer, I am so sorry for your pain. My sweet hubby lives in constant pain from an accident that happened 13 years ago. He keeps going, and I don’t know how he does it. I am in prayer for our country during these most difficult times. Thank you for addressing some hard issues. Sending prayers and hugs, sweet friend!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh Pam, I’m saddened to hear that Butch suffers chronic pain too. It really does have us snuggling under the wings of our heavenly Father when we live in constant pain.
      Thank you for your encouraging words sweet friend ♥

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Jennifer, hi! ‘Go with the flow’ has spilled from my lips often as we’ve continued arranging for steady caregivers for my 90 year old mom.

    To see that phrase here was a gentle reminder that I’m not alone.

    Weekend blessings to you and yours, friend …

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  4. So sorry that you have an uptick in pain at present. It has to be wearing as I consider the chronic back pain my husband deals with daily with not much relief.

    These are wise words spoken from a life lived with intention and purpose.

    I believe that we need to be watchful and ever in prayer while not forgetting that it can be easy to be ungrateful and take so much for granted of the gifts freedom offers, paid for with the sacrifices of so many generations before us. I am currently reading a novel about the Great Depression and several other books looking at periods in history that were so bleak by comparison to where we are now. It isn’t that we should ignore what is needing to be improved or changed, but ignorance about our choice to do so and the consequences is going to be on our tab for future generations. How important it is to remember that life on this earth will never be the utopia we would like or wish it to be, but each of us must attend to our own heart’s condition, habits, and actions.

    My ancestors came to the United States for religious freedom years before the Revolutionary War. My parents lived through the Great Depression and uncles served to free the world during WW I and II. Cousins fought tyranny in other conflicts as did my husband. It has been said that freedom is never free and before we abandon everything we can learn from history as we click on Amazon for nearly anything we wish that will be delivered by the next day, we need to remember.

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    1. Thank you! I’m saddened to hear your hubby suffers chronic pain too.
      Yes, I too am a student of modern history. With relatives fighting & living through both World Wars & the Great Depression.
      We do indeed need to keep the hard lessons learned of the past alive Pam & never take our freedom of democracy for granted. Bless you!


  5. I too have intermittent chronic pain which means I have to be able to change my plans accordingly. Right now I am mainly focusing on being a branch on the great Vine. If I forget that I am the branch and not the Vine, I get myself in much distress. This is very important with my country in such turmoil. What am I supposed to do each day? Well, stay close to the Vine and let Him nourish and direct me.

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