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Mutual Respect

We are having a cuppa with a difference today,  we are traveling to the harbor front, not far from my little village to meet with an old friend, as its the half way point between our homes.

When we arrive my friend is waiting at the prearranged spot. We’re having a picnic today.

We find a lovely sunny area out of the icy blasts of the sea winds where we can still see the activity on the harbor.

This friend & I have enjoyed a friendship that has spanned 34 years. Travel companions through the changing seasons of our lives, giving & receiving much needed support along the way.

At times that support may have been walking alongside the other & at times it may have been respecting the other’s need for privacy & space.


You see we have mutual respect for each other. We respect the other’s right to privacy while being able to have a lovely friendship that can share the hard yards of life while laughing at the silly things in life!

We happily & contentedly chat while enjoying our delicious BYO picnic lunches in comfortable companionship.

person holding teal and white polka dot tumbler

We share all the things that have happened in our worlds since we last met. Then our conversation turns to present world events.

I share that…I seem to be hearing the following a great deal;

Being true to one’s heart”…

But first let’s you & I explore what this statement actually means…

It means to follow the core values, convictions, beliefs & choices of one’s life. Being true in how we live our life within the life choices we have chosen.

I wholeheartedly agree with this statement,

I need to live my life to the belief & values I have chosen.

Conversely I need also to respect the right for others to do the same.

And they in turn need to demonstrate that same respect.

For God has given every person on this planet the freedom & right to choose how they will live their life & what they’ll do with those choices.

It doesn’t mean they have to join me in my choices nor me in theirs.

This is what it means to have mutual love & respect.

Of course I am not talking about any type of criminal behavior here, no one has the right or freedom to bring any type of harm to another whether physically, mentally, emotionally, socially or spiritually! Ever!

Did you know…

That one day every one of us will give a personal account of the choices we made! For it is written…

“So then each one of us shall give an account of himself to God.”

Romans 14:12

Yes, that reads all, both those who believe in those words & those who don’t. That means that no one else can give an account for the choices I chose in life!

For I & I alone am responsible for those choices…

Choices such as; what type of lifestyle I choose to live, in what I believe spiritually, in what core values I adopt, in how I treat my fellow man, in how I act & react in any given situation & what I do with the life that has been given to me.

We only have one earth life my friend, while here we have the opportunity to live our lives in such a way that when we do stand before Almighty God to give that account, we will be able to stand humbly…

Knowing that we lived our lives seeking to honor & glorify Him in our personal choices, values, lifestyles & in our treatment of others.

Life isn’t that simple…

I know life can be very tough at times & appear seemingly impossible to honor Him when we are struggling within ourselves over some or all of those choices.

But we don’t have to do this alone dear friend for He is giving us the opportunity to know Him now while we are here on Earth, through a unique & personal relationship with His Son, Jesus Christ.

You see through this special relationship He gives us the needed strength & wisdom to be able to make the choices that will glorify & honor Him.

You may enjoy reading a significant moment in my spiritual journey Here.

Well, we have just arrived home now after a delightful picnic with a dear old friend at harbor side. Thank you for joining us!

Until next time…



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29 thoughts on “Mutual Respect

  1. I love this post and the wonderful wisdom shared within it. I’m so thankful for my years-long friendships where we’ve come together after earning each others’ trust and respect. Good words.

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  2. Jennifer, I love this post on friendship, love and respect-you so eloquently highlighted the true aspects of relationship. “Being true in how we live our life within the life choices we have chosen.” Really sums it up and is a statement that fills my heart! Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

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