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The princess & the pea…

Welcome, lovely to have you drop by, please grab your choice of a cuppa & a treat of deliciousness as you linger in a time of sweet reflection…

Childhood stories...

The Princess, my daughters had this endearing name for me between themselves from childhood after they had heard the story of the Princess & the pea.

As I have always had skin & muscle sensitivity.

Where I literally could feel any tiny lump through a mattress, long before I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia, has interestingly been nicknamed, The Princess & the Pea condition!

Fibromyalgia flares amplify the tenderness & sensitivity of muscle & skin to the point that even wearing my softest clothes is painful.

pink cherry blossom tree

Diversional Therapy

So diverting my focus off the pain to the blessings.

I’m grateful for the following;

An amazing sweet relationship with the Creator of the universe & His Son Jesus…

“Casting all my concerns upon Him, for He cares for me…”

1Peter 5:7

A warm home & bed, as it is freezing outside.

For my all time favorite hot cuppa this morning which is lovely & comforting.

A husband who is loving, supportive & such a blessing.

You can find out more by clicking on one the following highlighted texts…

So while you enjoy one of the tea adventures above, I will finish my cuppa & stay warm.

Until next time dear friend,


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28 thoughts on “The princess & the pea…

  1. Jennifer, it is always refreshing to stop by for a cuppa with you. I’m sorry you’ve been hit with a virus. I hope you are getting rest and feeling better soon. I’ve been fighting something and am finally, after a couple of weeks, able to get back to some of my regular activities so I understand the need to stop. Seeing your title reminded me that my oldest daughter wrote a play about the princess and the pea story and she and her three sisters acted it out. I think we even recorded it. That was years ago. Such a fun memory you’ve brought to my mind. Blessings to you!

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      1. I didn’t know it was called the princess and the pea condition. But is is sure fitting for those of us with FMS.
        I too try to divert my thoughts away from the symptoms Intentionally seeking the Lord in the everyday. Praying for his healing touch for you my friend.
        Let’s Have Coffee #8

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