Storms & life…

Welcome, we are having a different tea & reflection time together today, it has been raining here for three weeks now with some powerful storms, only three days in between of sunshine.

I have our  Gf Apple Strudel cake with homemade lemon butter ready…. with a cup of Lemon Grass Tea or if you would prefer, I do have coffee.

Apple & lemon are great companions for each other & these don’t disappoint, the cake is particularly moist & delicious, my lemon grass tea is both home grown & made (told in the blue link above).  I thought we would have a simple time of reflection with…a poetry reading…

black and white hand raining


Rain by Jennifer

 Rain, rain, rain & more rain!

Wind blowing strong,

Chilling cold creeping into bones,

Chattering teeth,

Muscles tense & shivering,

Increasing cold, cold & freezing!


Warmth introduced,

Spreading through,

Muscles relax,

Cold decreasing,

Warm, warmer, warmest…

On a cold, windy & rainy day we seek a warm sheltered place & a hot cuppa…Don’t we…to bring warmth & comfort to our bodies…which brings a sense of wellbeing to us as we thaw from the exposure to bad weather.

big waves under cloudy sky

Let’s change the poem for when we are in a soul storm & exposed to life’s battering  & heartache;

Stress by Jennifer

Stress, stress, stress & more stress, 

Wrenching soul winds blowing,

Anxiety creeping into heart places, 

Wrestling sleep,

Increasing worry, worry & more worry!


Jesus introduced,

Spreading His Spirit through,

Heart places relax,

Anxiety, stress & worry decreased,

Peace, peace, perfect peace…

We need to seek a sheltered place for our souls too & drink the continual cup of love that is available to all…to bring comfort to our souls…Which brings a sense of spiritual wellbeing as we restore from exposure to life’s weathering…

Let us ask ourselves,  as we are in our time of poetic reflection…Where do we seek shelter for our souls in life’s storms….in things, people or in One who can truly bring peace for our weary souls…

Well I enjoyed sharing our poetry reading together, our delicious treat & cuppa are now finished…but you’re welcome to stay & linger awhile dear friend & enjoy my Home sweet home…


Copyright: All rights reserved.  Photos by Pexels

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22 thoughts on “Storms & life…

  1. It’s strange to think you have had so much rain when we have had unusually beautiful and sunny weather here for the last few weeks! I love your poems- and yes, we definitely need to turn to Jesus to find a secure place of shelter when we are in the midst of life’s storms.

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  2. I loved everything about this. I’ve never had lemongrass tea; I tend to stick with English breakfast. But this sounded so appealing that I wish I was there. The best part would be our conversation about Jesus.

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  3. Thank you for sharing your beautiful poetry with us, Jennifer! I love how you compared the cold of the rainy weather to the stress of life’s storms around us. Just this morning, I warmed up with a cup of Thai tea brought back special from my kids’ mission there last spring. And as I was resting with the tea, the peace of Jesus did soothe the storm in my soul as I lifted my cares to Him. He is so good to meet us in the midst of the hard times. Blessings to you!

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  4. Beautiful poetry. Spectacular picture. Love the connection to tea and would love a slice of cake! Thanks for the post. Think I’ll have that cup of tea … make mine Lady Grey please!

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