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Healing or bitterness?

Welcome, it is so lovely to have you drop by, I’m making my own infusion of Lemon Grass tea today picked from my garden.

Firstly,  I have selected two ribbons of the lemon grass that were the tallest, cutting just above the newer shoots on the stem.

I then wash them gently, as I don’t want to release the fragrant oils that lay within too early. I have put the kettle on to boil, now the process of making the healing balm of Lemon Grass tea has begun.

I wind the two long ribbons around my four fingers in a circular pattern, small enough to fit into my Japanese clay teapot. As the hot water comes to the boil I twist & bruise the ribbons a few times, this action releases the oils & fragrance that has been trapped within the plant while it grew.

Then placing it quickly into the pot, I pour the boiling water over the bruised ribbons. I wait approximately 5 minutes (any longer it becomes bitter) for it to infuse.

It has produced the most refreshingly delicious fragrance and taste of sweet lemony rice with each sip. I have added a sweet treat of deliciousness in a little gluten-free “melting moment”.

pink rose flower on blue hardbound books

Life is like Lemongrass

Life can get a bit like Lemon Grass tea at times don’t you think, we get excited when we feel that we have finally been selected & made the cut, we have a definite purpose & direction for our life!

We get orientated in the purpose, this may take a little bit more refining but we don’t mind as we are looking forward to fulfilling the purpose we feel we were created to fulfill.

Then a twisting & a bruising comes, it quite often comes without warning, maybe the loss of a dear & precious loved one, an illness that never leaves or the loss of that job we worked so hard for!

Or the bruising may come to us from our own unwise choices we have chosen for our life (or a significant other’s unwise choices that have significantly impacted our life), we find we are in hot water because of those unwise choices!

What ever the reason we are left feeling bruised, confused & hurting.

Infusing confusion

It is very normal & healthy to feel these emotions & we do need to withdraw from the busyness of our lives to reflect & restore in both our emotional state & physical strength (as one impacts upon the other) for a while.

This is healthy for us to do, we need to infuse, just like the Lemon Grass tea, for healing. Jumping out of these times into more busyness only leads to the future eruption of emotions that will subconsciously fester over time.

If not addressed it will spew forth like a volcanic eruption in inappropriate ways & in inappropriate places.

man in blue and brown plaid dress shirt touching his hair

But just as the infusion of the Lemon Grass had an optimum time for its infusion, to be fragrant & healing, so do we! After this it becomes bitterness.

We can linger too long in a place of hurt, becoming bitter, cold & losing our way because of the hurt, grief, loss, pain & sadness we hang onto.

We need to ask ourselves, are we lingering too long in a place of hurt & sadness that has turned bitter? Do we need to forgive someone (this releases healing both for the situation & for us)?

Maybe we need to forgive ourselves?  Or is it God we hold responsible for the situation?

Do we need to seek professional or pastoral help so we can move to that place of healing?

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19 thoughts on “Healing or bitterness?

  1. It is far too easy to get stuck in those moments of bitterness or negativity. But it is so important to put our thoughts on better things. To focus on the blessings in our lives. And to surrender the hurt or the bruising to our God who is capable of handling the situation fully. When we let go, we walk into the freedom that is meant for us.

    Thank you, friend, for sharing hope alongside us at #MomentsofHope ♥


    Liked by 1 person

  2. No bitter 🍵 for me. I prefer to experience the “melting moment” instead. There’s nothing wrong with my nose, or letting go reflect, so bring on the fragrance. To Be refreshed, warm with renewal is right up my alley.

    Lemongrass tea sounds lovely, and I suspect my local Fresh Market has a box or two with my name on it. Or you can ship me some from your garden. My thumbs are anything but green. I’m looking forward to recreating this exercise in sensory reflection ASAP! Thank you.


    1. I hope you enjoy your cup of Lemon Grass tea & a delicious melting moment soon (I was given some GF strawberry cream ones recently, highly recommend them!) savoring the sensation of the simple but enjoyable moments in time…


  3. Jennifer – Despite the fact that it is 20 degrees outside, I find myself sipping an iced coffee right now while reading your posts. I will most
    definitely switch to some hot herbal tea shortly, as I work at home today. 🙂
    You write with such elegance, and I love your analogies.
    Happy blogging!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for joining me in a lovely cuppa & your kind words!
      I haven’t had an iced coffee for a long time, I normally have a cup of Cafe Latte made on almond milk (being lactose intolerant) as a treat when I am out.
      Is that 20 degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit? It is our summer here at the moment but we have had some strange extremes with heat waves of 47C to today a cool 20C!


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