Perceptions & blessings…

Welcome, I invite you to brew a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate, add a tasty treat of delight and join me for a few minutes of reflection.


I have always enjoyed a nice cup of tea, I feel that being able to sit for the time it takes to drink a good cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate and munch on a sweet or savory treat helps to still our minds and souls for that brief course of reflection, upon our own lives or the lives of those who cross our paths.

When I was counseling, I would offer a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate to those who sought counsel, as I found that having a time together over a “cuppa” would create a relaxed time of shared focus.

Lady Grey tea is known as a mild tea, created with black tea, bergamot & adding a little touch of citrus. It can be taken either black or as I enjoy it with milk and sugar. As I write this I am enjoying just such a tea today and my treat is a sweet bite of deliciousness covered with dark chocolate.

Life can be like a cup of Lady Grey tea at times, things seem to be mild, not in the fast lane and not in the slow lane but mild. Some days seem common place like the black tea, but if we linger and taste awhile, we can see that our life is flavored with touches of blessings in the common day like the citrus and bergamot in Lady Grey.

A Blessing is unique for each person in what is perceived as a blessing for one, can seem like a curse to another who is observing from afar. It all depends on the perception of the receiver and the onlooker, like the preference for having your tea black, white or with sugar.

Today I have seen that the blessings that flavour my life is the life I have lived. It has been a full life with both joyous and sadder times but I am here to write about it and that is a blessing in itself. As we sit for our tea time together,  I will share the wisdom I have learned through those times that you may find encouraging,  enlightening and flavorsome.

Have you thought of the blessings that may be flavoring your life lately?

Well my tea is now finished and the tasty delight of dark chocolate, coconut and citrus still lingers upon my tongue.  I invite you to join me for tea and delights again soon.




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20 thoughts on “Perceptions & blessings…

      1. I couldn’t work it out I thought it may have been a new trendy word but had no success in trying to find the meaning…I had a giggle when I received your response though…I do things like that too…& I only like the taste of tea!


  1. I blessed by having my three girls. It’s my second daughter’s 5th birthday tomorrow and I’ve been going through pictures and videos of the past few years. While I was watching a video from three years ago, I got some tears in my eyes. It’s crazing how much my girls have grown – my oldest, Katie is now 6. They were so little in the video and looked so cute interacting with each other while they played in their play kitchen. I am very blessed to have my girls and I’m glad I’m their mother.

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  2. There are definitely blessings to be found in the routine of everyday life. Thanks for this reminder to look for them. And I like your point that like we have different preferences about tea we can have different ideas about what constitutes a blessing too.

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  3. Had to go get a cup of tea before I finished your post, even though I usually drink coffee. 🙂 We are just winding up one of those blessings. Even though we’re tired after having out of town grandchildren for about 6 weeks, we’re acutely aware of how it has seasoned our lives!

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  4. This all sounds so delicious, Jennifer! I’m enjoying the blessings of having my youngest still here for a few more weeks until he leaves for University on the other side of Canada… and a new chapter begins. Thanks for sharing your heart. Stopping by from #countinyblessings (rather apt!)

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