Welcome to Tea with Jennifer



Brew yourself a cup of comfort (mine is mostly a fragrant tea I have specifically chosen), add a tasty treat of deliciousness that adds to that time of comfort & reflect with me on life’s mysteries, happenings, challenges & wise lessons learned or maybe still being learned.

Linger with me for a little while in our time together…a time to smell the beautiful aroma of your freshly brewed tea, coffee or hot chocolate, really taste that yummy treat & together let us be refreshed, encouraged, inspired & maybe just a little challenged to view our day to day lives from a newer & brighter perception.

I invite you to join me in a cup of inspiration dear friend in one of the following fragrant reflections…click on the colored text to be transported to a special time together…

Maple tea…

Iced Wine tea

Chai tea

Tea by the sea…

Until next time…


● Copyright: teawithjennifer.blog ● All Rights Reserved ● Photo by Pexels

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4 thoughts on “Welcome to Tea with Jennifer

  1. Thank YOU Jennifer! For Lady Grey Tea

    What an inspiring post! You know flavour is a very personal sensation. What smells good to me may smell different to the person next to me. I must say that your flavour of life, perspective that you add from experiences diverse bring true hope to the world & it smells super good! You blend life lesson like a fine tea & that is what makes you a true Sommelier! Something to be savoured. I look forward to my next cuppa with you.

    With Immense Gratitude

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