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New Delhi & Chai tea…

Welcome, glad you dropped by, I have my tea brewed & tasty treat at hand. Have you got yours, so we can begin our time of reflection together…you do…let’s continue…

I have one of my old favorites today, a mug of exotically spiced Chai tea brewed on lactose free milk & sweetened with just a dash of honey.

My treat is a small gluten free apple & passionfruit cupcake topped with lemon icing. I am sitting under our front pergola, overlooking the bush reserve  (tall Eucalyptus trees, native shrubs & grassed hilly area) opposite our home.

I first tasted Chai tea when I was a student in New Delhi, India

Researching & observing the amazing medical work of an NGO working with Leprosy. The street vendors made their Chai tea on sweetened condensed milk, served in small glasses, very sweet.

It was warm & revitalizing, just as it is today, although mine is not as sweet as that first cup but still an explosion of spicy deliciousness upon my tongue. I can taste cinnamon, cardamon, cloves, ginger & the peppery taste of black pepper corns mixed in a base of black tea in each sip.

It is a curious blend for a tea mix. Pepper is normally used for seasoning the savory but here it is used for a sweet spicy tea. Very curious! But it creates a harmoniously balanced & exotic blend that is particularly delicious! I pondered this…

adult asia beverage black

Positive verses negative

There is a lot of banter around today about positive verses negative, especially in my profession. That we need to always be positive & avoid the negative.

Yes, having positive aspects in our lives is very important without doubt, but we also need the balance of the negative to highlight the positive! Just like the pepper corns in amongst the sweet spices, it makes for a harmonious balance.

There can be extremes in these of course, too much positivity can become unrealistic, too much negativity can be very oppressive for the soul, neither extreme is healthy. Though, I have come to appreciate those who can see pitfalls ahead.

I can paint you a personal picture of this. I live with a lovely husband who has a temperament that sees potential obstacles ahead & so prepares extremely well beforehand.

This wife’s temperament is…

Let’s go have an adventure & work out the pitfalls as we meet them. I try & look at life through best case scenario lenses but this is not always wise as there can be dangers ahead that need solid preparation to overcome.

Conversely, too much preparation or analysis of potential obstacles can become overwhelming, leading to procrastination & emotional paralysis.

So, what might be classified as negative by some & seen as a dampener upon enthusiastic plans can be in actual fact a wise analysis, this mixed with the blend of a positive adventurous spirit, leads to a harmonious balance for a fun & safe life adventure together…

It’s wise to reassess our perceptions & perspectives at times & look from different angles or view points…you may be pleasantly surprised in what you find like pepper in sweet spicy tea!

My mug is now empty & only a few crumbs remain of the delicious cupcake…

Until our next cup of inspiration together dear friend…


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20 thoughts on “New Delhi & Chai tea…

  1. Reflecting over Chai tea sounds so inviting. I agree with the balance in relationships. My marriage is a personal testimony of the opposites attract theory. It works for us! Thank you for stopping by and linking up with us at the #GATHERINGOFFRIENDSLINKPARTY 2

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  2. Amazing the thoughts that come to mind over a lovely cup of tea. I love your comparisons, Jennifer and I agree that relationships and life in general are a lot about balance.
    Blessings to you, dear friend.
    Marva | SunSparkleShine

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  3. I just love your page, Jennifer!
    Chai is my favorite as well, but it’s proven difficult to find a good version in decaf. Maybe some day I’ll make my own chai!
    Wonderful comparison between optimistic and pessimistic personalities, and how beneficially they can compliment one another ☺
    I hope you’re having a nice weekend,

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    1. Thank you Mary for you kind words… yes I am having a lovely quiet & relaxing weekend. Always a good thing for this FM body.

      We have some organic decaf brands here in Aussie but you’re correct they can be difficult to find & expensive when sourced.
      I hope you enjoy your weekend.


  4. Thank you so much for inviting me to visit your lovely blog! I will never forget the first time I had my first cup of real Chai. I fell in love with the scent and taste and it has become one of my favorite teas to drink!

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  5. I love chai tea and how you’ve woven the balance of the tea into the balance you’ve found in your relationship. My husband and I are very much like you and your husband. I used to think my husband was a wet blanket about things but have come to appreciate his caution and dose of realism he infuses into my unbridled enthusiasm and often unrealistic expectations. Found you on #Senior Salon. Lovely blog!

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    1. It’s lovely to have you drop by! So glad you came!

      Yes, we need to stop & reflect over the relationships we have & try to see them from differing perceptions…& see what we may not have appreciated beforehand.

      A quiet time with a cuppa is a good time for this practice…

      Bernadette does a great job in bringing us all together at Senior Salon each week.

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  6. Dear Jennifer,

    Chai tea is one of my favorites too! Enjoyed my first cup of chai at a coffee bar in Virginia in 2000 and fell in love at first sip. So enjoyed your post highlighting how opposites can attract and harmonize. Much like you and your hubby. In our family, Dan is ever cautious and always well-prepapared, while I enjoy a bit of frivolity and adventure on occasion. We celebrated our 52nd wedding anniversary a few months ago, and I can attest to the fact that together (negative + positive), we’re at our best! ❤ Have a lovely week, my friend.


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    1. Congratulations! What a milestone! How lovely Bette!
      Yes, Chai tea is delightful! I also like a Chai latte when I go out as a treat at times.
      Harmony makes life liveable! Doesn’t it! 🙂
      You have a blessed week too, my friend.


    1. Thank you Elizabeth, yes looking at our partner’s attributes, strengths & even the areas that may be irritating to us at times…from various perceptions & angles gives us a deeper understanding & appreciation for their personalities, temperaments & character. While processing our own positive or negative reactions to those qualities…

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