Christmas 2020

Are you experiencing any comfort & joy in this 2020 Christmas season my friend? Or has it all become overwhelming with the year we’ve just had & trying to squelch those rising Festive Anxieties!

In the strangeness of this very different 2020 season, I invite you to take a little breather & join me in a relaxing cuppa, to reflect a while…

I have a hot mug of Frosted Fruitcake tea (so delicious) ready for us & a little Macadamia Short bread for our treat. So let’s put our feet up as we reflect & sip together…

Light bulb moment

Many years ago I realized that the season of Christmas is not in the material things that the media & marketing world would have us believe…

It’s not in the greatest & latest popular gift ideas, it’s not in the perfect tree & decorations, it’s not in the food we serve & it’s not even in the people we celebrate with!

You see all these things while traditional & make us feel warm & fuzzy or stressed out & overwhelmed…is still not what Christmas is actually about…

Christmas is about joy & comfort…Comfort & joy!

Let me explain…

  • Joy that mankind has been gifted the Prince of Peace from that very first Christmas night ~ Jesus Christ
  • Joy in the good news of Christ’s message Peace on earth..
  • Joy that the ultimate relationship He came to give is still open to all today Ladies & Gentlemen!


  • Comfort that through Jesus Christ aka Immanuel, God is with us.
  • Comfort that He has already defeated the evil one through the Easter experience.
  • Comfort that He has promised that He is coming again…soon!

So although 2020 has been an extremely overwhelming year for all of us & this Christmas season will definitely be different, it doesn’t change those facts!

Let’s dwell upon the importance of Christ in Christmas for a few more moments…

“For God so loved the world that He gave His one & only Son, so that whomsoever believes in Him [Jesus Christ] shall not perish but have life eternal.” 

John 3:16

Christmas isn’t just a season it’s a relationship of eternity!

May you come to know His peace, joy & comfort my friend not just in this season but in all the seasons to come, how to do this is shared here.

Until next time,


You’re most welcome to join me in The Book Nook

© 2020 Jennifer M. Ross,, All Rights Reserved. Photos by Pavel Danilyuk & Brigitte Tohm on 

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  1. Jennifer, I absolutely love your reminders of “comfort and joy”, so very uplifting, I am so glad I stopped by today, just what I needed to hear! Merry Christmas!

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