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Recognizing Grace in hard times

Welcome, I’m honored that you have dropped by to share in our time of tea & reflection together!

I thought today in this time of celebrating gratitude in many parts of the World, it would be an ideal time to reflect upon Grace…

I have made a gf Apple & Cinnamon loaf with a pot of English Breakfast tea for our tea time together.

So while we enjoy our loaf & cuppa’s, let’s reflect upon…


What is grace?

It is defined as unmerited favor, loving kindness & mercy.  

Grace is the word that has kept invading my thoughts as 2020 has unfolded..Does that surprise you?

My thoughts have been…

‘I truly know & experience God’s grace in my life every day…maybe this year displays a new depth to His grace that I need to see in strange times such as these…

And there’s always room for growing our heart attitude in gratitude & gracefulness, when we ourselves have been given such wondrous grace!’

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“…He said to me, My grace (favor, loving kindness & mercy) is sufficient against any danger, enabling you to go through the situation; for My strength & power are complete in your vulnerability.”

2 Corinthians 12:9

Wow! What a wonderfully comforting verse that is, Grace that is sufficient for any danger or situation. Strength & power that is made complete when we feel at our most vulnerable.

And haven’t we all felt vulnerable this year! With the bush firestorms, a global pandemic, trouble in the streets, political posturing, being isolated from family & friends it has been one difficult year!

However, it has also been a year full of grace in His strengthening & His grace empowering us if we but recognize this grace in this strangest of years.

Many times we don’t look for His grace in circumstances such as these instead becoming overwhelmed by the situation…Don’t we!

Momentarily forgetting the fact that He always keeps His promises!

Giving thanks for His amazing favor, loving kindness & mercy (grace) in these strangest of times brings a peace that truly passes all understanding!

Abundant living is possible even in the hardest of circumstances through His love & grace. For His grace is indeed sufficient!

For the amazing grace I have experienced during this time, please read Lessons in Season

What about you my dear friend, what grace has been given to you during this time that you recognize?

Until next time…


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15 thoughts on “Recognizing Grace in hard times

  1. I love the thoughts in this post, Jennifer! I don’t often look for God’s grace in difficult times, yet perhaps it is in those times I can see a new depth to that unmerited favor He lavishes upon me. Thank you!!

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  2. God’s grace has been evident in so many ways this year. One specific way is the way God has given Hubs and me what we’ve needed with all of the “together time” we’ve had with our sons this year. I’ve loved additional time with them, but as teens, they bring their own set of “fun” for us to navigate. God has given us His guidance as situations arose. He’s given me a husband who has sacrificed to give me some of the alone time I’ve lost this year. And He’s given me more of Himself as I’ve sought Him out.

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